Friday, June 26, 2015

"Marriage" is a Word I No Longer Use or Recognize

As of this date, I will never again use the term “marriage”. I will not refer to joining of homosexuals in a legal contract as “marriage”.  I will only use the term, "homosexual legal partnership" to describe such a sinful union.

My wife and I are in a state of holy matrimony, blessed by God. I refuse to recognize homosexual legal union contracts as “holy matrimony”, because there is nothing holy about sodomy. It is condemned in Scripture, which is the guide for my life.

I have no ill will of any kind toward homosexuals. I simply want to be left alone to live my life.

But the homosexual political power mongers and their enablers in the Federal government will not allow me to be left alone.  For decades, they have been browbeating American society to have their sin normalized.  By this accursed ruling today, homosexuals believe that their sodomy has now been deemed equivalent to what God ordained.
It is not. It never will be.
Soon, homosexuals will figure out that millions of us refuse to use the term "marriage".  They will raise the bar, with another Supreme Court ruling in the future to force Americans to confess their sinful state as "holy matrimony".  Those who refuse will be shunned, and I believe, jailed.    It's all up for grabs now.
Millions of us will STILL not comply.
This ruling is not the end.  It is only the beginning of the violent schism coming to America.  Trying to force us will only lead to more backlash.  The forced acceptance of sin, the forced registration and confiscation of guns, and the incarceration and eventual extermination of those who refuse, have all been in the plans of the Left for decades, and will only lead to more and more and more division, discord, and soon, violence.    
They won today.

But in eternity is the Supreme Judge of all the world.  And He will have the final ruling of all.
UPDATE 6/27: Ol' Backwoods ain't as smart as Justice Alito, but it is comforting to find him saying very similar things in his dissent to yesterday's anti-God decision:
...I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers, and schools. 
The system of federalism established by our Constitution provides a way for people with different beliefs to live together in a single nation. If the issue of same-sex marriage had been left to the people of the States, it is likely that some States would recognize same-sex marriage and others would not. It is also possible that some States would tie recognition to protection for conscience rights. 
The majority today makes that impossible. By imposing its own views on the entire country, the majority facilitates the marginalization of the many Americans who have traditional ideas. Recalling the harsh treatment of gays and lesbians in the past, some may think that turnabout is fair play. But if that sentiment prevails, the Nation will experience bitter and lasting wounds.
Bitter and lasting wounds.

UPDATE 6/27 II:  Chris Wysocki of Wyblog is, I assume, a Catholic.   I am not, but I wholeheartedly agree with what he says at Wyblog.  Readers will recognize that Ol' Backwoods was hitting some of the same themes in my article above as Chris does:
You ain't seen nothin' yet. 
Because the rainbow-shirts are coming. And they're coming for us. 
I figure the first church burning is only hours away. 
Within days it'll be impossible to say the words "homosexual" and "sin" in the same sentence anywhere in America. 
So let me say it here: 
Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered." They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.
— Catechism of the Catholic Church 
I guarantee that within the remainder of my lifetime making the above statement in public will be grounds for arrest. Because the homofascists will not stop until every last Christian is beaten into compliance. 
The State of New York recently ordered a Christian couple to undergo re-education for the crime of opposing same-sex "marriage." Do you really think the Obama Administration will do anythlng less vile nationwide? 
Lest you think me an alarmist, I give you an excerpt from the dissent:
"The majority graciously suggests that religious believers may continue to 'advocate' and 'teach' their views of marriage. The First Amendment guarantees, however, the freedom to 'exercise' religion. Ominously, that is not a word the majority uses." 
The free exercise of religion is dead. One can no longer engage in commerce and uphold Christian morality. We must choose — penury, or sin. 
Our forefathers came to these shores to escape religious persecution. 
Today religious persecution has been enshrined as an official policy of the United States government. 
May God have mercy on their souls.
Emphasis mine.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Millions of us will not comply. What will you do then, over?

Alternate title: Starting a Civil War Does Not Reduce "Gun Violence".

The HuffPo totalitarians are all up in arms (heh, heh) about "nullification".  What particularly chaps them is that we gun owners are getting away with it.

It seems the Left is doing plenty of "nullification" of their own, and of course, it's all right when they do it. State marijuana legalization, "sanctuary cities", and the state-level infringements of the 2nd Amendment are all dinkum "nullification", because the Left approves of them.

Ol' Backwoods can see what this article is really about: to lay the groundwork to destroy the right to keep and bear arms in America, by repeal, de facto or de jure, of the 2nd Amendment.

However, millions of us WILL NOT COMPLY with the Left's federal gun registration and confiscation schemes, just as freedom-loving citizens in New York and Connecticut have nullified state-level laws with their armed disobedience. They will have to force us, and in doing so, they will start a civil war that will cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives.  And if they do, they haven't seen "gun violence" yet.

A Cornell university harpy replied to my position, which I stated somewhat differently at the site.   The harpy snarked,
That's really patriotic of you, to pick and choose the parts of the Constitution you want to follow and to threaten federal employees who seek to enforce it with deadly violence. Seems like terrorism to me.
See, that was bait.  I was supposed to be offended at being called a terrorist, and feel bad that she attacked my patriotism.  But I did not take the bait.   Ol' Backwoods replied to the crone with a very effective out-grouping, which tears like claws into the minds of those who are weak in the amygdala, as almost all Progressives are:
I am not the only one who will not comply, sweetie. We are millions. You are few. I thought y'all liked democracy?
Another Proggie tried to scare me and other pro-self-defense commenters.  Again, no sale.
This question was settled by violence in the civil War.    It looks as though violence is once again needed , those that do not wish to live under the laws and government of the United States should live elsewhere. Those that violate those laws are traitors and criminals and should be imprisoned or executed.  END OF STORY!
Woo!  The Empire Strikes Back, eh?  Well, "the laws and government of the United States" are defined by the Constitution, of which the 2nd Amendment is part.  But this is not really what this chump wants to talk about.  He is simply trying to scare me, by threatening force from the government of which he presumes himself a part (elitist attitude), and he's feeling his power over me.

I parried, and went straight for the amygdala, touching his "powerlessness" nerve:
The $64,000 question is, who will imprison or execute millions of us? At that scale, it ceases to become a police action, and will become a bloody civil war. You want that?
If NY and CT are any indication, the powers-that-be have no stomach to enforce gun registration and confiscation. 
We will not comply. What will you do about it? Over.
Some Massachusetts latte-drinker just had to weigh in with the tired old saw about repealing the 2nd:

The Second Amendment is obsolete and subject to gross misinterpretation. Therefore, it must be repealed. Then we wouldn't have any more of these "2nd Amendment Protection Acts." 
Treat guns like cars. Require license and registration and the passing of both a "know how to use" test and a written test for the license (as well as a background check). Also require insurance. And since states obviously can't be counted on to do this right, make it a Federal law and set of regulations....
Ol' Backwoods replied:
If the 2nd is so obsolete, why doesn't the Left just issue a diktat to "turn them all in now", and send forth the enforcers? I'll tell you why: they know that will cause blood to flow in the streets. 
If NY and CT are any indication, legislators love to pass laws, but governors and police are afraid to enforce them They are AFRAID of gun owners, for good reason. I am told there is a >90% noncompliance rate to the NY "SAFE" gun registration/confiscation act, and about the same in CT. 
With such successes, I guess you are ready to try it at the federal level. 
Millions of us will not comply. What will you do about it? Over.
I believe the answer is, they will do nothing.  They will wait for their enforcers, who need a lot more "juice" (Karl Rove's words when proposing the repeal of the 2nd) than they have now to do anything.

And even if they do repeal the 2nd Amendment and pass laws requiring the registration and confiscation of every gun, WE STILL GET TO VOTE.  We are armed.  We are staying armed.

What will you do about it? Over.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My First IDPA Match

Ol' Backwoods has carried a pistol for years, and have been shooting guns all my life, but I hadn't shot IDPA until today.  Now, I'm mad at myself for not having done this a long time ago!

If any of y'all are ever in the Montgomery, Alabama area, I encourage y'all to come shoot a match at Central Alabama Gun Cub. These guys are so nice, and so inviting and helpful to new shooters.  We had three guys this morning that had never shot IDPA before, including me.  We all had a blast and want to come back and shoot another one next month.

I am glad that before shooting my first IDPA match, I had shot a GSSF match, which, I am told, is like NRA Bullseye.    Even though there's no drawing, running around, cover, etc., like in IDPA, a lot of the "match management" logistics are very much the same, like safety, and squadding and pasting and scoring.  It was a good introduction to those things.

All the dry fire and live fire practice I've done up to this point definitely helped, too.  While shooting, I was putting a lot of conscious thought into the courses of fire and rules and cover, but I didn't have to worry about "how to run the gun" or draw or do reloads.   Muscle memory and my unconscious mind took care of it, because I'd practiced these things.  I just tried to see my sights and call every shot, like Steve Anderson says.

I had some successes.  One of the stages had a very fast left-to-right motorized target and "no-shoot", moving together, triggered by crossing a doorway.  I was pretty jazzed when I saw that I shot an "alpha" and a down-1 on that fast moving target, and didn't hit the no-shoot, like some of the guys did!

On the other hand, I had trouble on some of the stages; I had never shot from retention before, and I definitely need more weak-hand practice.   As the day wore on, and it was so blazing hot here (heat index > 100F), my shooting suffered.    But like Ben Berry of Triangle Tactical says to do, I shook it off and pressed on; I didn't mentally beat myself up about what I'd done wrong.

In fact, I was so "into it" that I didn't even realize I'd finished all 6 stages.  After my run, I was thinking about what the next stage might be like, but then I heard the the SO say, "OK that's the last shooter, tear down the stage!"   Wait, what?  It's over?  It can't be!

In closing, I just want to say thanks to Luke and Ben at Triangle Tactical for encouraging their listeners to get out to an IDPA or USPSA match.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to "get to work", as Mr. Anderson says at the end of every show, on getting better at shooting IDPA.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Schooling the "I Prefer Police Officers" troll on Concealed Carry in Church

Another day, another massacre in a 'Gun-Free' Zone, and another push to take our freedom to keep and bear arms.   (And probably, another Professor Raoul X psych job.)

Ol' Backwoods had to school a troll on Ted Cruz's Facebook page.  The troll in question, obviously a raw-sensitive-amygdala, avoid-painful-truths-at-all-costs type, snarked thusly when I advocated carrying in church, which Ol' Backwoods always does:
Sorry but I prefer police officers who are trained and carrying arms over citizens. 
Besides, no open or concealed carry enthusiast/advocate has ever been able to answer this question. When cops do arrive on the scene where an active shooting is taking place, how will they ever be able to differentiate the good guys (civilians packing) from the bad guys (evil scum or nut crazies)? 
They are highly likely to plug everyone with a gun in his/her hand for they don't want to take any chances. 
There is a very good reason that cops wear uniforms.
Troll: you are wrong.

I and my competitive-pistol-shooting friends can outshoot many if not most police officers.  We have had many days and weeks of training, including training by those who train the police, such as Masaad Ayoob.  And what's more, we stay proficient with regular practice, including such "gunfighter games" as IDPA and IPSC/USPSA, which top trainers who have actually been in gunfights (see again, Mr. Ayoob) tells us simulate the pressure of a gunfight.  In comparison, most police officers, which you "prefer" to protect you, only qualify with a gun ONCE A YEAR.

You are wrong; we are competent.

Also, the police aren't usually there when the monsters arrive; most psychopaths pick "gun-free zones" for their massacres just for that reason. We citizens bearing arms are on the scene, wherever that is. We are the first responders. The police, most times, only arrive as the bodies are cooling.

As to what to do in the aftermath of a righteous defense shooting: Massad Ayoob and the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network EXPLICITLY train their students on what to do when the police arrive, and how to establish that we are the "good guys" and who the evil monsters are. For less money than you probably spend on coffee a month, you too could receive such top-flight training.  But you won't, because you cannot bring yourself to face painful realities, such as the fact that you, and you alone, are responsible for your and your family's security.

And one more thing: decent people have utter contempt for that tiny minority of loudmouths who would deny us the right and ability to defend ourselves and our families from monsters like this. We concealed carry citizens are here to stay. We will be keeping our guns on us everywhere we can. If you are in our circle of protection, you might benefit someday. If not, well, the police are only minutes away.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yet Another Backdoor Federal Gun Grab

Really, really getting tired of this crap.

More tomorrow on this, friends.

UPDATE: the always-prescient Miguel from 'Gun-Free Zone' Blog wrote:
Somehow I think NYPD is going to be very sorry about this alliance.
Ol' Backwoods mused in return:

I don't know, Miguel.  I'm beginning to think big-city police are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the US Government, specifically the ATF, FBI, and US Marshall Service.  As evidence, I offer LAPD (Chris Dorner), the Lockdown of Waterdownthe present NYPD fascism, the Ferguson Effect, and the Waco massacre (the 2nd one, of the motorcyclists).

NYPD may regret this alliance in the future, at least those honorable officers (the modern-day equivalents of Jim Cirillo's Stakeout Squad) might regret it.  But the Bloombergs and the big-city police chiefs, and those officers who think "protecting and serving" includes police beating down citizens will love this.  Fed power is an aphrodisiac for those people.

One thing is for sure-- the Empire is striking back against gun ownership and gun owners.

And speaking of that: Looks like the NRA really was involved with a "sporting purpose" / Gun Control Act of 1968 re-write.  If this goes one way, it could be good, but I think Emperor Zero would never sign it, and his sub-tyrants would ignore it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Armed Civil Disobedience Goes Mainstream

Well, this piece gives the ol' Overton Window a shove to the right.

Or, as Bruce Willis' character in Die Hard put it, "Welcome to the party, pal!"

My Family’s Safety Is More Important than San Francisco’s Crazy Gun Laws
Sometimes civil disobedience is necessary. 
On Monday, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a dreadful Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that upheld a violation of what the Supreme Court has called a “basic right” — the right of self-defense. San Francisco’s police code states that no person may keep a handgun in his residence unless the handgun is either carried on his person or “stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock.”  
The Ninth Circuit upheld this restriction despite compelling evidence that this restriction rendered handguns “inoperable for the purpose of immediate self-defense” during the hours when “robberies of occupied dwellings” are most likely to occur.  
And so the law remains in effect, with violations punishable by up to six months in jail or a fine of up to $1,000.  
If I lived in San Francisco, I would violate that law. San Francisco’s anti-gun ideology is simply not worth risking my family’s safety. I do not have confidence that — even with practice — my wife and older children would be able to unlock a safe as quickly as necessary, under extreme stress (nor am I completely confident that I could do it).
In fact, it’s hard to see a clear downside to violating the law. Yes, there are criminal penalties for noncompliance, but San Francisco isn’t doing house-to-house searches for gun safes. It simply doesn’t have the resources to systematically enforce this law, and it never had any intention of systematically enforcing the law. Instead, it’s counting on the least dangerous gun owners in America (the law-abiding cohort) to voluntarily render themselves more vulnerable.
As the state continues to grow, intruding into homes, regulating speech, and sometimes even compelling participation in immoral acts, more Americans will choose to protect their families and their integrity over conforming to state ideology. Their choice won’t be a matter of political calculation — or part of an effort to build a larger social movement. Instead, it will be a matter of simple moral necessity.
Of course it is.  Malum prohibitum ("wrong only because they prohibit it") laws have been violated in good conscience by saints (David, Elijah, Daniel, Esther, Christ, Peter, Wycliffe, etc.) and the secular alike, especially in time of dire human need.

When the equivalent of the Ferguson, Baltimore, LA, or #dimepiececookout riots come to your neighborhood, town or, God forbid, neck of the woods, you had better be able to defend your family, with deadly force if necessary.  And a gun in a safe or with a trigger lock (!) on it is going to be useless.

And by the way, the piece above mentions Charles Murray’s new book,  By the People: Rebuilding Liberty without Permission.  It's on Ol' Backwoods' reading list.

Yes, armed civil disobedience is becoming more mainstream.  I for one appreciate those who helped get us to this point.   Across the country, from New York, to Connecticut, to Colorado, to Washington State, and now Oregon, gun owners are nullifying these unconstitutional laws by their armed disobedience.  And more will come.

We must.  Ours and our families' lives depend on it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anderson's Dry Fire Book: "GET TO WORK!"

The guys at Triangle Tactical turned me on to  Steve Anderson's podcast, "That Shooting Show."  I'm a regular listener now, and by applying his tips, I think I'm becoming a better shooter.

So, I ordered his dry-fire book, "Refinement and Repetition."

Look what came last night:

It's now a permanent fixture in my "dry-fire dojo", as Ben Berry of Triangle Tactical so poetically describes our practice spaces.  Yes, pistol shooting is a martial art, just not a traditional one.

Steve Anderson says at the end of every show, "get to work!" so tonight, I did,

Drill #1 is Sight Picture Acquisition.  Yes, I have work to do.  My best and most consistent par time to draw and get a sight picture that would guarantee me an "A" hit was 1.2 seconds.

But a person has to start somewhere.  I have nowhere to go but up, to be better and faster than I was before.

Are you ready?  Stand by.... BEEP!

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Empire Strikes Back Against American Gun Culture

Welcome, Western Rifle Shooters!  Also, welcome viewers from Facebook, and Matthew Bracken's page, and many others!  Thank you all for linking to this article.

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Update 6/10! Alan Gura has joined the fight!

Update 6/15!  Looks like the State Department is trying to weasel out, and say basically 'it means whatever we say it means'.  This will not end well.


Per Alinsky, the Feds are using laws against us.

Newly-posted State Department regulations use ITAR (international arms trade) laws to forbid posting "technical data" about a "defense article" (i.e., a firearm system) on the Internet.  Miguel explains it better than I can.

From NRA-ILA (via Breitbart News):
The proposal would institute a massive new prior restraint on free speech. This is because all such releases would require the ‘authorization’ of the government before they occurred. The cumbersome and time-consuming process of obtaining such authorizations, moreover, would make online communication about certain technical aspects of firearms and ammunition essentially impossible.
What is this technical data" they speak of?
§ 120.10 Technical data. 
(a) Technical data means, except as set forth in paragraph (b) of this section:
(1) Information required for the development (see § 120.47) (including design, modification, and integration design), production (see § 120.48) (including manufacture, assembly, and integration), operation, installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul, or refurbishing of a defense article. 
Technical data may be in any tangible or intangible form, such as written or oral communications, blueprints, drawings, photographs, plans, diagrams, models, formulae, tables, engineering designs and specifications, computer aided design files, manuals or documentation, electronic media or information gleaned through visual inspection;
This is it.  A "fully-operational Death Star."

This is how the Obama Administration will begin to destroy the gun industry in this country, with a secondary casualty being the gun culture.  It was telegraphed last week by the odious "Father" Pfleger of Chicago, who apparently has an "in" with this administration.  Pfleger said the NRA “will pay pay for the murder of our children.”

They know we have to talk about this stuff in order to sell it, and use it. They know we share recipes
Death Star (
for hand-loading cartridges. They know we post articles about how to field-strip various pistols and rifles.  They know we teach gun maintenance and safety on YouTube.

They know it. And they plan to use every bit of it against us, just as far as they can.

They can't arrest us all, sure. (Ol' Backwoods intends to keep posting what I have been posting.) But they aren't out to get the individuals first. That will come later, after they have rolled up the other opposition.

First, they will scare sites like Blogger and YouTube into taking down all firearms-related content.  You doubt?  David Codrea just lost his livelihood over censure by Leftists.

Next, they will sue the NRA for materials supporting the instruction on use and maintenance of firearms.   For example, American Rifleman magazine.  Or, the NRA Basic Pistol class.  You doubt?  NRA classes seem like common sense to those of us in the gun culture, but these commies know that when people are taught how to use arms, they want to own them for themselves.  They have to attack the problem (as they see it) at the root.  Hence, these new regulations.

Then, they will come for the ammo companies. Those companies will roll over to comply, and quick.  No more muzzle velocity or energy data on their websites.  No more bullet data, either; that's "technical detail". They'll attack reloading, too.  Gone will be the load data books and the ammo loading websites.   They'll even force manufacturers like Hodgdon and Alliant to take load data off the labels on the sides of jars of powder.  They might even try to stop the sale of reloading presses, accessories, and components, all in the name of stopping "international traffic in arms."

After that, the Feds will go after the gun companies. They will try to ensure that there's such a paperwork nightmare that gun sales fall drastically.  Gone will be the maintenance manuals and the military service manuals that used to be freely available on the Net.

Unless we fight this thing, the gun industry in this country will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of FedGov, and will not sell to the American consumer.  Unless we fight, the means and spirit of our American heritage of self-defense will be gone.  We will lose, by default, if we do not fight this.

FIGHT.  Any way you can.  Learn what "samizdat" means.  Defy.  Resist.  Smuggle.

And while you can, push back with public comments.  It's how the M855 ban went down in flames.

Public comments on the proposed changes to ITAR will be accepted until August 3, 2015. E-mail comments to with the subject line indicating the comments concern the ‘‘ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage.”

You can't stop the signal, BHO.

UPDATE: Sebastian has much more on how you can send a public comment on these proposed changes to ITAR:

DATES: The Department of State will accept comments on this proposed rule until August 3, 2015. 
ADDRESSES: Interested parties may submit comments within 60 days of the date of publication by one of the following methods: 
Email: with the subject line, "ITAR Amendment—Revisions to Definitions; Data Transmission and Storage." 
Internet: At, search for this notice by using this rule’s RIN (1400–AD70). 
Comments received after that date may be considered, but consideration cannot be assured. Those submitting comments should not include any personally identifying information they do not desire to be made public or information for which a claim of confidentiality is asserted because those comments and/or transmittal emails will be made available for public inspection and copying after the close of the comment period via the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls Web site at
Parties who wish to comment anonymously may do so by submitting their comments, leaving the fields that would identify the commenter blank and including no identifying information in the comment itself. 
Comments submitted via are immediately available for public inspection.
FIGHT, people.  There is yet time.

Better to fight through commenting that through armed civil disobedience, which is our only remaining choice if public outcry fails.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

"Tacticool?" No, Instead of Upgrading Gear, Upgrade YOURSELF and Your Skills

Good article on growing beyond "tacticool"  (Warning, language at link.)
Ol' Backwoods' response follows.

I've been influenced by these guys a lot, who, despite their podcast's name, have grown out of "tacticool".  In fact, they have a slogan I love, and I have a couple shirts that bear:


I've come to believe that.

I don't buy much new gear or guns these days, unless I feel it absolutely necessary.

Rather than upgrade to more "tacticool" gear, I've began to upgrade MYSELF, through "refinement and repetition" of my skills, as champion shooter Steve Anderson puts it, Like you say: "Handgun 1": marksmanship, gun handling, and speed. These are practiced separately, and melded into an integrated whole in the forge of the simulated stress of competition shooting.

I try to dry-fire at least 2 nights a week. I started out working the Stoeger book, but lately, I'm on to Steve Anderson. "Get to work" he always says on "That Shooting Show".  So, I've been getting in 3 nights a week of dry-fire practice. I try to live-fire or shoot a match every weekend.

I believe the "me" upgrade is succeeding. I've lost weight, I feel more alive, my everyday senses and mind seem sharper, and I am shooting a pistol better than anytime in my life.


100% agree with the article: lose the "tacticool", and upgrade yourself. I'm trying to do just that.