Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump vs. The Administrative & Transnational Managerial State

Read the whole thing, but if you won't, just read this little excerpt:
...the current governing arrangement of the United States is rule by a transnational managerial class in conjunction with the administrative state. [The political parties exist] merely to determine who gets to run the administrative state for four years. Challenging the administrative state is out of the question. The Democrats are united on this point. The Republicans... are unwilling or unable to actually do anything about it.
Trump is the first candidate since Reagan to threaten this arrangement. 
...who rules? The many or the few? The people or the oligarchs? Our Constitution says: the people are sovereign, and their rule is mediated through representative institutions, limited by written Constitutional norms. 
The administrative state says: experts must rule... When the people want something that they shouldn’t want or mustn’t have, the administrative state prevents it, no matter what the people vote for. 
When the people don’t want something that the administrative state sees as salutary or necessary, it is simply imposed by fiat. 
Don’t want more immigration? Too bad, we know what’s best. Think bathrooms should be reserved for the two biological sexes? Too bad, we rule. And so on and on. 
...If the Constitution has any force or meaning, then “We the People” get to decide not merely who gets to run the administrative state—which, whatever the outcome, will always continue on the same path—more fundamentally, we get to decide what policies we want and which we don’t. Apparently, to the whole Left and much of the Right, this stance is immoderate and dangerous.
Yeah, the whole thing is full of chewy goodness like that.  And his original article, to which 'Publius Decius Mus' is responding, is just as good.

hat tip: Cold Fury

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