Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In Which I AGREE With the Black Panthers?

Ayup.  Can y'all believe it?

Russia Today:
New Black Panther Party wants to ‘arm every US black male’
Now Darren X says he wants black people to start feeling safe again when they walk along America’s streets. 
“Our initiative is for black men and women to start arming themselves and for us to start patrolling our own communities. That way we have a visual, we have an eye on what is going on in our neighborhoods. So our mission is to arm every black man that can legally be armed throughout the Unites States of America,” he said.
Good for y'all, Darren X!  And this ol' bearded white guy agrees with you!  Come on down to my range; if y'all can be safe, we'll train together!

Y'all heard me.  Ol' Darren is speaking truth here.  People should be patrolling their own neighborhoods armed, no matter what color they are. The citizen militia is as American as the Constitution and the Liberty Bell.  Our problem today is a government monopoly of potential violence that has stood for too damned long.

Thing is, I've heard conservatives say that "too many blacks are armed." Wrong, and racist.   Bloomberg agrees with y'all if you think that!

No, disarming citizens is not the solution. Actions come from the content of the heart, not the content of the holster.

Not only do I agree with the Panthers here, I'll go farther: every black, every white, every Asian, every race, creed or color or American should be armed.   It is our birthright.  Every single American, even non-violent felons.

An armed society is a polite society. And besides, it's an enumerated Constitutional right.

If homey pulls a gun on me, unprovoked, I am well within my rights to pull mine in self-defense.  It's only right.  An armed society is a polite society.

Wild West? Nope, not quite. We should have it so good. Their crime rates were minuscule in comparison to our Democrat-controlled, gun-banning cities.

A few weeks ago, Ol' Backwoods was shooting pistols and rifles with a couple of black fellas on a shooting range in a majority-black county here in Alabama.  A lull had fallen over the range, and we were talking, about ISIS.  This middle-aged black man told me that if ISIS ever tried in Alabama what they did in Oklahoma or in France, that he and his friends "would cross racial lines" and stand shoulder to shoulder with whites, our rifles sighted against any invader or terrorist.  I believed him.  And I told him I would be glad to stand with that man and his friend in that day.

That, y'all, is America.

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