Thursday, January 30, 2014

On Being "Defeatist" As Regards the 2016 Election

Ol' Backwoods was told today that he was being "defeatist" for saying that Palin, or Cruz, or Rand could not possibly be elected President of the Formerly United States of America in 2016, and that if they were, they would be assassinated (especially Palin).  I was told to "get tough."

This is my response.

"Tough" does not imply you use "frontal assault" in every battle. That is suicide, and does not achieve the objective. Precisely because I am the Backwoods Engineer, versed in the wily ways of the woods, I see merit in other tactics: the stalk, the snipe, the trap, the end run.

What is our objective?

If it's merely to re-capture the Presidency, I'm not interested in that.

The only objective worth fighting for is a return to a Constitutional order.  Anything less is window dressing.

Voting, at the Federal level, brings no movement back toward a Constitutional order whatsoever. This must be admitted. Just more of the same, accelerating toward tyranny at full throttle. This is primarily because the FedGov power base now consists mainly of the bureaucracy, which has displaced the Constitutional branches, who gave up their power to it willingly.

The only options left are at the state level. Whether by resistance to FedGov dictates (individually or collectively), nullification, limited secession (breaking up states to decentralize power), or full-blown Article V Constitutional conventions, the states are our last hope for return to a Constitutional order.

I submit that we should spend our time on those things, rather than support get another RINO for the Presidency. 

And if the States cannot return us to a Constitutional order, we will descend further into tyranny, misery, and most probably, civil war.

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