Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Think Pieces from Pro-Gun & Pro-Natural-Rights Bloggers

Here are some articles Ol' Backwoods was reading last night and this morning, from some of his favorite pro-guns and pro-natural-rights bloggers:


Remember Shannon Watts, the supposed "stay-at-home mom" who started agitating for gun bans, right after the Sandy Hook shooting?  Miguel has done the research, and discovered that she is a former Monsanto PR lady who has contributed to a slew of lefty causes and politicians.  This is no grassroots leader; she is Astroturf: artificial as plastic and an inch deep.

Western Center for Journalism: Texas Court Throws 2nd, 4th Amendments Under The Bus
Texas courts have ruled that because legally owned firearms represent "a threat of physical violence" to police, officers may ignore the 4th Amendment rights of Texas residents by treating ALL legally issued warrants as "No Knock" warrants, even if the issuing judge has made it clear that officers "...must knock on the door and announce their identity and purpose before attempting a forcible entry."
I tell you, these commie judges are intentionally trying to start a civil war.

The Rutherford Institute is trying to get the Supreme Court to hear the case, as it conflicts with the Miranda doctrine:

The Rutherford Institute has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the Quinn case, writing to the Court that:
"…in the absence of any evidence of actual danger to police, the legal possession of a firearm, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, is not sufficient to justify allowing police to override the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unannounced “no-knock” home invasions when executing warrants."

The Supreme Court has ruled on a number of occasions that law enforcement may NOT look upon the free exercise of constitutionally protected rights as an inference of guilt. For example, police may NOT presume that because an individual asserts his right to remain silent or speak with an attorney, he is deserving of additional suspicion of guilt.
Let's hope this is resolved quickly, for otherwise, people are going to get killed, and as we Three Percenters warn the civil establishment: (per Mike Vanderboegh) THERE WILL BE NO MORE FREE WACOS.

Borepatch:  Lessons for the American Republic from the fall of the Roman Republic

Fascinating discussion on the inverse relationship between government power and freedom, and how it went down in the Roman Republic.

Wes Kimbell of Reason Magazine: America's Internal Checkpoints (Refuseniks fight back against feds demanding papers)

This is an important article if you value your 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights.  As Ol' Backwoods has warned before, these internal checkpoints are dangerous to liberty and your rights.  Mr. Kimbell writes:
During a routine trip from San Diego to Phoenix in 2009, Pastor Steven Anderson was stopped at an internal immigration checkpoint about 70 miles from the Mexican border. A stern-looking Border Patrol agent asked Anderson to provide proof of citizenship and requested permission to search his car. 
The persistent pastor declined both, citing his Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. He then asked to be allowed to go on his way. The request was denied. 
After a period of dithering, agents announced that a police dog had alerted to potential contraband in the vehicle. They instructed Anderson to pull over into a secondary inspection area. The pastor repeatedly refused, at which point a Border Patrol agent and a state police officer simultaneously broke both windows of his car and shot the pastor with Tasers from each side, delivering lengthy and repeated shocks while Anderson repeatedly screamed in agony. 
The brutality was captured on video.
What has happened to America?  Mr. Kimbell explores the dynamics of these and other blatant statist tyrannies, and formulates a strategy that citizens can use to successfully refuse them.

III Percent PatriotsIII to III: Career Opportunity for a III Patriot and a need that must be filled...

I know some of my readers may not like or trust Sam Kerodin, owner of the III Percent Patriots site, but
Elecraft KX3, Ol' Backwoods' next ham radio
he has an important thread going on here. He asks experts in the field among his readers about add-ons to our ham/MURS/FRS radios and our skills sets, not to be used "on-the-air" in the present time, but only in the gravest extreme: when a regional or even nationwide crisis of tyranny breaks out, as many of us think must happen in America in the not-too-distant future.   Of course, Ol' Backwoods had to jump in.

In the comments, we are discussing many methods of having communications secure from the tyrants' eavesdropping: brevity codes, low-probability-of-intercept techniques such as burst and directional transmissions, as well as outright obfuscation of meaning such as one-time pads and encryption devices that can plug into the radios.

Ol' Backwoods is thinking of having a post or two on this.  A few years ago, on The Survival Podcast Forum, Ol' Backwoods proposed designing and building an encrypting microphone module that also had a limited capability to send pre-set encrypted digital messages.  I proposed to use the Speex codec, wrapped in an AES (or other) ciper, for the voice portion.  I had many naysayers, as you can see, so I dropped the project.  Maybe its time has come.

Also on the subject of obscured and encrypted communications is this fascinating article on how the African National Congress communicated in South Africa.   We learn from everyone.

That's it, friends.  Enjoy.

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