Thursday, March 5, 2015

Be Prepared... Your Plane Could Crash Off The Runway!

Ol' Backwoods tries to think ahead about what could happen, especially when I am away from home on business trips.  When I can have my truck with me, it's fully stocked.  But when traveling by air, my resources are limited.

I was laughed at by my yuppie co-workers for always carrying a first-aid kit and minimal survival gear (including a couple mylar blankets and extra winter gear when going to cold places) in my carry-on bag when I fly commercial.

These people aren't laughing today. They're freezing their butts off, injured and dazed.

h/t: @veeestchic
The link above is from the New York Post today:
Jet skids off runway at LaGuardia Airport

A passenger plane skidde​​d off a snowy runway at LaGuardia Airport​, smashing its nose through a seawall fence​ and damaging a wing that leaked fuel Thursday morning — before it miraculously stopped just feet from icy Flushing Bay.

None of the 125 passengers and five crew members on board was seriously hurt, but 24 people suffered minor injuries and three of them were taken to local hospitals, the FDNY said.

At about 12:30 p.m., a middle-aged man who appeared to be in shock was seen getting wheeled on a gurney through Terminal D, ​​where the passengers were being examined and treated.

A woman who was being wheeled to an ambulance on a gurney said: “My knee, my leg — it hurts bad.”
Yeah, buddy, Ol' Backwoods is such a dork to carry a first-aid kit on a plane. I mean, who needs painkillers, instant splints, ice packs, band aids or mylar emergency blankets on a plane, anyway? Why, we'll be taxiing into the gate in just an hour or so. Yeah, right.

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