Monday, January 12, 2015

Attempting to Criminalize The Gun Culture...

... in Nevada just like Bloomberg's minions did in Washington State's I-584, despite legal problems with the petition to put it on the ballot in NV.  It's supported by the gun-banning Nevada State Senator Debbie Smith.

Now, look.  The new law in Washington made felony offenses out of totally innocent and harmless behavior, such as ordinary citizens sharing their guns and teaching others to shoot, which we have been doing for centuries, since before the Founding.  The Bloomberg minions are looking to do the same thing in NV and other states with ballot initiative laws.

Ol' Backwoods understands that statists like Senator Smith want to destroy the "gun culture", which is why she supports laws like this out of an emotional reaction rather than logic. She forgets this country was founded on our "gun culture," whose members took Lexington and Concord.  Senator Smith is taking the side of the Redcoats.

But when you make everything we gun owners do unlawful, we gun owners still get to vote, with steel. The armed citizen does not have to be a slave. We will stand up to the gun-grabbers and their oath-breaking agents in armed civil disobedience, as our brethren in CT & WA did.

What will you do then, Senator Smith and the the rest of you rights-hating politicians? Arrest all of us? Try to murder us outright?

Just how many of us are you willing to murder to attempt to reach your gun-free 'Utopia'?

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