Thursday, June 25, 2015

Millions of us will not comply. What will you do then, over?

Alternate title: Starting a Civil War Does Not Reduce "Gun Violence".

The HuffPo totalitarians are all up in arms (heh, heh) about "nullification".  What particularly chaps them is that we gun owners are getting away with it.

It seems the Left is doing plenty of "nullification" of their own, and of course, it's all right when they do it. State marijuana legalization, "sanctuary cities", and the state-level infringements of the 2nd Amendment are all dinkum "nullification", because the Left approves of them.

Ol' Backwoods can see what this article is really about: to lay the groundwork to destroy the right to keep and bear arms in America, by repeal, de facto or de jure, of the 2nd Amendment.

However, millions of us WILL NOT COMPLY with the Left's federal gun registration and confiscation schemes, just as freedom-loving citizens in New York and Connecticut have nullified state-level laws with their armed disobedience. They will have to force us, and in doing so, they will start a civil war that will cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives.  And if they do, they haven't seen "gun violence" yet.

A Cornell university harpy replied to my position, which I stated somewhat differently at the site.   The harpy snarked,
That's really patriotic of you, to pick and choose the parts of the Constitution you want to follow and to threaten federal employees who seek to enforce it with deadly violence. Seems like terrorism to me.
See, that was bait.  I was supposed to be offended at being called a terrorist, and feel bad that she attacked my patriotism.  But I did not take the bait.   Ol' Backwoods replied to the crone with a very effective out-grouping, which tears like claws into the minds of those who are weak in the amygdala, as almost all Progressives are:
I am not the only one who will not comply, sweetie. We are millions. You are few. I thought y'all liked democracy?
Another Proggie tried to scare me and other pro-self-defense commenters.  Again, no sale.
This question was settled by violence in the civil War.    It looks as though violence is once again needed , those that do not wish to live under the laws and government of the United States should live elsewhere. Those that violate those laws are traitors and criminals and should be imprisoned or executed.  END OF STORY!
Woo!  The Empire Strikes Back, eh?  Well, "the laws and government of the United States" are defined by the Constitution, of which the 2nd Amendment is part.  But this is not really what this chump wants to talk about.  He is simply trying to scare me, by threatening force from the government of which he presumes himself a part (elitist attitude), and he's feeling his power over me.

I parried, and went straight for the amygdala, touching his "powerlessness" nerve:
The $64,000 question is, who will imprison or execute millions of us? At that scale, it ceases to become a police action, and will become a bloody civil war. You want that?
If NY and CT are any indication, the powers-that-be have no stomach to enforce gun registration and confiscation. 
We will not comply. What will you do about it? Over.
Some Massachusetts latte-drinker just had to weigh in with the tired old saw about repealing the 2nd:

The Second Amendment is obsolete and subject to gross misinterpretation. Therefore, it must be repealed. Then we wouldn't have any more of these "2nd Amendment Protection Acts." 
Treat guns like cars. Require license and registration and the passing of both a "know how to use" test and a written test for the license (as well as a background check). Also require insurance. And since states obviously can't be counted on to do this right, make it a Federal law and set of regulations....
Ol' Backwoods replied:
If the 2nd is so obsolete, why doesn't the Left just issue a diktat to "turn them all in now", and send forth the enforcers? I'll tell you why: they know that will cause blood to flow in the streets. 
If NY and CT are any indication, legislators love to pass laws, but governors and police are afraid to enforce them They are AFRAID of gun owners, for good reason. I am told there is a >90% noncompliance rate to the NY "SAFE" gun registration/confiscation act, and about the same in CT. 
With such successes, I guess you are ready to try it at the federal level. 
Millions of us will not comply. What will you do about it? Over.
I believe the answer is, they will do nothing.  They will wait for their enforcers, who need a lot more "juice" (Karl Rove's words when proposing the repeal of the 2nd) than they have now to do anything.

And even if they do repeal the 2nd Amendment and pass laws requiring the registration and confiscation of every gun, WE STILL GET TO VOTE.  We are armed.  We are staying armed.

What will you do about it? Over.

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