Saturday, October 18, 2014

Interview with an Unrepentant Murderer, 19 Years Old

Via GunFreeZone, on Gun Nuts Media, a YouTube of a harrowing interview with a 19-year-old self-confessed double murderer, whose name I will not even type.  Just think, there are MILLIONS of soulless killer kids just like him in America.

Warning, this kid either has Tourette's sydrome, or in the hood, every other word is the f-word.

I tried to get a partial transcript of the interview [MUST CREDIT BACKWOODS ENGINEER.COM IF YOU USE THIS TRANSCRIPT].  Tell me this doesn't give you the shivers.
"Let's go out there where the rich white folks stay at, rob one of them.. you know what I'm sayin'?" 
(Describes in Ebonics how he and his cousin started talking to two guys in a parking lot of a recording studio in Dallas.) 
"I'm like, 'yeah, you got a cigarette?' He go, 'yeah', and he went to go reach for it, I pulled the pistol, shot him, shot the driver... the one I shot here first, he stumbled back, like dropped, got back up like he was fixed to run, the one of the other side, he raised up like he was fixed to do something, so I shot him in the head, you know what I'm sayin'? 
 Then the other one, shot him twice in the head, just to make sure f*** dead... 
(Interviewer asks, "Do you have any remorse?") (shakes head) "Do it look like it?" 
(Interviewer asks, "What will happen to you now?") "Hopefully the death penalty... because if they give me life, I'm 'll kill somebody else, straight up, I'm tellin' you right now.... F*** his family, too, both of them.

People like this monster is exactly why I carry concealed, every day.

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