Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Complete Societal Reversal

Behold the reversal in our society. From "colored bathrooms" to "no-whites Waffle House" in just 50 years.

Guess what? Both are racist.
WEST POINT, Miss. (TheBlaze/AP) — The police chief in West Point, Mississippi, says he expects an arrest soon in what police are investigating as an aggravated assault that left Ralph Weems IV, a 32-year-old former Marine and Iraq war veteran, hospitalized with a brain injury. (...) 
David Knighten of West Point says he and Weems, who also lives in the city of 12,300, apparently were followed to the Huddle House from a Waffle House where Weems had argued with other patrons. 
Knighten told AP on Sunday that a man had waved him over outside a Waffle House and told him politely that people were upset by the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and it wasn’t a safe place for whites. When he went in, he said, Weems was inside and was arguing with other men. 
They left after an argument that brought police, Knighten said.
That was about 1 a.m., according to police. 
On the way to Weems’ house, Knighten said, they went into a Huddle House restaurant with a nearly vacant parking lot. 
However, he said, they apparently had been followed by more than 20 people.
“From what we have seen from surveillance video and from what other witnesses say, it doesn’t appear it’s going to be nearly that many,” Brinkley said. 
In an updated version of its story, the Associated Press seemingly removed comments from Knighten recalling “racial slurs being yelled from the crowd.” When he got outside, he said Weems was on the ground being kicked by a group of attackers.
Knighten says he has broken bones in his face, a cut over his left eye and a blood clot in his right eye.
(Original, popup-filled source article at The Blaze.)

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