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Ukranian cops beg forgiveness
One Day, After The Civil War...

The oath-breaking police in America, I fervently hope, will one day bow down to citizens and beg forgiveness for the evils they have done, as have these Ukranian cops who fired
on protesters during the recent overthrow of the Russian puppet government in Kiev.

'Boss Hogg' says NO GUN FOR YOU!

"Your Automobile Is Not Your Property"

...said 'Boss Hogg' Bobby Timmons, head of the Alabama Sheriff's Association, in opposition to a state bill restoring the right to keep and bear arms in Alabama for motorists without a concealed carry permit.

It's hard to believe that in a state as pro 2nd Amendment as Alabamians are, there are still uniformed thugs like Bobby Timmons, ready and willing to protect and serve your head into a bloody patch on the ground, just because you exercised your right to keep and bear arms.

Funny thing about unlicensed carriers of guns in cars; it has not causes problems in Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wyoming, Arizona, Vermont, Alaska, or Arkansas (residents only), where this is already legal.

Good thing Timmons is not actually a sheriff in any Alabama county, but he still has a great deal of influence.  Or not; he was ranting last year against Alabama's excellent overhaul of its concealed carry system, and he and the Alabama Sheriff's Association lost that one.

Herschel Smith of Captains Journal prays a little imprecatory prayer against Timmons and other tyrants:
“Oh Lord, the last time I prayed an imprecatory prayer it was against Arlen Specter who was soon diagnosed with cancer, so I do this with much thought and trepidation.  All of the legislators who have voted the recent gun laws into effect in Connecticut have voted to inhibit man’s ability to defend and protect himself and his little ones. 
Thus they have offended the Almighty, the most high God, the only sovereign and only potentate.  You have said that it would be better for a millstone to be hung around their necks.  So I pray that you would visit your wrath on them and their families to suffer for the sake of the little ones. 
Teach them to obey your laws, teach them the value of human life, teach them that it is their duty both to defend their own little ones and help men and women to do the same.  If they refuse to learn, bring condemnation upon them, bring their means and ends to complete ruination, and inflict them with the reputation forever of being haters of God and haters of children. 
Let their progeny remember and think of their lives for generations to come, throughout the lives of the children’s children’s children, and let them remember that their predecessors were evil men and women who would rule with a harsh hand and bitter tongue.
Bring the designs of their lives to naught, bring their aims to nothing, and bring their power down low where it is once again possible in Connecticut to defend families as God designed.
Amen, bro.

Brig. Gen. Yeager, left, in October 2012.
Yeager Still Has 'The Right Stuff'
65 Years Later

No, this isn't a current news story; it's from October 2012.  But it's relevant to Ol' Backwoods, because I have recently been re-reading the autobiographies of men like Chuck Yeager and Scott Crossfield.  They don't make men like this anymore.   Heck, Yeager's good friend and record-breaking pilot Jackie Cochran --a woman-- was a stronger person than most American men.

Yeager broke the sound barrier --again-- at age 89:
Legendary U.S. Air Force pilot Chuck Yeager will mark the 65th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier with a special re-enactment flight Sunday from Nellis Air Force Base. 
But this time, the 89-year-old retired major general, test pilot and World War II fighter ace will fly faster than Mach 1, or the speed of sound, in the cockpit of a F-15D Eagle aggressor jet with a Nellis captain at the controls. 
On Oct. 14, 1947, then-Capt. Charles E. Yeager became the first human to fly faster than sound in "Glamorous Glennis," a Bell X-1 rocket plane from the Air Force test center at Muroc Field, now Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. ... 
He said Capt. David Vincent of the 65th Aggressor Squadron will fly the two-seat F-15D Eagle with Yeager sitting behind him.
"They wanted a captain to fly him because Yeager was a captain at the time," Young said.
Yeager and Vincent will travel in relative comfort, taking off from Nellis under clear blue skies, reaching Mach 1 high above the Mojave Desert in the general area of the 1947 flight at 10:24 a.m., the exact time of the X-1's sonic boom that signaled to those on the ground that Yeager had broken the sound barrier.
It will be a slow flight for the F-15, which can exceed Mach 2.5, or 1,650 mph.
Aerospace historian Peter Merlin noted that Yeager has flown faster than the speed of sound on several occasions, always saying later that each time would be his last flight.
Yep, even at 89, Yeager is more manly than most American men.  In his youth and vigor, Chuck Yeager was more man than my 21-year-old son, who is quite a hoss in his own right.
A young Miguel trying to defend his home.

25 Years Ago in Venezuela, and Coming Soon to an America Near You...

Miguel Gonzales of the great Gun-Free Zone blog has an important post --with pictures-- about what happened to him 25 years ago today, when he was a Venezuelan citizen trying to defend his family's home from a breakdown of society:
25 years ago I was  standing guard in my family’s property with a single shot shotgun, about 20 rounds of buck & slugs, a Walther PPK .32ACP with a spare mag and perhaps 25 extra rounds for it. 24 hours before I would have thought I was well prepared for the usual contingencies, but at that time I realized I was woefully under-gunned. 
Why standing guard? We were in the middle of what is euphemistically called a total
Violence and chaos -- not just for Venezuela
breakdown of society. Riots and looting were everywhere and people were breaking into neighbor’s houses to steal, kill and set everything on fire.  My parents, God bless them, always believed in the good of people and believed we would be spared by the Grace of God. I was more of a Doubting Thomas and decided that I trusted God, but it also paid off to make sure nobody else behaved un-Christian toward us. ... 
By morning, the country was deep into chaos and I was jittery with so much coffee intake. The smell of smoke was heavy and shot were ringing everywhere. I was in shock as I thought “this could not happen here! What the hell is going on?”
Rumors were flying, the news was showing that we were pretty much on our own as the government appeared to be paralyzed and unable to come to grips with the situation; no law enforcement to speak of anywhere. Vandals were the only force out on the streets and were not shy about using their new-found power in the vacuum.
Coming soon to America near you.  Tell me I'm wrong, and back it up with facts.

Kamela Harris with her besty!

CA Atty General Kamela Harris 

Tries to Interfere with 9th Circuit Ruling

Is there any rule of law left in this country?  Any at all?  What little there is, there's less in California, where an Obama-loving attorney general is attempting to interfere with the 9th Circuit's ruling in favor of the 2nd Amendment:
Just when residents of San Diego thought they finally had won back the right to bear arms in the county, state politicians used dirty tactics in to block it. 
Late Thursday, California State Attorney General Kamala Harris filed a petition on behalf of the state to ask the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review and reverse its decision in Peruta v. County of San Diego. That ruling two weeks ago said the county’s restrictive concealed carry permit laws that required “good cause” were unconstitutional. 
This comes just one week after San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said he would not seek en banc review and would start issuing permits based on self-defense once the appeals court decision was finalized. 
Ms. Harris wrote in the filing that the state should be allowed to intervene in the case because “this case draws into question the constitutionality of the State’s statutory scheme regulating the public carrying of firearms.” She added that the “existing parties will not adequately represent the State’s interests.” 
Chuck Michel is the west coast counsel for the National Rifle Association, which funded the lawsuit. He said Ms. Harris‘ motion to intervene was far out of line because her office wasn’t part of the lawsuit, despite repeated requests from both plaintiffs and Sheriff Gore to get involved.  
“They are trying to improperly influence the court,” Mr. Michel said in an interview. “The are stretching the rules to file in order to get their arguments in front of the court in the hopes that a liberal judge will get the message and ask for a vote himself.”
Since Sheriff Gore did not ask for review, the only way for a hearing by a larger panel of justices in the 9th Circuit is if one asks to go en banc. 
A state attorney general trying to influence a federal circuit court to reverse a ruling in favor of an enumerated constitutional right?  This country has gone completely crazy.  I'm kind of like gun blogger Gregory Smith -- didn't she take an oath to protect the Constitution?

I miss America, don't y'all?

Have a great weekend.  Don't worry about how the country is going to hell; do something for your own tribe and family.  Go out and do some shooting, or work to prepare for the long, hard times to come.


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