Friday, March 27, 2015

The 2nd Ain't a Right To Sporting Goods, People!


Good, thank you, Mike Lee (R, UT).  Emperor Zero ain't gonna sign it, but you gotta start somewhere.

But, from the article:
According to The Hill, Senators David Ritter (R-La) and James Inhofe (R-Okla) have also introduced their own amendment. More narrowly drawn, theirs focuses on the ATF by prohibiting that agency from “attempting to ban bullets that are primarily used by hunters and sportsmen.”
"Hunters and sportsmen"?


The 2nd Amendment is not the right to own and use sporting goods; it is the right to own and carry infantry weapons of military utility (per US v Miller, and the Founders), which includes handguns, light arms AND crew-served weapons (for SHAME, Hughes & Reagan!) that able to project deadly force at distance, that are equal in power to the Government's arms.

Anything less is capitulation and destined to put us in chains.

Yes, the citizens' guns are made to kill.  Get over it, simpering government boot lickers.

This unconstitutional Nazi (yes, I'm looking at YOU, Senator Thomas J. Dodd!) "sporting use" crap has got to be expunged from Federal and state law.

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