Friday, January 2, 2015

'Happy New Year?' Not Really

Ol' Backwoods doesn't get it.

Yeah, that ain't new, I know, but what I mean is I don't think the new year is going to be a particularly happy one.

Christians have joy in their souls, of course, but this isn't what secular (or most nominally Christian) people mean when they wish someone "Happy New Year".  They mean to wish you success, pleasure, personal peace, affluence, things generally going your way, etc.

You know, like Francis Shaeffer said in How Should We Then Live:
History indicates that at a certain point of economic breakdown people cease being concerned with individual liberties and are ready to accept regimentation. The danger is obviously even greater when the two main values so many people have are personal peace and affluence.
We're there, people.   And Americans are willing to spend everything else to get them.

The two things most Americans want: 1) affluence, meaning money and influence, and 2) personal peace, meaning nobody hassles you.   These things aren't so bad in themselves, except when Americans are willing to whore themselves out to government and companies (and really, these days, what's the difference) to acquire them.

In 2015 America, government is the supreme arbiter of who receives personal peace and affluence.  Government employees make roughly twice the average salary of private employees.  Not for nothing was Washington, DC the city where the most new cars were bought in 2014.  Government employment is where it's at. Get on the government gravy train, and you have it all handed to you.  But, you literally give up your rights to do so.

Yes, you do.  To live in that wicked city on the Potomac, you have to a) register every firearm you own with the City, and b) you cannot carry openly or concealed outside your home.  You literally have NO rights in a city where you cannot defend yourself.

And someday, the gravy train will come to an end, because it cannot be expanded indefinitely.

I'm expecting 2015 to be a year of great turmoil and a breakdown in the civil society.  I'm expecting great infringements of rights and economic setbacks for non-favored groups in America.  And Ol' Backwoods is the very epitome of the non-favored groups in America: a male, White, Christian, gun-owner, gun-rights advocate, anti-abortion, anti-imperial-war, anti-big-government minarchist.

When will our kind be put in "re-education" camps?  2015 will bring that day closer, I believe.

We have a choice before us.  Will we trade our rights for personal peace and affluence in 2015?  We will give up our birthright for a mess of potage?  Most Americans will.

When they do, it will not be a Happy New Year.


  1. Concerning the Sheaffer quote:

    “Even the iron hand of a national dictator is preferable to a paralytic stroke.” – Alf Landon, Republican Governor of Kansas, 1936

    “If this nation ever needed a Mussolini, it needs one now.” – David Reed, Republican United States Senator of Pennsylvania, during a Senate session, 1932

    Politicos all believe in not letting a crisis go to waste. Party alignment means nothing!

    1. Francis,
      Yes, and the Uniparty is more than willing to grant personal peace and prosperity to the favored classes-- at a price.