Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Resurrection Day! Let Freedom Ring!

"Christ is risen!
  He is risen indeed!" -- Ancient Christian response chant

Ol' Backwoods does not equivocate about his position on Jesus Christ: I am a follower of His, albeit an imperfect one who is still being worked on by the Holy Spirit to bring my sinful will under His submission.

Though my Savior was the most perfect man ever to live on this earth, I do not claim perfection, nor does any sane or well-grounded Christian.  I do not expect to be perfect until I am made perfect by Him in my heavenly home, after having put off the bonds of this fleshly existence.

This Easter, our family's traditional holiday activities were interrupted by the fact that I had to be away from home, on account of work.  Even so, I spent time this morning communing with my King with other Christians, and raising worshipful songs to our God and Father, and listening to the preaching of Christ's Word.

It is an astounding thing, freedom.  People all over the world and throughout human history have sought it, bled for it.  Millions have been in bondage to one master or another: a tyrannical government, a cruel slaver, an unremitting debtor, a pimp or sultan, a drug or liquor.  But there is no master like sin.  It has beset the human condition since Eden, laid low the mighty, tempted the saints.   You'd think with that savage a bondmaster, people would be seeking freedom from sin.  But that is the nature of the beast of sin: it twists even the will and the intellect to its purposes.

The blood of Christ has set men free from the eternal consequences of sin, if they will accept the free gift of His Grace.

Yet, the temporal ramifications of sin remain.   Temporal freedom is ever in peril, and is many times lost.  A great battle between the servants of God and the old Dragon has been in progress for millennia.  The great governments of the world, knowingly or unknowingly, work to establish a separate kingdom for Lucifer, who was thrown from Heaven, and in the process, seek to enslave humanity and force them to their collective will.

The guilt of sin is one of the Accuser's greatest weapons.  With it, the Deceiver can almost nullify the gift of Grace, by making the receiver feel that he is too far gone to receive it.  But we are not.  If we are willing to receive Christ, he will cleanse us, conscience, will, mind, and soul, and make us fit for a better world.

He stands at the door and knocks.

Though the day-to-day battles are uncertain, the final outcome is clear.  One day, the great war will be done, and the Lion of Judah will be victorious.  The Deceiver will be thrown into gloomy dungeons for eternity, and we shall be changed to become like Jesus is, in His Resurrection.   Sin will be vanquished, and will beset us no more with fear, or pain, or shame, or guilt, or death.

That is the Christian's hope.  That is my hope.

Happy Easter.

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