Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rogue Cop Shoots Airman on Alabama I-85 After Traffic Accident

This is an outrage.  American cops, trained and supplied by the tyrannical Federal government, swagger around and think they can shoot anybody that they even imagine challenges their 'authoritah'.  But this is a bridge too far.

Now, a cop in Alabama has shoot, in cold blood, an unarmed accident victim on the side of the interstate near Opelika, Alabama.  The cop shot him seconds AFTER the guy had already obeyed the cop's command to put his hands up. And not only that, the victim was an active-duty military man:
Police shot a 20-year-old airman as he lay on the ground following a traffic accident along Interstate 85 in Alabama, the man’s family said. 
Air Force Airman 1st Class Michael Davidson was traveling Thursday evening from Texas to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, near Goldsboro, N.C., in a 2004 GMC Envoy when he changed lanes and clipped a semi-truck with his driver’s side mirror, according to police. 
Davidson stopped and got out of his SUV to exchange insurance information with the semi’s driver, the airman’s father told the Opelika-Auburn News.

“He said he didn’t get that far,” said Billy Davidson. “When (he was walking) to the truck, he said he heard something but couldn’t tell what it was. There was a lot of noise, but (he) could see the reflection of the lights off the truck — the police lights. Then he did what I told him to do. I told my boys if you see police lights (to) stop, put your hands up and turn around.” 
The elder Davidson said his son held up his arms, holding his wallet in one hand. 
“The next thing I know I was on the ground,” Michael Davidson told his father. “That’s when they shot me. I didn't realize he shot me. I didn't know what happened. It was so fast. They couldn't have been there three or four seconds when I was shot.” 
Michael Davidson told his father that police immediately searched his vehicle, even before he received medical assistance. 
“After being shot, the officer was yelling at Michael, asking where the ‘other person’ was,” his father told the Panola Watchman. “Michael was traveling alone, and has no idea who the 'other person' is.” 
But police said officers and emergency medical personnel responded “as quickly as possible,” and even discussed sending a medical helicopter to assist. 
Billy Davidson said his son nearly bled to death and suffered severe injuries to his stomach and colon, and he may never fully recover from his wounds. 
“As a result he’s probably out of the Air Force,” Billy Davidson said. 
Officer Phillip Hancock a seven-year veteran of the Opelika police department, has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation.
Of all places, in Opelika, Alabama?  Yep.  Though CS Lewis was thinking of a different evil in "That Hideous Strength" besides trigger-happy cops who get a thrill of turgidity out of exercising their "authoritah", this quote still came to my mind:  "The poison... has spat itself everywhere by now."

Here's more of the story from a local newspaper.

This is absolute outrage.  The Davidson family should sue the City of Opelika into bankruptcy.

If this is kind of cop that is representative of the City of Opelika and rest of Lee County, they can FORGET about me ever living there.  The thing is, though, I travel through that corridor all the time.   I will give Opelika cops a wide berth now, to be sure.

This kind of "shoot first, shoot second, and then when everybody is dead, try to ask a question or two" stuff would be punished severely if civilians or even the military were doing it, yet the rogue cops do this kind of stuff every day.   And all they get is a paid vacation, then back to work to screw over more citizens.

But shooting an unarmed accident victim?  And then possibly 'snowflaking' him with synthetic pot to make it look drug-related?  This is a new low in lows.  And, this is more than just morally low.  Milder things than this have perpetrated revolutions.

I am going to dog this story until I find the truth.  Watch this space for updates.

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