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M855 Ammo: Arbitrary Bans are the very Definition of Tyranny

According to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has announced that within a month, they will ban the manufacture, sales, and possession of a common variety of AR-15 ammunition, with a 62-grain bullet containing a mild steel penetrator, known as M855 or SS109.  (More at the Cheaper than Dirt Blog, Sebastian, and

Naturally, as soon as the news was out, sources all over the country dried up.

As Bob Owens of Bearing Arms puts it:
Last April, the ATF used an identical argument to create an ban on the importation of surplus and newly manufactured 7N6 ammunition, which allowed shooters of 5.45×39 caliber rifles to target shoot cheaply. 
They are now attempting to do the same with the most common rifle in the United States. 
This cannot be allowed to stand.
Indeed, we must resist this.

What is the ATF's explanation for this tyrannical and arbitrary ruling from the minions of President "High Horse"?  Why, they are just following the "sporting purpose" clause in the Gun Control Act of 1968, and using an "executive action" to "protect the police".

Excuse Ol' Backwoods for a minute; just quoting that tyrannical, unconstitutional verbiage makes me so nail-spitting mad at the Communist-Democrat Congress and President who passed that Nazi-influenced, gallows-worthy act of Congress, that I have to stop to allow the blood rushing to the "rage against injustice" centers of my fertile mind to recede, and my powers of rational thinking to return.

I'm back.

Look, the bullet design in M855/SS109 ammo ain't that good a mankiller anyway.  It makes a long, narrow wound channel, which prolongs suffering and delays death.  There are better bullets for killing men, including some that are sold as ammo for killing whitetail deer.  There are other bullets, still sold, that are better at penetrating car doors.

None of that is the point.

A government so powerful and arbitrary that it can, without a specific act of Congress, ban a specific type of ammunition can pretty much do anything it wants to any citizen, and that citizen has no possible avenue for the redress of grievances.  They could dry up the ammo supply for the 5 million American-owned AR-15 with just the stroke of a pen.  It's all 'legal', you see, just like Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts, asset forfeiture by the IRS and the US Marshals Service, shutting down farms and seizing land by the so-called Environmental Protection Agency when even a tiny wet spot is filled in, and dozens and dozens of other examples that my readers know, being keen and cynical observers of this out-of-control Government.

Last year, it was 5.45mm ammo.  Today, it's M855 5.56 ammo.  Next, it could be the more-common, 55-grain XM193 ammunition, and poof, the AR-15 market is gone because it's too expensive to shoot on the weekends.

This is how tyranny works: incremental evil.  The Beast never sleeps.  While you are trying to make a living, enjoy your life and your freedom, and raise your children, they are out there, ever second of every day, trying to take it all away from you.

I'm telling you, this is NOT the kind of government the Apostle Paul is talking about in Romans 13.  And if it is, well, sorry, I still must resist.

From the ATF document:
The application of the “sporting purposes” exemption must be consistent with the goals of the statute: to protect law enforcement officers. That is, the Attorney General must determine that a specific type of armor piercing projectile does not pose a significant threat to law enforcement officers because the projectile at issue is “primarily intended” for use in shooting sports, and is therefore unlikely to be encountered by law enforcement officers on the streets.
This is nothing but bullcrap six ways from Sunday.  Sheer idiocy!  It completely ignores the Constitution's concept of the militia, which the people themselves, and completely ignores the right of the people's militia to keep and own militia weapons, which was well-established in Miller v. US (1934).  Also, what dunderhead believes that just because ammunition is for "sporting purposes", that the police will never "encounter [it] ... on the streets!"  What about every other bullet and cartridge sold in gun stores?  Do thugs never fire any of that at cops?

And it wholly ignores the issue that ALL rifle ammunition, above a certain muzzle velocity, is "armor-piercing".  My 1942 Mosin Nagant-- a rifle whose design is 97 years old-- will punch 7.62-mm holes in ANY soft body armor, all day, every day, and twice on Sunday.  Is Mosin Nagant ammo banned as "armor piercing"?

No, 7.62x54R cannot be fired by the #1 most-popular rifle in the United States, of which there are MILLIONS of examples in the hands of the civilian militia, which the government has made clear they greatly fear.

It has no basis in reality, but nobody ever calls them on this crap.  And when we do, our little voices are drowned out by the Government's wholly-owned propoganda machine, the Mainstream Media, namely, ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-MSNBC-New-York-Times and all their sycophants.

So, what do we do?  Well, there is a comment period coming up, but when has the ATF ever reversed course on a ruling due to comments?

Probably the only thing we can really do that will have any effect is to DEFY and RESIST them.  I've got M855, and I plan on keeping it.  Judging from sales, you've got M855, too.  Hang on to it.  Not because it's a great self-defense or hunting round, but simply because they don't want us to have it, and have arbitrarily banned something that my taxes have already paid for, that supports an enumerated Constitutional right: the right to keep and bear arms.

UPDATE: Mike Vanderboegh's salacious and insulting comments about those of us who tried to get out the word about ATF's ban of M855:
Any moron who doesn't mind embarrassing himself can masturbate in public -- and that's all this is is verbal masturbation for the emotionally-uncontrolled and synapse-challenged. Personally, I would rather they took their impotent meat-beating into the closet where they won't embarrass the rest of us by claiming that we're with them.
Whose side are you on, Mike?

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