Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Backfiring Bloomberg

A goody two-shoes meddler with too much money for his own sanity targets your rights:
Michael Bloomberg, failed meddler
Michael R. Bloomberg, making his first major political investment since leaving office, plans to spend $50 million this year building a nationwide grass-roots network to motivate voters who feel strongly about curbing gun violence, an organization he hopes can eventually out-muscle the National Rifle Association.
What a laugh.  Spend it all, you deluded fool.

If the non-sequitur of a graphic below is representative of what his new group is producing, his $50 million will produce even more new gun owners in America than I think.

Constitutional guarantee vs. privilege of driving on roads?
Really?  Apples/Oranges, much?
Bloomberg doesn't understand most Americans, who aren't like the guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee cultural elites in New York City, where Bloomie's money funds their fancy shindigs.  Unlike Bloomie and his buddies, most Americans out here in "Flyover Country" support the right to keep and bear arms.  And we sure don't cotton to uber-rich snobs like Bloomie telling us guns what we can or can't have, like he tried and failed to tell New Yorkers they couldn't have a 32-ounce soda pop.

And no, Bloomie, that ain't gonna get you into heaven.

When a busybody like Bloomie says, "Only police should have guns!," it just makes Americans want what he says they shouldn't have, all the more. Every time he says, "Assault weapons' have no place on our streets!", another American decides to go down to Cabella's or Wal-Mart, or their local gun store, and buy a semi-automatic AR-15 or AK-47.   Or, another 30-round PMAG, and a crapload more of ammo.

His schtick is backfiring.

I bet every dollar Bloomie spends buys a new American gun owner, or convinces another American who already owns a gun to buy another, or another box of ammo. Every dollar, or pretty near, Bloomie spends buys another member to the NRA (up to 5 million!), or the GOA, or the SAF, or the JPFO.

Seems like every time you turn around, more gun freedom is being hailed, as many states are restoring more and more of our precious right to keep and bear arms.  Very few are doing more restricting, and even those are being resisted.   Look out, Bloomie, another New Yorker just burned his registration paper!  Don't tell Bloomie about the 90% noncompliance rate to the "SAFE" Act, either.  Or massive noncompliance to Connecticut's forced gun registration.  Colorado sheriffs won't enforce the magazine bans, which is good, but the massive noncompliance is better. It is hard for Bloomie to kick against the goads.

Everywhere you look, gun, magazine, and ammo manufacturers are leaving states that restrict the right to keep and bear arms, and are moving to 2nd-Amendment-friendly states.  Kahr, PTR, Ruger, Magpul, Stag Arms, Beretta, Remington, ATI and more are reacting to Bloomberg's efforts, and voting with their feet.

It's backfiring.  Big time.

The millions Bloomie is spending accomplish little or nothing to convince more federal and state politicians to ban guns. And lest we forget, Colorado voters punished three state politicians, who took Bloomberg's money and voted for gun bans. The third resigned before her sorry butt could be kicked out by the voters.

No, every dollar Bloomie spends just opens the minds of more Americans to the idea of armed serenity, and to the freedom of being able to make one's own choices about their and their family's security.

And what about Bloomie's push for idiot federal "background checks" on every private transfer?  Down in flames, on a near-party-line vote.  Every schlocky commercial Bloomie produces, with casting-call phonies sitting on proverbial tailgates, their fingers stupidly resting on the triggers of shotguns causes another bunch of Americans to think to themselves, "Unlike that phoney, I'm safe with my guns around my kids.  They are safe with guns themselves.  And, by the way, we need to get buy more ammo."

It's backfiring.

You can see Bloomie's scare war is backfiring, in the scarcity of 22LR ammunition.  Also, the enormous increases in reported gun sales, via the federal FFL "instant background checks,"  and millions of Americans paying for concealed carry permits.  The American people are voting with their wallets, and they are voting for the freedom and right to keep and bear arms.  The American acceptance of an armed society has been increasing for years, and all of Bloomberg's money cannot stop its inexorable progress.

Bloomberg's latest Astroturf effort will fail, too.  Every time the "Moms" Demanding a Real Man go on TV, their Harpy-in-Chief (former PR hack) screeching about eeevil 'illegal' guns, another young American mom says to herself, "You know, I think I will go to that concealed carry class my girlfriend was talking about.  It might be fun, and I need to do it to be able to protect my kids."


Bloomie is straining out a gnat, while being trampled by a herd of camels, to mix the Lord's metaphor.

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