Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Moms, Babies and Guns

Our heroine, mom and gun trainer Limatunes
(via the WATE-TV site)
Where does Miguel find these harpies who complain about normal moms who carry guns? (Their heads are exploding over Melody Lauer aka Limatunes, teaching a class for new moms that carry.)  Limatunes is a cool gal (if a bit sharp-tongued; language warning), and it seems like, a good trainer.

Okay, check it out, then come back over.

(UPDATE: Miguel finds that the anti's at CGSV are also experiencing exploding crania.)

The Rachel Buehner comment just beat all the others. This harpy is so ignorant of how, why, and where people carry pistols, she assumes that just because a new mom would carry while also carrying her baby, that she would practice shooting without protecting the baby’s ears!

And if the mom had to shoot to defend herself, the baby’s hearing is the least of the mom’s worries, but these harpies don’t get that.

To them, it would be better for the baby to be screaming on the ground just before its head was bashed in by the monster who just raped its mother and strangled her with her own pantyhose.

On the other hand, our desired outcome is that the mom puts the rapist into the ground with a well-placed headshot, then consoles her baby as only she can. After calling 911 and waiting for the cops to show up, she explains opportunity, ability, and jeopardy and points out the witnesses to the cops, and then feeds the baby, a free woman who is thankful to God to be alive and live in a place that does not infringe her natural rights.

That's the America I want to live in, not the one where moms are as defenseless as their babies.


  1. BE, I went to that site and posted this comment, what a butch of losers and libtards, My wife wanted to protect our children and she knew the only way to do that if I wasn't around was to shoot. My post on Limatunes:

    "I agree with Backwoods Engineer, I taught my wife to carry and it was super sexy to see her nursing and have a Glock on her hip, I was proud she could defend our child if the need arose. After a couple weeks of carrying she felt naked without it and didn’t feel right to not have it on her. These other women would rather roll over and sacrifice themselves and their child instead of living."

  2. Where I find them? Ha! I throw myself into that cesspool so you don't have to!
    And it is fun watching the nutcases blow gaskets... :D

  3. Miguel, you are a national treasure. I am so glad you and your family came to America seeking freedom. Your blog is a daily read for me.