Thursday, November 10, 2016

Get Rid of the Electoral College? Bite your Tongue!

In the wake of Trump's election, I see whiny Progressives and even some #NeverTrump Republicans talking about getting rid of the Electoral College.

Eliminating the electoral college will cause the United States to be absolutely controlled by the Marxist-dominated big cities: NY, LA, DC, SF, Seattle, etc. Since the 17th Amendment, the electoral college is almost the only thing left giving the states any power at all in the Federal government. 

If anything, federal judges need to stop states like CA, NY, NJ, CT, etc. from giving all their electoral votes to the national popular vote winner.   This is unconstitutional, as it subverts the express purpose of the Electoral College.   Also, we need to put a stop to "winner take all" electoral votes, which only serve to empower the big cities within each state, and dilute the influence of rural counties. Farmers and backwoods engineers deserve just as much say in the operation of the government as the welfare-addicted millions in the big coastal cities.

UPDATE: I'm not alone in supporting the E.C.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

God Has Granted Us a Reprieve

Use the time well.

The adults will soon be back in charge.  It's morning in America again.

More to come.