Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Quick Hits

This is the casus belli?
  • 12 people murdered by Islamic nutjobs in France, a country that is a gun-free zone, over a picture in a magazine?  Yep, sounds about right.  You get what you tolerate.  Another reason to never, NEVER leave home without your gun.  And by the way, Ol' Backwoods never misses chance to post a picture that makes fun of Europe's favorite false prophet, child molester, and meteorite worshipper.
  • Are doctor's offices at employers' facilities the future of healthcare in America?  Maybe.  Dunno if this is just a ramification of ObamaCare, or is a "back to the future" echo of the company store my dad and uncles used to talk about in mining towns.  Anyway, my employer is going to do build an on-site clinic, and so are a lot of other companies.
  • 23 degrees in central Alabama?  With wind gusts to 30 kts, and a predicted nightly low of 15?  Must be Gorebull Warming!
  • 11 Dallas earthquakes in 24 hours?  A reminder that being prepared to leave at a moment's notice with your family is not just for people who live near the San Andreas Fault in Kalifornia.  Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Tennessee are all nearby to the New Madrid Fault, which once rang church bells in Boston.  Now THAT is serious stuff.
  • Tonight at church, 1 John 3:16-20.  Practical stuff for Christian living.  No, it doesn't mean that God will never say 'no'; ask the apostle Paul about his "thorn".
  • My pastor is not a 'gun guy', but knows I am, and asked me about training tonight.  Told him I should be doing a lot more.  And so should all of us.  The time will come soon, Ol' Backwoods believes, when many of us will have to defend our families from rampaging rioters.

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