Monday, February 17, 2014

Riddle This: Where Does It Lead?

Via this piece from Bob Owens of Bearing Arms, we begin to apprehend the fix we are in: (h/t Bubba)
Civilians are not stockpiling firearms and ammunition, body armor and shelf-stable bulk foods because they feel this Republic is on the correct path. Our federal government and many state governments are targeting our freedoms at every turn. 
Is it really any surprise, then, that when states such as New York and Connecticut demand that citizens register their guns for future confiscation, that citizens refuse to comply? 
Sadly, neither the national media nor their regional echos actually know their constituencies as people, and so they fail to understand the situation or their own tenuous positions. They call for the citizenry to “face the consequences” for refusing to comply with blatantly unconstitutional laws. 
They may find themselves unsatisfied at how the citizenry decides to respond to any attempt to aggressively enforce such laws.
Indeed.  Not a good portent.

Ask yourself where these things lead:

  1. More Americans than ever tell pollsters that the federal government is the greatest threat to their rights and freedoms, and more than ever also tell pollsters that the country is on the wrong course;
  2. The American federal government is weaponizing the IRS, the Post Office, the DHS, the Border Patrol, and even the Department of Education against citizens;
  3. Americans are buying more guns, ammo, body armor, and shelf-stable long-term storage foods (even via Costco!) than seemingly ever before;
  4. The American media is pushing gun prohibition, registration, and confiscation  now more than seemingly ever before;
  5. American police are more willing now than ever to forcibly break into citizens' homes without any warrants whatsoever, and to shoot and kill citizens mere seconds after initial contact with no reasonably articulate threat, even as citizens are shooting back with court support;
  6. American federal government is finding itself fighting more and more against its own states and people in judicial courts and courts of public opinion;
  7. American central banks, with the blessing of Congress and the President, are debasing the dollar to the point where it is now worth less than 3% of the value of its last (1913) incarnation, and 50% since 1981.
I believe these things, which are indisputable, combine to make a likely recipe for a new and deadly American civil war, the likes of which we have not seen for 150 years.

I sure hope not, but that's the way it looks.

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