Thursday, June 18, 2015

Schooling the "I Prefer Police Officers" troll on Concealed Carry in Church

Another day, another massacre in a 'Gun-Free' Zone, and another push to take our freedom to keep and bear arms.   (And probably, another Professor Raoul X psych job.)

Ol' Backwoods had to school a troll on Ted Cruz's Facebook page.  The troll in question, obviously a raw-sensitive-amygdala, avoid-painful-truths-at-all-costs type, snarked thusly when I advocated carrying in church, which Ol' Backwoods always does:
Sorry but I prefer police officers who are trained and carrying arms over citizens. 
Besides, no open or concealed carry enthusiast/advocate has ever been able to answer this question. When cops do arrive on the scene where an active shooting is taking place, how will they ever be able to differentiate the good guys (civilians packing) from the bad guys (evil scum or nut crazies)? 
They are highly likely to plug everyone with a gun in his/her hand for they don't want to take any chances. 
There is a very good reason that cops wear uniforms.
Troll: you are wrong.

I and my competitive-pistol-shooting friends can outshoot many if not most police officers.  We have had many days and weeks of training, including training by those who train the police, such as Masaad Ayoob.  And what's more, we stay proficient with regular practice, including such "gunfighter games" as IDPA and IPSC/USPSA, which top trainers who have actually been in gunfights (see again, Mr. Ayoob) tells us simulate the pressure of a gunfight.  In comparison, most police officers, which you "prefer" to protect you, only qualify with a gun ONCE A YEAR.

You are wrong; we are competent.

Also, the police aren't usually there when the monsters arrive; most psychopaths pick "gun-free zones" for their massacres just for that reason. We citizens bearing arms are on the scene, wherever that is. We are the first responders. The police, most times, only arrive as the bodies are cooling.

As to what to do in the aftermath of a righteous defense shooting: Massad Ayoob and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network EXPLICITLY train their students on what to do when the police arrive, and how to establish that we are the "good guys" and who the evil monsters are. For less money than you probably spend on coffee a month, you too could receive such top-flight training.  But you won't, because you cannot bring yourself to face painful realities, such as the fact that you, and you alone, are responsible for your and your family's security.

And one more thing: decent people have utter contempt for that tiny minority of loudmouths who would deny us the right and ability to defend ourselves and our families from monsters like this. We concealed carry citizens are here to stay. We will be keeping our guns on us everywhere we can. If you are in our circle of protection, you might benefit someday. If not, well, the police are only minutes away.


  1. Excellent commentary! The absolute truth that liberals refuse to acknowledge.