Wednesday, March 4, 2015

M855 Ban, Mance Smackdown & Now A Shooting At NSA? Riiiiiiight!

Sequence of recent events:
  1. Pushback against ATF's unconstitutional and unlawful M855 ban, and subsequent lies about cops getting shot, but the Fraternal Order of Police says, 'No we don't know of any threats to cops from M855';
  2. Feds raid secessionist political meeting in Texas;
  3. Federal judge smacks down the Obamites in Mance v. Holder (contesting an unconstitutional GCA68 provision forcing you to buy a pistol only in your own state);
  4. And now, a Shooting at the NSA?

Riiiiiiiiiight.  Was the "terrorist" a "Tea Partier", a "Sovereign Citizen Constitutionalist"?  Why do I ask that?  Just expecting what they told us before.

Alright, people, here's the lowdown:

Given this government’s seething hatred for peaceably armed Americans, their propensity to lie, and their utter lawlessness, I will automatically assume that any and all news of a shooting at any Federal agency is a false-flag event, until otherwise proven.

This probably was done by them, just to get the news cycle off of Benjamin Netanyahu's awesome speech to Congress yesterday.

And I'm sure these guys just can't wait to hit the scene.
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