Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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In the News

Huntin' season has started, and Ol' Backwoods has buck fever as much as the next guy.  Time for some tips on the work after the hunt:

Processing Deer in the Era of [Chronic Wasting Disease]

If a collapse of society--even locally-- happens, you had better be prepared to do violence to defend your life and those that you love.  But there are consequences, even in this life.  I present one of Selco's best:
Consequences of killing in post collapse world few people think about

This Josie the Outlaw's videos are sweeping Facebook.  This gal is an unabashed advocate of liberty and freedom--the responsible kind-- and is easy on the eyes, to boot.  She is making a lot of sense.  I hope people listen.  Here is one of her best videos, on why good people should be armed:

Y'all should be listening to her.

This makes me plum sick:

God Da_n Guns

Ol' Backwoods put in a number of comments on that story, but lookie here, none got allowed by the moderator.  At least my buddies Sean Sorrentino of NC Gun Blog and Miguel of Gun Free Zone got in there.  This woman preacher comes from a church that shares a spirtual heritage (Stone-Campbell American Restoration Movement) with Ol' Backwoods church.  And it is sickening to see this woman tell us that we "worship" our guns.

Listen here, woman.  Ol' Backwoods worships the King of Kings, and serves him only.  The Good Lord Jesus told Peter and the apostles to have their sidearms in Jesus' darkest hour, at Gethsemane.  Ol' Peter was rockin' the Glock of his day, a sword.  Ol' Backwoods worships the Lord the same way, only swords don't conceal as good as a Glock or a Kel-Tec.

Speaking of being armed:

Hickenlooper: New Gun Laws Had No Impact on Arapahoe HS Shooting

Chickenpooper: I got nothing.

So what DID have an impact on the shooting, that ended less than 2 minutes after it began?  What Wayne LaPierre, the NRA, and the rest of us good-guy gun owners said would work: a good guy with a gun on-scene.  The self-described Socialist Keynesian punk, who liked to wear Soviet T-shirts, turned tail and shot himself when faced with an armed resource officer.  In other words, a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun.  Hell is waiting, commie.

Speaking of commies:

New Jersey gun laws gave killer carjackers lethal advantage
‘Issuance of the permit is almost completely discretionary, and New Jersey courts have upheld the policy of strictly limiting permits ‘to persons specifically employed in security work . . . and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection’,” USA Carry reports.
Can't you people understand "the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED?"  I guess not.  When you have to beg for a gummint permit to even buy a gun, you will be killed by a criminal who will not submit to the same process.

Here's some great advice from famed gun trainer Mas Ayoob on how to shoot a handgun accurately.

On the Home Front

Speaking of the right to keep & bear, Ol' Backwoods finally got to take the Glock 22c out to the range.  It is sweet.  The compensated barrel does help keep felt recoil down on the .40 S&W round.  However, Ol' Backwoods is apparently still jerking the trigger, as the group has a definite down-and-left kind of spray.  Need to work on that.  More range time.  And maybe, lightening the trigger a little bit.  Let's see what Ole Saint Nick has under the tree.  There may be a couple of tricks for the Glock.

And don't y'all talk to me about dry-fire practice in the house.  I won't do it.  My daddy taught me not to pull the trigger in the house unless the fertilizer done hit the fanblades.  Not that I haven't, mind ya, but it makes me real nervous.  No, I'll do my dry firing out in the woods.  And maybe some wet firing, too.

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