Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anderson's Dry Fire Book: "GET TO WORK!"

The guys at Triangle Tactical turned me on to  Steve Anderson's podcast, "That Shooting Show."  I'm a regular listener now, and by applying his tips, I think I'm becoming a better shooter.

So, I ordered his dry-fire book, "Refinement and Repetition."

Look what came last night:

It's now a permanent fixture in my "dry-fire dojo", as Ben Berry of Triangle Tactical so poetically describes our practice spaces.  Yes, pistol shooting is a martial art, just not a traditional one.

Steve Anderson says at the end of every show, "get to work!" so tonight, I did,

Drill #1 is Sight Picture Acquisition.  Yes, I have work to do.  My best and most consistent par time to draw and get a sight picture that would guarantee me an "A" hit was 1.2 seconds.

But a person has to start somewhere.  I have nowhere to go but up, to be better and faster than I was before.

Are you ready?  Stand by.... BEEP!

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