Monday, May 12, 2014

Yes, I'm Here Now, But How Long Are We Here?

Ol' Backwoods realizes I have not posted in almost 3 weeks.  So sorry.  Had personal minor "SHTF" event, involving a parent.

It's always tough to see a parent's health failing, and knowing that it won't be long before you are saying your last goodbyes to them, in this life at least.  You naturally want your parent to be able to rest in the hereafter, free from pain, but selfishly, you want them to stay with you for just a bit longer.

It also reminds us of our own mortality, and of the fact that, young or old, we have very few years on this earth.  For me, at least, it compels me to try and make the best of the years I have left.

Stay with me here, friends.  I'll get back to me old every-few-days posting schedule, PDQ.

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