Monday, March 3, 2014

"Absolutely no way we're going to cut spending" or Stop Violating Your rRights

Then, you and 306 millions other Americans will suffer the consequences when the entire welfare system, and indeed, the dollar as a momentary system, experiences UTTER COLLAPSE.

The dogged idiocy in question:
While discussing federal spending and transportation funding, Sen. Barbara Boxer ([Democrat-communist]-
Sen. Boxer (Democrat-communist, CA.)
Calif.) said “there is absolutely no way we’re going to cut spending.” ... Boxer says she's supportive of new taxes for additional funding. 
“Either we’re going to replace the gas tax with another way of funding which I love, which is the fee at the refinery level, I think I may be the only one that likes that idea, so I haven’t seen a groundswell of support for that idea.” 
“Also a way to figure out vehicle miles travelled, without an intrusive black box, which you could do. But I don’t see it,” Boxer said.
(I corrected her party affiliation for the AP, above.)

So not only do they plan to completely debase the dollar, they plan to take your freedom of travel, a right well-established both in American common law and case law.  If the FedGov mandates an "intrusive black box" in every private vehicle, that will measure and report to them"vehicle miles traveled," then you have no effective freedom of movement.  Depending on the reporting interval, every trip you make would be uploaded to a massive Federal database in the sky, soon to be another big, fat data-mining trove for the oh-so-nice NSA to delve.

"Your papers, please."  "What is the purpose of the trip of 12 miles you took last Tuesday?"  "Were proper carbon offset credits applied to the 1200-mile round trip you took to Alabama last week?"

Welcome to the waning years of the American Empire, people.  It is going to be come more and more tyrannical.

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