Friday, January 31, 2014

The $1T EBT Bill: national encouragement of sloth, idleness, and envy

$800 BILLION for the national encouragement of sloth, idleness, and envy. 

This is not a Farm Bill, this is an EBT Card Bill, and we're expected to keep paying it.

From the Heritage Foundation:
  • No Separation:  The farm bill is really the “food stamp bill.”  About 80 percent of the farm bill spending is devoted to food stamps.  Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee, Senator Thad Cochran (R–MS), explained the farm bill politics well when he argued that the farm bill should include food stamps “purely from a political perspective” since “it helps get the farm bill passed.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The House showed leadership by including a provision in its farm bill that would reauthorize farm programs and food stamps for different periods of time to ensure that these programs would at least be considered on different schedules in the future.   This would allow both programs to be considered on their own merits, making real reform a possibility and helping to take politics out of the farm bill and replacing it with the interests of the American people.   In a shocking move, the House gave up this important common sense reform that has wide support.   The public overwhelmingly supports separation. There is diverse support for separation in the media, from The Washington Post to The Wall Street Journal. Representative Marlin Stutzman (R–IN) led a group of 27 House members who sent a letter to the farm bill conferees expressing strong support for separation. 
  • House Caves on Food Stamp Spending. Food stamp spending has quadrupled since FY 2000 and doubled since 2008. The House bill would have reduced spending by about $39 billion, while the Senate would have reduced spending by only $4 billion. The reported “compromise” is about $8 billion, which is $31 billion less (80 percent less) than what the House sought. 
  • Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility Loophole Is Ignored. This problematic policy, put in place in 2000 and pushed heavily by the Obama administration, allows food stamp recipients to enroll in the program even if they have $1 million in the bank.  Food stamp recipients could have an unlimited amount of assets, but if their income is low enough, they could still receive food stamps. Congress had the opportunity to eliminate this policy, which would have resulted in $12 billion in savings over a decade, but chose instead to turn a blind eye to it.
  • No Real Work Requirement.  Congress had the opportunity to implement a strong work requirement, putting food stamps on course to promote self-sufficiency for able-bodied adults. But the work provision in the bill is nothing more than a mere work “suggestion.” A strong work requirement is the most crucial reform for food stamps, but Congress has failed to include such a policy.
  • Virtually Unlimited Taxpayer Liability. There are two new programs that have been added to replace direct payments, one of which covers even minor losses for farmers.  The potential costs of these programs could skyrocket based on even modest changes in commodity prices.  This is why the House bill had a price ceiling, or cost cap, limiting the exposure that taxpayers would have to pay out for these unknown and costly programs.  The new bill doesn’t appear to have such a cost cap—basically, taxpayers are faced with a blank check while farmers are being covered for virtually any risk.

How do you like that, readers?  Just as I have been telling you: there is really only one party in the Federal Government, with two heads.  Both of them want more and more and more dependency on government, and both are willing to use as much tyranny and currency debasement as necessary to enforce more dependency.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

On Being "Defeatist" As Regards the 2016 Election

Ol' Backwoods was told today that he was being "defeatist" for saying that Palin, or Cruz, or Rand could not possibly be elected President of the Formerly United States of America in 2016, and that if they were, they would be assassinated (especially Palin).  I was told to "get tough."

This is my response.

"Tough" does not imply you use "frontal assault" in every battle. That is suicide, and does not achieve the objective. Precisely because I am the Backwoods Engineer, versed in the wily ways of the woods, I see merit in other tactics: the stalk, the snipe, the trap, the end run.

What is our objective?

If it's merely to re-capture the Presidency, I'm not interested in that.

The only objective worth fighting for is a return to a Constitutional order.  Anything less is window dressing.

Voting, at the Federal level, brings no movement back toward a Constitutional order whatsoever. This must be admitted. Just more of the same, accelerating toward tyranny at full throttle. This is primarily because the FedGov power base now consists mainly of the bureaucracy, which has displaced the Constitutional branches, who gave up their power to it willingly.

The only options left are at the state level. Whether by resistance to FedGov dictates (individually or collectively), nullification, limited secession (breaking up states to decentralize power), or full-blown Article V Constitutional conventions, the states are our last hope for return to a Constitutional order.

I submit that we should spend our time on those things, rather than support get another RINO for the Presidency. 

And if the States cannot return us to a Constitutional order, we will descend further into tyranny, misery, and most probably, civil war.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Move Shoot Communicate Resist

Love this graphic.  Thanks, Zoomie.  Will start using it.

I have a pretty major (for this blog) post coming up about communication with your tribe, close and far.  Stay tuned, pun intended.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not Watching the State of the Coup Address Tonight

You know, I'm not even going to watch the power-mad puppet dictator give his big speech.

Whether I watch or not, whether I vote or not, whether I write my Congressman or not, the FedGov is going
to get bigger, stronger, will infringe more freedom, transfer more wealth, and borrow more money than exists, and do these things every year, in election years, or not.


Barack Hussein Obama is, as Michael Evans of America's Voice Now says, just the finisher of a relay race toward totalitarianism; he's the guy that has the baton when the finishing line is crossed to total fascism.  The race started far back in American history, certainly by 1913 when the Fed was established, probably at Reconstruction, but perhaps as far back as the first Bank of the United States.

The FedGov is a monster that so far out of control that voting just changes the dressing in the windows. The real business of the FedGov--accumulating power for itself-- goes on unabated.

My only prerogative is to disobey, to resist, to live my life in spite of the infringements and debasements of FedGov and its many subsidiary fascist units.   My focus is to serve  Christ the Lord, not Emperor Zero.  My focus is to build a sustainable life for my family that exists apart from, in defiance of, and in resistance to the encroachments of the State.

With all of that to do, who's got time to watch Emperor Zero's pronouncements?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Lockdown' This

Ol' Backwoods is always on the alert for what the Mainstream Media calls different things, because they are a clue as to how they think of us out here in "Flyover Country."

Student who set off Conn. lockdown to be arraigned

(Associated Press, WTNH New Haven)
NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) — A former Central Connecticut State University student who triggered a campus lockdown and massive police response by wearing a Halloween costume with a sword and BB gun is facing his first court appearance.
Notice that word I italicized above: lockdown.

lock·down ˈläkˌdoun/ noun 1. the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically after an escape or to regain control during a riot.


Because the big cities, public schools, and universities have become PRISONS controlled by an illegitimate and unconstitutional standing army called "the police".

The politicians, the Mainstream Media, the bankers, the cultural elite all consider the rest of us as prisoners in a modern-day prison state, something akin to the way Australia started out.  In their minds, the prisoners shouldn't have any weapons, because they just cause messy riots and breakouts, that must be handled by lockdowns and beat-downs from the guards (the Fed, state, and local police, and the FBI/CIA/NSA etc).

"Don't look at me, convict!" (Watertown, MA 04/19/2012)
They seek to keep afloat the illusion that we are free.  We are supposed to not notice the lockdowns like the one mentioned above, or the massive ones like in Watertown last year.  "Go back to your business, convicts!"

The problem is, millions of Americans are waking up to the fact that they are prisoners in their own countries, their own homes, and their own lives.  They are waking up to the tyranny, the onerous regulations on almost every aspect of our lives, including lighting our homes and going to the bathroom; sending 'hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance'; yea, the wholesale theft of our and our children's children's wealth and livelihoods, for the sole purpose of enriching the elite and ensuring their vise-like grip on power.

Our ancestors who were oppressed by King George were much more free than we are, in almost every way.

Wake up, America.  We do not have to live in a prison.

'Lockdown' this, tyrants!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

News and Commentary

Alabama suffered some really low temperatures this past week, down to around 9 degrees Fahrenheit in my neck of the woods.  Some folks lost chickens, but it was the fuel supply that was really affected:

Extreme Cold Weather Freezes US Fuel Supply
The weather forced Kinder Morgan to announce a force majeure in Alabama and Georgia, as well as its ethanol terminal in Illinois, a fuel hub for the Midwest. 
Eric Rosen, the vice president of sales, supply, and trading at Papco Inc., said that “at some point you have to have the gasoline blend with the ethanol, and that line from the ethanol tank to the rack is where you see a lot of those issues where it gets frozen.
And the price of gasoline shoots up, as it has done, slowing the already-anemic economy all the more.

Speaking of the economy:

Cafe Hayek:Economics vs. Engineering

It's a short article, but it makes a powerful point.  Read the whole thing.  An excerpt:
Francis Spufford at (a site devoted to his novel on Soviet planning) has a page of Soviet jokes. Here is one I found particularly interesting: 
Yuri Gagarin’s daughter answers the phone.  ‘No, mummy and daddy are out,’ she says.  ‘Daddy’s orbiting the earth, and he’ll be back tonight at 7 o’clock.  But mummy’s gone shopping for groceries, so who knows when she’ll be home.’ 
This conveys a deep truth. Getting an astronaut (Yuri Gagarin) into orbit and back to earth is an engineering problem. Human beings have figured out a way to do that that is generally predictable based on a set of mathematical equations that are testable and where the results are replicable. They are a form of applied physics or engineering. They are a problem (how do we get Yuri Gagarin back from space) that has a fairly well-specified solution. 
Of course that solution did not exist in 1850. But by 1961, it was solvable. 
Running an economy is not an engineering problem. There are no simple equations that describe its motion that are akin to the engineering problem of space travel. So Ms. Gagarin’s return is uncertain. The joke is a statement about Soviet planning that resulted in frequent shortages and long lines of presumably uncertain length. Sometimes items were in stock, sometimes they weren't.
This is exactly how the redistributionists in the Obama Administration think about the economy: it is a machine, and fixing it merely involves more government stimulus and more debasement of the currency.  That view is demonstrably WRONG, and it will lead to the destruction of not only the currency, but also that of civil society.

And on the subject of what happens when SHTF:

Selco:  When your loved ones get hurt or killed
I mentioned many times why it is better to be with other (close) people when SHTF then to be alone. My course where I talk in detail about my experiences in war has many situations that I would not have survived without my family. 
There is one other side to that, during SHTF when anarchy and fighting for survival means violence and you see people close to you get hurt or killed. 
Lots of people here in my country have gone through that, including me, and of course after first reactions that are common to all of us (grief, anger, sadness…) we react different. 
How we managed to cope with the pain, formed our whole future life, it formed us, destroyed some, and even gave strength to few.
When you lose someone because of illness or old age or traffic accident, maybe you may accuse bad health system, or similar, or even God, but eventually you will say „It is life, we all gonna die, it is how it is supposed to be“. 
But when you lost someone close because someone shot him during a fight between two opposite groups (because they different, or because the hate each other, or just because one group wanted resources from another group) it is different.  It can change your whole perspective of life. It can put lots of RAGE in you. 
And it is RAGE written in capitals. It lasts for years, and it can drive all your decisions, it can consume you at the end.
I’ve seen (and still see) lot of people here with it.
Selco, who survived the ultimate SHTF in the Balkan wars, knows what he is talking about.  Should we have civil warfare in America, as many worst-case scenarios would inevitably lead us into, we would do well to consider the consequences that Selco has laid out for us here, for America is already acting like a Third-World nation.

And speaking of acting like a Third-World nation:

Daniel Greenfield at the Sultan Knish blog: President Obie
In 1967, folk singer Arlo Guthrie played a song on a left-wing New York City radio station that was supposed to sum up the cultural difference between the culture and the counterculture. 
On one side of the moral equation in Alice’s Restaurant you had Office Obie and the nameless army officers who were rulebound fascists and on the other side you had the easygoing hippies who believed in community, hanging out and letting things slide. 
Culture would drag you into court for littering with twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs as evidence while counterculture would shrug and invite you to dinner.
That's still the image that the left likes to wear like an old pair of jeans. It's still just a bunch of easygoing fellows out to build community and take on Officer Obie’s senseless repressive rules. But then the counterculture became the culture and the left became Officer Obie. 
Or President Obie. 
If there's anyone who's going to drag you into court with twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs as proof; it's going to be the Officer Obies of the EPA. Except that a straightforward thing like littering would be much too sensible for environmental enforcement groups to bother with.  They're more likely to arrest you for collecting rainwater on your own property, making a guitar out of unfinished wood or cleaning up trash from your own property. 
EPA Administrator Al Armendariaz, whose fiefdom included five states, told staffers that his philosophy of enforcement was borrowed from the Romans."They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them."
Just read the whole thing.  As he observes, the culture and the counter-culture have completely traded places since the 60's.

As a result, we get this:

Flopping Aces: Twisted Understanding Of The Constitution Leads To Things Like This

[Warning: idolatrous image of Satan/Ba'al/Baphomet at the link]
This is what happens when you start acting like all religions have equal merit. We were, and considered ourselves, a Christian nation for close to two hundred years, and now we have rejected that label. This is the result. 
From the Associated Press: 
Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma 
“The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond,” temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said in a statement. “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.” 
One has a hard time understanding Satan worshipers. What has he ever done to deserve gratitude, respect, or worship? If you believe in Satan, you must also believe there is a God. For one was created by the other, and then that creation rebelled. One represents all that is good, and one represents all that is evil. If you choose the latter, it shows what kind of person you really are. 
One of my friends had this to say about the latest OMG moment in the culture wars. 
”Moral relativism is how Good is attacked by Evil. Take this example. Modern thinking would say that each religion deserves its place, as long as it’s privately funded. But is our society based on Satanic ideals? Is that the message we want to send?” 
And that is a good point. Once we start to believe that all religions have equal validity, then this is what you end up with. History tells that this nation was founded by Christians on Biblical principles. One may not like that, but the truth is the truth. 
The concept of ‘freedom of religion’ was specifically designed so we wouldn't have one official church that everyone had to belong to as the case had been in Britain. But it in no way diminished or downplayed the role Christianity prominently played in society and the culture at large, both in and out of government. 
It is the courts, not the people or the Constitution as originally written or understood, that have attempted to remove Christianity from its historical place and role in our nation. But such politically correct, liberal ideas have led us down this path to where it would be conceivable for such a hateful blasphemy to even be considered acceptable or legal to display next to the Ten Commandments.
I am going to say something here that has surprised people when I have said it in the past: I beg Oklahomans to stop this thing, or destroy it.  You do NOT want this image set up in your land.  God will have  plenty of reason to bring his wrath upon you.  You try to use the Constitution and the legal system to stop it, but if that isn't enough, there are other means.  There is a higher calling than the law.  The God of Israel and of Christ was very clear about idolatry, and about the worship of Satan.  Do not permit this in your land, I beg you.

Here's an interview (via Blasted Fools blog) with the spokesdemon, er, spokesman for the Satanist group that's trying to do this.  Apparently, Oklahoma has set a moratorium on new statues, so this abomination may not happen.

Bloomberg: OK, so tell me a little bit about this monument. How did the idea come about?

Lucien: We have members in Oklahoma. They reached out to us and told us about the Ten Commandments statue being placed there. When the ACLU sued, the state responded by saying it had actually envisioned a monument park and additional monuments could be added. We felt that was an invitation for more statues, so we decided to donate one.


Bloomberg: The statue depicts a goat-man and children. What does it mean?

Lucien: a way, it represents the hysterical witch-hunting fears of the past and our new empathetic drive to look more rationally at things.

Bloomberg: How have people reacted to all this?

Lucien: Surprisingly, the flood of support we’ve gotten far outweighs the hate mail. A lot of e-mails we get from people start out with them letting us know that they consider themselves Christian but support us on the basis of constitutional freedom. They understand we’re not assaulting them. We’re upholding our freedom to maintain a pluralistic nation where all voices can be heard and where we don’t discriminate on the basis of religion or creed.
Bloomberg: What do you think about Oklahoma’s moratorium on new statues?

Lucien: We haven’t been made aware of it officially. When we decided to donate a statue, we went through all the proper channels. We submitted a letter to the Capitol Preservation Commission, and they sent us back the paperwork we needed to fill out. All this happened before the moratorium, so as far as I’m concerned it shouldn’t apply to us retroactively. I’m not sure if the Hindus or PETA got in before the moratorium passed, but we did. No one has told us that there would be a change in our application status.

Bloomberg: I have to be honest with you, it seems unlikely that the Oklahoma government is going to erect a statue to Satan in front of its capitol. What will you do if you get denied?

Lucien: That would be then something for the lawyers to hash out. But if we fight the battle to the bitter end, and it turns out we can’t have our statue, we’ll try to place it elsewhere. We’ll move on to the next place (Obama’s Presidential Library in Chicago?).

Bloomberg: So you’re willing to go to court on this?

Lucien: Oh yeah.
They think they are being clever atheists, but really they are nursing an enmity with God that threatens them and our nation.

Speaking of enmity with God:

Liberty News: Media Double Standard: Huffington Post Liberals Claim People Who Literally Worship Satan Are Entitled to Their Opinion, But, Phil Robertson Isn't Entitled to
Duck Commander with Bible

Many Christians believe the real reason Phil Robertson’s opponents reject his position on the unnatural nature of homosexuality is because his perspective comes from basic Biblical teaching.
If you’re looking for a concrete example of the truth behind that theory, look at how the Left-Leaning Huffington Post condemns Phil Robertson, but, legitimizes literal Satan worshipers…
Two weeks ago, the Liberal news source ran an article titled, “Ten Reasons Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Is NOT Entitled to His Opinion.” 
The article’s author, Tom Lowery, argues that Phil’s position on homosexuality isn’t valid as an opinion because isn’t based on “logic” or “factual analysis.” 
The entire article, available here, takes 10 short paragraphs to explain Huffington Post’s perspective on why they believe Phil’s views are wrong and illegitimate as a rational opinion. 
Yet, two days ago, the same news source gave twelve minutes of airtime to discussing the legitimacy of Satan worshipers’ proposal to erect a monument to the Devil on the grounds of the OK State Capitol.
Of course.  As Ol' Backwoods told y'all over the holidays, it's open season on Christians, but the Left gets to do whatever they want.
I know there are destroyers among us, but I think this goes just a little bit too far:

III Percent Patriots: The Cold War never ended - it's our job to kill the Commies...
America is infested with Commie garbage and those who support Commie garbage. They are facilitated even more by the rotten masses that have grown up in recent generations of moral decay orchestrated by the Commies among us.

Are you up to the challenge?

A bloodbath is coming to America not only in our lifetime, but I will dare say by November 2016, at the latest. Communists have proven many times they have no problem killing tens-of-millions of people. They mean to kill you to turn the last piece of planet Earth Commie Red with your blood, or your disease, or your famine.

Or we get them first.

There is no middle ground. There is no compromise. There is no parting ways peacefully.

They mean to have a genocide based on political ideology.

I have no problem doing the same to them, firstest and mostest.
Well, I DO have a problem with it.  I have the Judge of the Living and the Dead to answer to, and so do many millions of my fellow believers in America.  We want to solve the problem, but we need to do this the right way, the way our Founders did.

I know we have suffered the privation of almost every natural right, and almost every enumerated right in the Constitution, but I need a little more before I go out and start killing government functionaries.  To do it now is a bridge too far, Mr. Kerodin.

If you go full Fort Sumter, you risk being labelled as the aggressor, the terrorist, the one who started the civil war.   You give the government the moral high ground, the ability to say, "Y'all started it, and NOW we're gonna finish it!"

I do agree with him about his timeframe.  Sauron's minions are fixing to lose the White House and Congress, and without that, the progressive commies are back to having only the Courts, the Fed and the bureaucracy to work their evil, and it isn't enough for the end-game they have in mind.

They are going to have to move fast.

But let them make the first move.

There will be no more free Wacos, Eric Holder.  No more Ruby Ridges, Lon Horiuchi, .  No more Reese families.  No more security theatre that does not prevent terrorist attacks (warning, language at link).  No more terrorist false-flag events staged by the FBI or the ATF.  No more.

Then it's on.

Just not yet.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Think Pieces from Pro-Gun & Pro-Natural-Rights Bloggers

Here are some articles Ol' Backwoods was reading last night and this morning, from some of his favorite pro-guns and pro-natural-rights bloggers:


Remember Shannon Watts, the supposed "stay-at-home mom" who started agitating for gun bans, right after the Sandy Hook shooting?  Miguel has done the research, and discovered that she is a former Monsanto PR lady who has contributed to a slew of lefty causes and politicians.  This is no grassroots leader; she is Astroturf: artificial as plastic and an inch deep.

Western Center for Journalism: Texas Court Throws 2nd, 4th Amendments Under The Bus
Texas courts have ruled that because legally owned firearms represent "a threat of physical violence" to police, officers may ignore the 4th Amendment rights of Texas residents by treating ALL legally issued warrants as "No Knock" warrants, even if the issuing judge has made it clear that officers "...must knock on the door and announce their identity and purpose before attempting a forcible entry."
I tell you, these commie judges are intentionally trying to start a civil war.

The Rutherford Institute is trying to get the Supreme Court to hear the case, as it conflicts with the Miranda doctrine:

The Rutherford Institute has petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the Quinn case, writing to the Court that:
"…in the absence of any evidence of actual danger to police, the legal possession of a firearm, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, is not sufficient to justify allowing police to override the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unannounced “no-knock” home invasions when executing warrants."

The Supreme Court has ruled on a number of occasions that law enforcement may NOT look upon the free exercise of constitutionally protected rights as an inference of guilt. For example, police may NOT presume that because an individual asserts his right to remain silent or speak with an attorney, he is deserving of additional suspicion of guilt.
Let's hope this is resolved quickly, for otherwise, people are going to get killed, and as we Three Percenters warn the civil establishment: (per Mike Vanderboegh) THERE WILL BE NO MORE FREE WACOS.

Borepatch:  Lessons for the American Republic from the fall of the Roman Republic

Fascinating discussion on the inverse relationship between government power and freedom, and how it went down in the Roman Republic.

Wes Kimbell of Reason Magazine: America's Internal Checkpoints (Refuseniks fight back against feds demanding papers)

This is an important article if you value your 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights.  As Ol' Backwoods has warned before, these internal checkpoints are dangerous to liberty and your rights.  Mr. Kimbell writes:
During a routine trip from San Diego to Phoenix in 2009, Pastor Steven Anderson was stopped at an internal immigration checkpoint about 70 miles from the Mexican border. A stern-looking Border Patrol agent asked Anderson to provide proof of citizenship and requested permission to search his car. 
The persistent pastor declined both, citing his Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. He then asked to be allowed to go on his way. The request was denied. 
After a period of dithering, agents announced that a police dog had alerted to potential contraband in the vehicle. They instructed Anderson to pull over into a secondary inspection area. The pastor repeatedly refused, at which point a Border Patrol agent and a state police officer simultaneously broke both windows of his car and shot the pastor with Tasers from each side, delivering lengthy and repeated shocks while Anderson repeatedly screamed in agony. 
The brutality was captured on video.
What has happened to America?  Mr. Kimbell explores the dynamics of these and other blatant statist tyrannies, and formulates a strategy that citizens can use to successfully refuse them.

III Percent PatriotsIII to III: Career Opportunity for a III Patriot and a need that must be filled...

I know some of my readers may not like or trust Sam Kerodin, owner of the III Percent Patriots site, but
Elecraft KX3, Ol' Backwoods' next ham radio
he has an important thread going on here. He asks experts in the field among his readers about add-ons to our ham/MURS/FRS radios and our skills sets, not to be used "on-the-air" in the present time, but only in the gravest extreme: when a regional or even nationwide crisis of tyranny breaks out, as many of us think must happen in America in the not-too-distant future.   Of course, Ol' Backwoods had to jump in.

In the comments, we are discussing many methods of having communications secure from the tyrants' eavesdropping: brevity codes, low-probability-of-intercept techniques such as burst and directional transmissions, as well as outright obfuscation of meaning such as one-time pads and encryption devices that can plug into the radios.

Ol' Backwoods is thinking of having a post or two on this.  A few years ago, on The Survival Podcast Forum, Ol' Backwoods proposed designing and building an encrypting microphone module that also had a limited capability to send pre-set encrypted digital messages.  I proposed to use the Speex codec, wrapped in an AES (or other) ciper, for the voice portion.  I had many naysayers, as you can see, so I dropped the project.  Maybe its time has come.

Also on the subject of obscured and encrypted communications is this fascinating article on how the African National Congress communicated in South Africa.   We learn from everyone.

That's it, friends.  Enjoy.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


... said the sheep in Connecticut:

Would you register your guns, if your state government said you will be a felon after a certain date if you did not?

I wouldn't.  I'd like to think I would fight it, but probably, I would just not live in that state anymore.

As Ol' Backwoods has been saying, there is a reckoning coming to America.  Registration leads to confiscation.  Always has, always will.

Take a good look at the picture, Patriots.  This is Obama's America.

Our friend Miguel at reminds us about another variety of American Sheep: the Americans of Japanese decent that Roosevelt put in "internment" camps "for their own protection."  Read about this in school?  I bet you didn't.

Think rounding up citizens, disarming them, and marching them off to concentration camps can't happen in America, sheep?  IT ALREADY DID.

Americans of Japanese Descent Line Up to enter Concentration Camps, May 4, 1942.

At least one CT citizen is not going to comply, and gets a Connecticut State Police officer to agree:

Connecticut State Trooper on Gun Law: “I will not register my AR-15. Governor Malloy is a joke!”
Today I saw pictures of people lining up in Middletown, Connecticut registering their guns and giving up their unalienable Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.” 
I immediately called the Connecticut State Police and spoke to a State Trooper. I identified myself as Senior Chief Petty Officer Geoff Ross, US Navy retired. I stated my friends in Connecticut will not comply with this unconstitutional law first implemented in Germany by Adolf Hitler under the “1938 Weapons Act of NAZI Germany“.  The 1938 Weapons Act stated in part: 
§ 1
Jews (§ 5 of the First Regulations of the German Citizenship Law of 14 November 1935, Reichsgesetzblatt 1, p. 1332) are prohibited from acquiring. Possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority. 
§ 2
Firearms and ammunition found in a Jew’s possession will be forfeited to the government without compensation. 
The State Trooper agreed with me and stated he “will not enforce this unconstitutional law.” He stated that he “will not register his AR-15, weapons and magazines.” He thinks “Governor Malloy is a joke.” I am withholding his name for his protection. We hit it off as if old friends. 
The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is participating in a legal challenge of the new law – Shew vs. Malloy. Pending a court challenge the CCDL is reminding gun owners that the deadline to register and declare the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines is upon them. According to the CCDL website oral arguments are set for Shew vs. Malloy in the US District Court, District of Connecticut, on January 30, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. EST  at the Federal Courthouse in Courtroom One, 450 Main St., Hartford, before Judge Alfred Covello. The proceedings are open to the public.  CCDL advises, “If you want a seat in the courtroom, you will need to arrive early.” 
I then called Governor Malloy's office at 860-566-4840 and spoke to a staffer who laughed when I told her Governor Malloy was violating the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. I told her that I will now travel frequently through Connecticut and I will not register my weapons when I do. I then told her if Governor Malloy wants my weapons he can come and get them himself. She promptly hung up. 
I sent an email to Governor Malloy's office. I am also writing a letter to the Commander of the Connecticut State Police, Colonel Danny R. Stebbins, asking him if he will comply with this law or the US Constitution. A copy of the letter will be sent to Governor Malloy. Stay tuned for their replies.
"Juden!  You must turn in guns, bitte!"

Some of us will not comply.

Love this one from Theo: