Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pajamaboy Looks Like a Pedophile to Me

I'll tell y'all this: if this chickified citiot showed up at Ol' Backwoods' place to try and sell me Obamacare, he might just get shot. Just sayin'.

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THIS is a typical adult American male in the eyes of the homos at Organizing for America?  I know that ain't right.

Ol' Backwoods is going to need about 50,000 gallons of this right about now...

UPDATE: Love this bit from National Review:
Among the many appalling traits of the modern Left — and they are legion — their fatuous air of unearned moral superiority has got to be among the most annoying. Sheltered, protected, coddled from birth, shepherded through a credentialing system along with thousands, perhaps millions, of like-minded clones, they are the children of the bubble, swathed in their footie pajamas, cuddling their cups of hot chocolate, and dreaming of that well remunerated regulatory job in the imperial capital that surely awaits them. Grow up? Why bother? Life is so much easier when you know absolutely nothing of it.
UPDATE 2: And the funnies keep coming!  Check out some of these on BattleSwarm Blog!
#pajamaboy: A Superhero for the 1st century! "Able to stay in his parent's basement until 26!"

UPDATE 3: This little sissy really IS a paid staffer for Obama's Organizing for America!

OMG Bronies!


  1. What did they do? Dig up Michael Jackson?

  2. LOL 3for3! No, I bet this is one of the staffers at Organizing for Action or whatever the Obama homo outfit is called...