Saturday, September 6, 2014

Concealed Carry Reciprocity--GRRR!

Why oh why does South Carolina have to infringe my rights to keep and bear arms?  There is NO reciprocity with Alabama, my home state. There is NO possibility of getting an SC concealed carry license unless you own property (!) or are a resident.  There is NO possibility of open carry in SC because that's illegal! What the heck, I thought this was the SOUTH!  What about the 7th Circuit Court decision in Moore v Madigan that said states could not prohibit both open and concealed carry?!

Why is there no "enhanced" AL concealed carry permit with the level of training requirements, butt kissing, etc., that South Carolina and these other states will accept in reciprocity?    I'd pay the fee and get such a permit if it existed, because I need to be able to travel to those states, and I want to take responsibility for my own protection.

I know it would be a unicorn-and-rainbows world if the whole US were a Constitutional carry zone, but that just isn't so.  The other states aren't under Alabama's control. If Alabama citizens want to be able to carry in them, we'll have to meet those states' requirements, even if we consider them stupid and an infringement of our rights. Most Constitutional carry states have a permit system specifically for the purpose of reciprocity, and some like Idaho even have different levels of training, to meet other states' requirements.

The Alabama state government needs to get a clue and realize their citizens have to travel to other states for business and pleasure, and we want take the responsibility to be safe while we are there.


  1. I haven't looked into your situation at all, but MO has reciprocity with both SC and AL. Could you work with some AL organization to get AL's laws up to some level that SC would reciprocate with?

    Here's SC's list:
    Here's AL's list:

  2. We really shouldn't have to leave our rights behind at the state line (ANY state line) when we travel, any more than we'd have to pull over and get a new driver's license. If fact less so, since driving is not an enumerated right (supposedly) protected (not granted) by the BoR.
    The states (all of them) should be forced to stop infringing that which "shall NOT be infringed."

  3. Weetabix, the Alabama Open Carry Association does support an "enhanced" permit, but the Bama Carry organization (the other concealed carry advocacy group in the state) vehemently opposes it. In fact, I nearly got run out of the group by one of their movers and shakers for even suggesting it.

    Carl, I agree, but as I have been realizing more and more (see my latest post, "Spoonerisms"), the Constitution is not a true guarantor of our liberties. It is only a piece of paper to those in our federal government who despise any check on their power.