Thursday, September 4, 2014

Phil Robertson: Right Again

Phil Robertson of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty has made some comments about ISIS and other mainstream Muslims that have caused the commie-progs' brains to explode.

via FreeRepublic, and a Politico story:
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has a prescription for how to handle Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants: [...] "You either have to convert them — which I think would be next to impossible. I’m not giving up on them, but I’m just saying, either convert them or kill them," Robertson responded, likening ISIL militants to "street thugs on steroids."
Here is the unedited video of Robertson's comments.

His solution is correct. 

Since mainstream Muslims have always (as Mohammed taught by example) sought to either convert under threat of death, enslave, and/or murder everyone they come in contact with, the only defense is to either a) convert them away from that demonic religion (little hope there for most), or b) kill them in self-defense to stop them from killing you.

But "progressives" (read: Marxists) don't want to believe that there are people who are willing to die to kill you.  

And even if they admit that possibility, Progs would rather see a woman strangled with her own panty hose and raped to death by filthy Allah/devil-worshippers than see her defend herself with a handgun in righteous violence.

Progs think singing "Kumbaya" will solve all the world's problems. It will not. EVER. 

And by the way, yes, these are mainstream Muslims, because they are faithful to the Koran, which instructs Mohammed's minions to "kill the unbeliever where you find him" and other ungodly, murderous nonsense.

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