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Changing Sights on Your Glock

Ol' Backwoods has a keen spidey sense that there will be some Mepro Night Sights for the Glock 22 left by Ol' Saint Nick.  In preparation for that, we have a video by local (to me, North Carolina) cool guy MrGunsNgear, who shows us how to change those sights without marring up our slide.  Enjoy!

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Get ready to save.  Or spend.  Or both.

And stay home and shop online.  You'll stay healthier that way.
Ol' Backwoods' Black Friday Black Rifle

Last year, Ol' Backwoods got an AR-15 upper at JSE Surplus on Black Friday for only $335.  Still runnin' great, over 1,500 rounds later.

Many who revere the right to keep and bear arms also are into preparedness, like yours truly.  Here's an article that will curl your hair: Americans are incredibly dependent on both government and systems of support.  But...

Only the Self-Reliant Remain Free

Who had more freedom? 
Was it the pioneer who rode horseback across the Midwest, settled in a wide-open space without paved roads, grocery stores or hospitals, and he had to build his own home, cultivate his own food and educate his own children? 
Or was it the less-adventuresome brother he left behind in an Eastern city who lived next door to a hospital, across the street from a public school and kitty corner from a grocery store -- but in his later years, he could only get to work if he rode a public transit line and if the transit line ran on time? 
I vote for the pioneer. He was not dependent on government. His brother was. 
Self-reliance and freedom are inseparable. Americans once knew this in their very souls. Now, coaxed by those with a socialistic vision of government, we are beginning to forget it. We are becoming ever more dependent on government and putting our freedom at risk.
Nice kitty!  And Melissa Bachman ain't bad either!
Remaining self-reliant means having a means to feed yourself without recourse to the grocery store. Hunting is one way to accomplish at least part of that. With all hue and cry over outdoorsy gal Melissa Bachman shooting one lion on an hunt in South Africa, it's time to set the record straight. It's the hunters that are preserving game and game habitats. Learn all about it here:

25 Reasons Why Hunting Is Conservation  

(via this Clash Daily article)
Reason No. 19 why Hunting Is Conservation: Hunting has major value for highway safety. For every deer hit by a motorist, hunters take six. 
Reason No. 20 why Hunting Is Conservation: Deer collisions kill 200 motorists and cost $10 billion a year. Imagine costs without hunting!
Genesis 9:3, people.

Speaking of beginnings, here's a journalist who has made a new start.  Michael Barone actually admits in the article linked below that he was WRONG about concealed carry causing blood to run in the streets.  Of course.  We told him so, but journalists never understand reality.  Most of them just emote their way through life.  Here's one that admits he is wrong.  That gets Ol' Backwoods' respect.  And it is music to my ears to hear that Americans are now overwhelmingly opposed to gun bans.

Why opposition to gun control has increased

Many, including me, predicted that this would lead to gunfights on the street and over traffic altercations. Those predictions have proved wrong. It turns out that ordinary citizens who can demonstrate that they know how to handle guns do so responsibly — just as they handle cars (potential weapons, after all) responsibly as well. 
Cops have no duty to protect the citizen, anyway.  We might as well take responsibility for ourselves.

And speaking of cops not protecting people...

The Police Are Not Your Friends, Part 35,403 - "Dial 911 & Die"

And this dude was just SUSPENDED in September for having sex with an 18-year-old girl who was in one of those "police explorer" programs for youth.  Yeah, that cop was "exploring" all right!  I hope he is jailed.


If you ignore the adrenaline dumps and the blood pressure spikes this is a very, very good book.” – Joe Huffman on “Emily Gets her Gun.” More here.

And speaking of blood pressure spikes:

Bad managers ruined Obamacare

This passage warms me ol' engineer's heart:
What engineers know that lawyers and politicians often don't is that in the world of things, as opposed to people, there's no escaping the sharp teeth of reality. But in law, and especially politics, inconvenient facts are merely inconvenient, something to be rationalized away.
And now for something completely different...


Bill Weaver survived an in-flight breakup of an SR-71 at Mach 3.2 and 78,000 feet ASL
SR-71 Blackbird

I think the SR-71 represents the pinnacle of Western Civilization with regards to mechanical and aerospace engineering.  And that fateful flight happened 47 years ago.  I bet America couldn't even build an SR-71 today.  Kelly Johnson was a genius, as were all of those Lockheed Skunk Works guys.

And speaking of history, here's an article from back in the 80's, when the biggest gun ban of them all went down.   President Ronald Reagan signed the so-called "Firearms Owner's Protection Bill", that unbeknownst to Reagan (so I am told) contained a poison amendment by one William J. Hughes (D-NJ), with an assist from Charlie Rangel (D, NY), that banned forever the manufacture and transfer of full-auto weapons to those not in the military.  Or police.  Same thing.  A standing army the Founders would have hated.  Anyway...

From 1986: Reagan's Shame, or, $1600 Ain't That Much for an M-16

[Okay, that's my title.  Here's the real one. -- BWE]
Machine Guns Going Out With A Bang
June 9, 1986|By Michael Lasalandra, Staff Writer 
[South Florida Sun-Sentinel] 
Law-abiding citizens who want to play Rambo [what crap -- BWE] with their very own submachine guns are finding the weapons more expensive and harder to locate since President Reagan signed a new gun law banning the manufacture of automatic weapons for public sale. 
Weapons manufacturers turned out record numbers of machine guns just before the May 19 signing of the new law, and they are being snapped up by dealers as quickly as they can be shipped, according to officials of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

But because there will be no more to be had by the general public after these are sold, dealers already are charging record prices for the weapons. 
"The guns on the street that were worth $900 are worth $1,800 today. They've doubled in price because you can`t get them anymore," said Ted McLeod, owner of Trail Guns Inc. on South Military Trail in West Palm Beach.   
[Today, M-16's are upwards of $20,000.  If you can find one that was made before 5/19/86 that you can convince someone to transfer to you.  If you're willing to wait the 6-12 months for ATF to complete the transfer.  After you fill out 14 copies of the paperwork, and provide fingerprints for each copy.  --BWE]
Some dealers across the country report that a Thompson submachine gun that used to retail for about $1,095 now sells for $1,695. 
And people are paying the price, dealers said, because they fear the day will come when there won`t be any machine guns available to them. 
"There`s been an awful lot of people purchasing weapons in the past month," said the owner of Frankford Arsenal in Oakland Park, who requested anonymity. "Mostly machine guns. I just sold my last one. People are absolutely reacting to the bill that was signed. Some of these people wouldn't normally buy a machine gun, but they are buying them now." 
McLeod said the law has increased the demand for semi-automatic weapons and cited the fact that he sold four Uzis last week, whereas normally he sells one a month. 
Tom Hill, an ATF agent in Washington, said the bureau normally receives 50 to 100 applications per day to register automatic weapons, such as machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and silencers. "Before May 19, it had jumped to about 1,000 per day," he said.
However, Hill said that "about 95 percent of those were from manufacturers, not average Joes."
As of May 20, there were 127,215 registered machine guns nationwide. Texas led the country with 12,410, followed by California with 8,642. Georgia and Florida were vying for the third spot, with Georgia having 7,245 registered machine guns to Florida`s 7,229. 
While there are 507 weapons dealers registered in Palm Beach County alone, according to bureau statistics, only 256 statewide hold class three licenses, which allow them to sell automatic weapons. The names of those license holders are protected by federal law since they are holders of special tax stamps issued by the Internal Revenue Service.  [Special Occupational Taxpayers -- BWE]
Prospective buyers must have the approval of their local law enforcement chief, have their fingerprints and photograph taken, and allow the FBI to check their record in order to obtain a machine gun license, which costs $200 per weapon.
 That's all for today, my friends.  Give Ol' Backwoods an earful in the comments below.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

'Knockout Game' Only Works If Citizens Don't Fight Back

I wondered how long it would take. People aren't going to take this "knockout game" junk anymore.
How awesome is Matt Bracken?

UPDATE: Okay, maybe the Beulah Montgomery story was a hoax.  But there are citizens who have fought back against 'knockout game' punks and won.

Look, just read Fran Porretto's post on the 'knockout game', and y'all will have the right mind:
Don't kid yourselves. Were American whites ever to conclude that inter-racial peace is impossible, within two years there wouldn't be a black man left alive and free anywhere in this country. We're a numerical majority. We control the preponderance of the land, the wealth, and most important, the weapons. Our targets would wear their affiliation in their flesh. 
It hasn't happened -- and please God, may it never happen -- because we still believe, despite many disappointments, that inter-racial amity is achievable. Preserving that conviction is the one and only hope American blacks have for their futures, and for those of their children. 
What would undermine that conviction? 
  • Clear and convincing evidence that American blacks are irremediably violently hostile toward whites, or:  
  • A groundswell of conviction that such evidence exists, but that our news organs have conspired to deny it to us. 
The first condition has not been met. The second condition is being advanced by the Old Media themselves....
I pray to God that more Americans wake up and arm themselves, and stay aware when they are out in public, and fight back against this sick 'game' and other criminal schemes.  And I pray that black youth get the clue that this is not acceptable behavior.

UPDATE: More on the 'knockout game' at Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Eugene Stoner, Designer of AR-10 & AR-15

James Wesley, Rawles reminds us:
November 22nd is remembered as the birthday of the late Eugene M. Stoner. (Born 1922, died April 24, 1997.) He was the designer of the AR-7, AR-10, AR-15, AR-180, the Stoner 63, and several other firearms. (The AR-10 was the basis of the AR-15 which in turn spawned the very widely used M16 and all of its variants including the M4 Carbine.) It has been estimated that as many as 3.7 million rifles from the AR-15 family are owned by civilians in the United States, and military production M16 variants well exceeds 8 million rifles.
Vietnam-style M16-A1-style platform (semi-auto here)
One of the most interesting aspects of Mr. Stoner's legacy is the modular nature of the AR-15 platform.  The dizzying number of options available for almost every part of the AR-15 platform, from the lower receiver, to gas systems, to stocks, to barrels, to optics means Stoner's little 'poodle shooter', as Vietnam Vets called the  rifle, has grown up.
New Frontier polymer AR-15 lower.  Backwoods likes these.

Using a multi-caliber, multi-platform lower receiver like the New Frontiers lower depicted at the left, and the standard AR-15 bolt, we can assemble rifles, pistols, and/or short-barreled rifle (with a National Firearms Act signoff!) in any or all of the following calibers by merely swapping the barreled upper.  Standard AR-15 magazines can be used with these calibers:

  • 5.56 x 45mm NATO (the standard AR-15/M-16 round)
  • .223 Remington
  • .223 Remington Ackley Improved 
  • .25 x 45mm
  • 6.5mm Whisper 
  • 7mm Whisper 
  • 300 AAC Blackout
  • 300 Whisper
Buy at
By using different-caliber lowers, combined with the correct uppers, bolts and magazines, this blizzard of calibers are possible:
  • .22 Long Rifle (rimfire) (using special blowback bolt and magazines)
  • 9mm Parabellum
  • 7.62 x 39mm (the Kalashnikov round)
  • 6.5mm Grendel 
  • 6.8x43mm SPC  
  • .35 Gremlin (necked up 6.5 Grendel to 358)
  • .458 SOCOM 
  • .50 Action Express 
  • .50 Beowulf 

There are other lists that are more exhaustive, but Ol' Backwoods suspects a) some of these calibers require gas system modifications and/or b) non-standard chamberings.

And the array of mil-spec accessories avilable for the M4 platform (most of which will fit the semi-auto AR-15) is dizzying.  There's even a cool poster you can buy depicting them:

So, well done, Mr. Stoner.   Ol' Backwoods will hoist a cold one in your honor tonight, after cleaning his AR-15's  One of my favorites is below.

UPDATE: and hey, even JFK seemed to like a Stoner rifle (hat tip: my gun-bro Miguel at Gun Free Zone)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Comrades! "Voluntary Roadblock" added to NewSpeak Vocabulary! (AGAIN!)

UPDATE: The 'voluntary roadblock' has happened again, this time in Reading, PA:
A private firm with a federal contract - and backed up by city police - forced motorists off Laurel Street and into a private parking lot Friday to question them about their driving habits and ask for a swab of their mouth. 
"I feel this incident is a gross abuse of power on many levels," Reading resident Ricardo Nieves, one of those stopped, told City Council Monday. 
He said federal and local tax dollars were being used to stop innocent people without probable cause, and allow a private company to hire uniformed police to force citizens to listen to their questions. 
He said he wasn't told what the swab was for, but added, "Clearly it was for DNA." 
The checkpoint was among several being carried out in Pennsylvania by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, hired by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.
They need to charge every one of those cops under 18 USC § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law.

(Originally posted 11/21/13)

Man, this kind of stuff gets my hillbilly back up.
Burns me up!

It burns me up to see these city folk acting like sheep, when armed policemen pull them over, under color of law, and — Lord have mercy!— 'ask' them for BLOOD and TISSUE SAMPLES!

The Supreme Court, may the Lord judge them ever so harshly, has said that police checkpoints looking for drunk drivers are Constitutional (Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz), but this is something new: these are Fed contractors, asking for BLOOD AND DNA after armed deputies stop citizens under color of law.

And then say, after citizens are held by gun-toting policemen, that it was all "Voluntary"?  EVIL.

And in Forth Worth, Texas of all places!
On Friday afternoon, Kim Cope was driving along Beach Street in North Fort Worth on her lunch break when she was stopped at a police roadblock. After being ushered into a nearby parking lot, she was given a menu of options. 
"They were asking for cheek swabs," she told NBC 5. "They would give $10 for that. Also, if you let them take your blood, they would pay you $50 for that." ...

But Cobb wasn't stopped at a "sobriety checkpoint." She was merely asked if she cared to participate in the 2013 National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drugged Driving, an occasional study conducted by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. It's completely voluntary, though the blockage of a major street police officers (Fort Worth PD says they were off-duty) tends to give the opposite impression.
Did you read that?  (Presumably armed) off-duty police officers!  No doubt paid by the Fed Quislings who run this study.

At least the Forth Worth cops apologized, like that will make it all better:
...on Tuesday [Nov 19, 2013] police spokesman Sgt. Kelly Peel said that the department's Traffic Division coordinated with the NHTSA on the use of off-duty officers after the agency asked for help with the survey. 
"We are reviewing the actions of all police personnel involved to ensure that FWPD policies and procedures were followed," he said. "We apologize if any of our drivers and citizens were offended or inconvenienced by the NHTSA National Roadside Survey."
Yeah.  'Apologize.'  That makes it all better that you violated them like whores.

There's more at the link:
NBC DFW confirmed that the survey was done by a government contractor, the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, which is based in Calverton, Md. 
Nice.  Right up there next to Mordor-on-the-Potomac.  PIRE, like pyre, something to have a Viking funeral for America on.
A company spokeswoman referred questions to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 
An agency spokeswoman sent an email confirming the government is conducting the surveys in 30 cities across the country in an effort to reduce impaired-driving accidents.
PELL CITY, Alabama -- It was a little bit after midnight, early Saturday morning, when Erika Skeivelas said she saw the flashing lights. 
Her 8-year-old daughter, sitting next to her, thought it might be a wreck. Skeivelas, 32, said she was traveling on Alabama 34... [and she saw] two St. Clair County deputies cars, with flashing lights, stopping traffic on the highway.
The state motto of "We Dare Defend Our Rights" is apparently null and void for these oath-breaking deputies.
She was then asked to be part of what she was told would be a brief roadside survey. What she participated in was a national survey looking at blood alcohol and drug levels of drivers.

Skeivelas said she didn't think anything about taking part, because she hadn't been drinking. However, she said she didn't think it was clear the survey wasn't mandatory. ... 
"As a citizen, I think at the end of the day in a way, it was somewhat entrapment," she said. "I don't think it felt all that voluntary. I mean, why didn't they ask people at Wal-Mart at 2 in the afternoon? What were they going to do if the deputies could clearly smell alcohol on somebody after midnight, because you know people have been drinking and are out on the road?"
Screenshot of poll from, today
Alabamians are understandably outraged:

Readers overwhelmingly said they would not voluntarily submit blood and DNA samples to a government study as part of a roadblock, according to the results of an poll. ... 
Of 2,016 votes cast as of 8 a.m. this morning, 80 percent said they would not give samples as part of a voluntary test, with 8.4 percent saying they would. Only less than 3 percent said they might consider it if the money was good, while 8.6 percent said they would rather not answer since "they might be watching.

The Feds, of course, are acting like it's all no big deal.  Why, it's just a voluntary roadblock!
Jose Ucles, a spokesman for the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, said the survey did not collect DNA ... "Participation is voluntary," Ucles said. "All data is anonymous."

In the same article, St. Clair county officials deny their police funds were used, and then there's this (emphasis mine, Ol' Backwoods):
The survey used deputies to stop traffic, he said, for traffic safety.

"If you're doing roadblocks and asking people to stop, you have to have the deputies there to make sure everything is safe," he said. "It's not about detaining anybody, because the survey is voluntary and anonymous. It's about making sure the traffic is safe in that area."
Oh, REALLY?  Armed deputies are there just to "make sure everything is safe"?

Here's my answer to that:

18 USC § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

What has happened to our country?  Does NOBODY know what their rights are anymore?  Does nobody understand they have the right to travel freely with a state (U.S. v. Wheeler)?  That they have the right to leave police presence unless they are being detained?  Do they not know that they have the right to hear the reasonably articulated suspicion that is causing their detention? (Terry v. Ohio)

Fed Quisling Lacey
Oh, and by the way, here is the punk taking Soros money who did this:
"We had an wonderful experience in Alabama," said John Lacey with the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, the group coordinating the study for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "The public was very receptive, and it was all very pleasant, which is not always the case. It's ironic that this kind of reaction has happened."
It's only ironic to a Federal-Reserve-Note-swiving statist putz like you, Lacey!  Being from prison state Maryland and paid by Mordor-on-the-Potomac, you can't fathom why southern folks would object to this.  Why, after all, it's just a "voluntary, anonymous" study, right?
From Friday through early Sunday morning, off-duty deputies in the two counties stopped traffic in several locations, asking motorists to participate in what organizers called a voluntary, anonymous study. ...

However, the presence of deputies, the lateness of the hour, and reports from social media have prompted questions about the purpose of the study. Yesterday, Gov. Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange promised to look into the matter.
 Yeah, nothing much came of that, apparently.  I can't find anything newer than this article, or June 11, 2013 story:
State Attorney General Luther Strange said he learned about the activities from news stories. “I am shocked. This is very troubling and I intend to get to the bottom of it,” Strange said in a statement.
Yeah, that's... Strange.

And no further word from Alabama Secretary of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Director Spencer Collier, who was supposed to "look into this".  Probably got paid off by the Feds to keep it out of the media.

What do y'all think?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Rule of Law is GONE in America

Honest to God, this is the scariest thing I have read in a week. This isn't something that is SUPPOSED to happen; it ALREADY happened.

How you can go to federal prison as a "prohibited person" never having been a "prohibited person" ?

The Feds have been trying to get Mike Vanderboegh for years, because of his opposition to their tyranny, especially after he was instrumental (with David Codrea) in breaking the story on the "Fast and Furious"
Mike Vanderboegh
operation, in which Eric Holder's agents gave Mexican drug lords AK-47's, so they could blame it on American gun stores, in a desperate attempt to get total gun registration and confiscation in place.

Now Mike reveals what the Federal government did to one of his casual acquaintances (emphasis mine, Ol' Backwoods):
This particular Kafkaesque story of such abuse of federal power began, I believe, on 28 October 4 years ago with a praxis post on ALICE packs wherein I made the statement "I dropped into my favorite surplus store, AA Army Surplus in Leeds, Alabama." 
Several months later, in 2010, just about the time I posted this, the proprietor of AA Army Surplus and a veteran of the 82nd Airborne, Darryl Baxter, was approached by a local cop serving on federal-state-local "Joint Task Force" to try to set up a person on a STEN gun purchase. 
[Backwoods: assuming it's a full-auto Sten, unless Mr. Baxter paid the tax and filled out the forms, this would be a federal felony to buy.] 
Mordor-in-DC notices Mr. Baxter
He refused. That, plus his acquaintance with me, was enough to stir the wrath of Mordor, and the great eye of Sauron turned its attention to the case of Darryl Baxter. 
In doing so the Feds discovered that Darryl had pled guilty to a state misdemeanor years before, and Darryl was given paperwork reflecting that fact. But when the case was entered into the state data-base it was incorrectly entered as a felony. Indeed, the original state paperwork after the archivist got done showed both "misdemeanor" AND "felony." 
Worse, and you would think that this wouldn't have met the smell test at the US Attorney's office, the state actually never filed information in lieu of a conviction. So, not only was he never convicted of a felony but the information of the misdemeanor was never filed. But, as Darryl relates, "the Feds said that it was up to someone higher to determine that." 
Again, let me repeat, Darryl had pled guilty to a misdemeanor not a felony and had paperwork reflecting that fact. But this clerical error was enough to give them the pretext of raiding Darryl's shop, where he had previously sold firearms from his personal collection, as a "prohibited person" doing business in firearms.
[Backwoods: "prohibited person" is language from the 1968 Gun Control Act.]
As it turns out, they raided him no more than five minutes after I left his shop, and, just minutes into the raid, they began asking him questions about me. 
They arrested him, of course, and seized the firearms on the premises. Then they went to his home and seized the rest of his collection, including weapons belonging to his wife and son. 
Darryl was advised by his attorney that he was sure the mix-up would be corrected and that "the last thing he needed was publicity." So, at Darryl's request, I remained silent. For three years, as the case wended its way through the courts, state and federal, I remained silent though it was against all my instincts. Until now, when Darryl has finally given me his permission to write about the case. Long story short, Darryl's attorney was unable to get the state to correct its mistake before the federal trial, where -- the fake felony still standing as fact -- Darryl was swiftly convicted. He is currently ordered to surrender to federal custody on 2 December.
The latest update comes from Darryl:
"The State prosecutor tried to get the State Appeals Court to dismiss our case with them. The Appeal Courts told them no, and that the lower judge had to have a ruling by Dec 3. So that is a positive sign. The Appeals Court sees merit in my case. So right now, we are trying to get a Federal extension on turning myself in."
I WEEP for my country.  My God, we're gone.  We're all gone.  It's all gone.  The rule of law, the presumption of innocence, the right to a [correct] writ of habeus corpus, the right to keep and bear arms, the Constitution itself, the Republic.

It's all gone.

The question is: what do we do now?


UPDATE: A comment at SipseySt Irregulars:
I kept waiting for the part "and then the case was dismissed." As a former prosecutor this is the most terrifying thing I have read in recent memory. 
If you came into my office and told me this story, I'd do my best to stifle a laugh and then politely explain to you that you must be mistaken. I'd say that you must have misunderstood the facts of the case and that your friend cannot be awaiting his surrender to a federal detention center due to a paperwork error. 
"Why" you'd ask and I'd say what you just described cannot happen in our system of justice. It is basically impossible and on par with our sun becoming a red giant as we meet: possible, but it's just not going to happen. As jacked up as the process is, (here I'd talk about the Reese Family) there are just too many avenues of relief built into the system to allow a person to actually be convicted under Baxter's scenario.

For one thing, no prosecutor in the US would risk their rep on such a horrendous case of open and obvious reasonable doubt. 
Moreover, no judge would let the case survive either at the pre-trial stage or a Rule 29 motion .
Finally, no jury could find beyond a reasonable doubt when the government's own evidence shows misdo and felony on the same record. 
If you continued to insist the facts are true, then I'd tell you either Baxter's attorney must be summarily disbarred and investigated for taking a bribe from the government to throw this case, or this country is currently operating Roland Freisler-style People's Courts and all hope is lost.

So Mr. Vanderboegh, please tell me you forgot to mention Baxter's attorney was arrested by the FBI for taking a bribe to throw this case so we don't have to absorb the idea that we can be arrested without a legitimate basis and then subjected to prosecution within a court that intentionally disregards all notions of justice and fair play.
Uh, negative, Ghost Rider.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In the News

...that filters into Ol' Backwoods neck of the woods...

On trial for exercising a fundamental right! In TEXAS! In TEXAS, people! IF this can happen in Texas, we
MSgt. C.J. Grisham
are definitely no longer a Constitutional Republic:

A Central Texas soldier whose case has drawn the attention of gun-rights advocates nationwide went on a trial for a second time Monday after his first misdemeanor trial ended in a hung jury.

Michelle Malkin | A brown-skinned suburban mom responds to Common Core bigot Arne Duncan

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (yes, a man; I think):
SecEd Arne Duncan

"opposition to the Common Core State Standards has come from 'white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were'..."
Replace "white" with "black" and what would the reaction be?

Yeah, you know what the reaction would be.

"Knockout Game" hits another victim in D.C.

"Mama say, 'Knock you out!'" -- rap lyric
Phoebe Connolly, a victim of the "Knockout Game," says she had no idea what was coming when she biked through a group of teens in Columbia Heights.
"Teens" means thugs from single-parent, government-destroyed black 'families'.
Screen capture from WJLA-7 video,
showing how "Knockout Game" works

And the law says you CANNOT protect yourself.  Remember, there is NO RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS in DC, in direct violation of the Supreme Court's ruling in DC v. Heller (2008), which said the right to own AND carry (bear) arms was a fundamental individual right.  

Don't believe me?  Read Emily Miller's book.  She TRIED to get a carry permit.  They wouldn't issue ANYBODY one, and she had to go through 17 steps JUST TO HAVE A GUN IN HER HOME.

These are barbarians, and they are forwarding the collapse of Western Civilization, which is long overdue.

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday after he cocked and pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, shattered a glass-top table, then pushed her out of the house and barricaded himself inside after she ordered him to move out, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.
Zimmerman, when arrested (Orlando Sentinel photo)
Zimmerman is well and truly toast this time. Domestic violence? He'll never own a gun again. And he can't afford armed protection. The gangs will hunt him down and kill him.

My question: is the 'girlfriend' in fact a Federal agent, whose mission it was to goad Zimmerman into a domestic violence charge, since the Left failed at convicting Zimmerman for defending himself?

Sarah Palin meets Rush Limbaugh

CNN photo of Limbaugh and Palin, with each other's books.
Two people the Left loves to hate. But two Ol' Backwoods likes and respects.
(CNN) -- Former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin met with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh Monday, according to a post on Palin's Facebook page. "Mega dittos from the EIB network headquarters in Florida!" the former Alaska Gov. wrote of her visit to Limbaugh's radio network.

SurvivalBlog.comLetter Re: Knob Creek... Fall 2013

Simply amazing.  A President who likes, trusts, and wants to spent time with this military, versus a Pres__ent who fears his own military.  You guess which is which.

"This Green Beret was telling me that when President Bush came to his base for Thanksgiving, he sent all the FBI and Secret Service guys over for a good time at the range not too far from the mess hall where the President was serving dinner. 

Fast forward to 2010 when the great impostor [Obama] shows up at the base he was stationed at. The bolts were taken out of every gun on the base and put under lock and key. Even the guards out front at the gates didn't have a functioning weapon."

Zimbabwe's banker: Gideon Gono

If central bankers are hired to beat inflation and safeguard the national currency, then Gideon Gono, 53, has a perverse distinction.  
On his watch at the Reserve Bank, Zimbabwe suffered inflation in the billions of per cent – and its currency was simply killed off.
When Mr Gono found it impossible to churn out ever higher denominations of banknotes – a can of Diet Coke cost 56 million Zimbabwe dollars in 2008 – he was forced to allow the US dollar as legal tender from April 2009.
This is the future of the US Dollar. Only in this case, we will be forced to take Chinese currency instead of our worthless dollar.

Ol' Backwoods is proud to be a member of such a pro-freedom organization as GRNC.

It’s settled. Blowing Rock’s Memorial Park will not be posted against lawful concealed carry, and Asheville city leaders have, however reluctantly, resolved to obey the law. These are decisive victories for GRNC in its support and defense of gun owners across the state! Many thanks go out to all of the watchful GRNC supporters, as well as the tireless GRNC volunteers, who made these victories possible. If you sent an e-mail, made a phone call, or attended a Town Council meeting, give yourself a pat on the back—you deserve it. You won!

GUN WATCH: Michigan Moves to Repeal Obsolete Gun Ban

Why gun bans have a racist past.
...What good does it do to have a law to prevent black people from obtaining handguns, if they can simply obtain a rifle or shotgun and a hacksaw, and create their own handgun in 15 minutes?    This is the reason that we have the effective ban on the ownership of short barrelled rifles and shotguns in both Michigan and federal law.  It is an obsolete holdover from a racist age before the second amendment was re-acknowledged, after the Civil War,  in U.S. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. 
The 1934 NFA was originally designed to lump handguns in with machine guns as firearms effectively banned to the general public, following England and Germany's examples.  In order to make the ban effective, a prohibition on short barrelled shotguns and rifles was inserted.  The ban on handguns was defeated by the narrow margin of one vote.  This left the orphaned ban on short barrelled rifles and shotguns, which few people owned.
It's all about disarming law-abiding blacks (not the gangs).  And the Democrat party is still considered to be the friend of the black man.  Stunning.

The Captain's Journal » Another Case Study For Carrying Guns To Church

...criminals and bad people don’t care [about gun-free zone laws]. This is yet another case study for carrying guns to church. Church as a gun free zone – whether by law or voluntarily – enables this sort of thing. We’ve discussed this before, how in Colonial days men were required to carry guns to worship. We should resurrect this practice, and crime around churches would drop to virtually nonexistent frequency.
Ol' Backwoods is so very thankful his church isn't a "gun-free zone." And if it ever becomes one, I will be worshiping somewhere else. With a sidearm. Just like the Apostles had.

cato.orgYou're Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist

The police, in general, are not your friends.

It got a lot of attention this morning when I tweeted, "You're Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist." It's been quickly retweeted dozens of times, indicating that the idea is interesting to many people.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Backwoods Engineer is Reading this Weekend

Ol' Backwoods has some reading material for yer weekend.

First, Stephen P. Halbrook's excellent bookGun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and "Enemies of the State".  Ol' Backwoods has the Kindle edition on my iPhone.

You'll want to listen to the 2nd hour of Armed American Radio this last week, where Mark Walters has Stephen Halbrook on.  This man is brilliant, and he is a shooter himself.  Most of the original source material in the book was in German (duh), and in the old German alphabet.

The publisher of the book described it thusly: link
Based on newly discovered documents from German archives, diaries, and newspapers of the time, Halbrook presents the hidden history—in a readable but well documented, scholarly manner—of how the Third Reich made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate its power. 
The book covers the historical periods of the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich leading up to World War II. The book then presents a panorama of pertinent events during World War II regarding the effects of the disarming policies. As Americans’ right to bear arms becomes increasingly challenged, it is a caution to all who debate these issues.

In the news: Colorado wants to JAIL a Fox reporter for revealing that the Aurora movie theatre murderer may have been under the influence of a state-paid psychologist prior to the murders?  And NEW YORK has better law protecting reporters than Colorado?  Judge Napolitano has a great editorial that I just linked, there.  What is HAPPENING to Colorado? It used to be a place where the Constitution was revered.

Speaking of Colorado, my friend and hero Mike Vanderboegh speaks the freedom song to some anti from Colorado:   "Can't we all just get along?" Well, ah, no.  A particularly poetic passage:
For, sooner or later, if you convince [us Constitutionalists] that [we] cannot find redress within a rigged system for the attacks on their natural, God-given, and inalienable rights to life, liberty and property that are merely codified in the Constitution (not created by it or subject to repeal), then [we] will seek redress outside of it. This is also natural, as we are Americans and we are a practical people. If the system has become so corrupt and unconstitutional as to no longer protect our rights, then we will make our own arrangements. So, as for the people who have actively worked to restrict our rights, I think this falls under the heading of the familiar Chinese admonition, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it."

Speaking of being constitutionally armed:

 21 AR Grips compared
The evolution of the AR rifle grip began not long ago when shooters realized they no longer fired their weapons using stances developed in the 1960′s. Back in the day, armorless shooters were taught to use the
Stark SE-1, one of the AR grips compared
bladed stance and a high elbow. But today, body armor and enhanced understanding of body mechanics during shooting and weapon manipulation has lead to changes in how a rifle is shouldered. Emerging doctrine now teaches us to shoot with shoulders squared up to the target and elbows tucked in for stability–and to keep from getting shot in the arm.
Ol' Backwoods shoots his AR with elbows in, and therefore likes the shallower-angled AR grips described in this article.

Oh, and by the way, most are so-called "gun-free zones."
Click to read comic
And they got Atlanta (don't be "downtown after dark") pegged, in my opinion.

Speaking of Commies, here's a 1940's comic warning about a scenario for Communist infiltration and takeover of America, that could still happen, and maybe still is.

One for our prepping audience:  How to Grow Onions on Your Windowsill:

How nice would it be to just be able to pluck fresh green onions from the soil whenever you need them? Nothing beats fresh onions for your salads, dips or soup. But how can you ensure a supply of fresh onions at hand all the time?

... I came across an image of spring onions grown vertically on the windowsill, using a common 5 Liter PET bottle, which I thought was a practical, space-saving and green way to grow onions.

Check out the article for instructions on how to build an onion planter out of a water bottle.

Glock 22c; ported barrel flash visible.
In the news from my neck of the woods, Ol' Backwoods has taken to carrying the Glock 22c openly, when going shopping and whatnot.  Had a real nice conversation with a lady in Wal-Mart who was looking for an inexpensive (<$300) deer rifle for her husband.  She was very nice and friendly, and I was the same (naturally), and gave her some advice on deer rifles and calibers.  She didn't even seem to notice the big Glock in the leather holster at my right side.

It's nice to live in a Free State.

But some morons hereabouts don't get it:

Shoppers Boycott Grocery Store Over Guns

Now, go listen to my friend Lucas at Triangle Tactical Podcast.  He's got the down-low on this story, and he's fun to listen to, to boot.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Power's Still On: Apologies and Recriminations

...false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.
-- Mark 13:22, NIV

Folks, Ol' Backwoods has an apology to tender to you, my readers, and this ain't gonna be easy.  I was taken in by the false prophets' fear mongering, and I was wrong.  The power is still on.

You see, I started out my original post on the GridEx 2 grid-down exercise as a
Grid down?  No, thank God.
rundown on what we needed to prepare for a grid-down event, and how GridEx 2 was a good opportunity for us to think that though.  That is the bulk of the post.

As an afterthought, I put a section at the beginning of the post, noting all the coincidences of civil emergency drills in the past that had the bad fortune to "go hot"; that is, an emergency event occured while the drill was happening.  Or, worse, the emergency is intentional, or even a false-flag event to throw suspicion on some other group besides the perps.

As more and more preparedness, survivalism, and to be honest, kook websites started saying that GridEx 2 was in fact going to "go hot", Ol' Backwoods was getting concerned.  With a Google Search, you can turn up hundreds of examples of websites parroting the "GridEx 2 will go hot" line.

Ol' Backwoods was going to have to travel to Noo Yawk during the drill, and going into any of the "Prison States" always gets me antsy, as I must needs go disarmed.   In late October, NatGeo ran "American Blackout", and Ol' Backwoods started to buy into the "going hot" theory.  And got a lot of people scared for nothing.

Ol' Backwoods was wrong, folks.  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

And I plan to be a lot more circumspect in the future, focusing more on preparedness as a lifestyle, and not on specific events which may or may not happen.

Tinfoil Hat Time!
But will you get an apology from the likes of Alex Jones, HelpFreeTheEarth,  NoisyRoom, or lesser-known sites like MountainRepublic?   Or the YouTube kooks?  Even some mainstream media sites? I seriously doubt it.  They will just forget all about it, and push on with posting about the next ginned-up "crisis".

There were some Web voices of reason on this drill, like The Survival Podcast (particularly this show),  Prepared Christian and The Government Rag.  The latter site had some words to live by:
Are you ready to fall away from the fake paradigm that we must live every day of our lives with the predictive programming of a new ‘threat’ coming? Does it not seem to you that these ‘perceived’ threats are never-ending? Always moved back to the next month, etc?
 Yes, we need to be prepared to take care of ourselves when the systems of support fail us temporarily.  But freaking out over some rumored 'event' that may or may not happen uses up a lot of emotional energy that is better spent on our loved ones.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Toys: Glock 22c, Lone Wolf's 40-9 Conversion Barrel & Other Tuneups

The ported Glock 22c (Thanks TFB!)
Yeah, Ol' Backwoods can't resist showin' his friends his new toy...

Why is it that Glock discontinued all their pistols that have built-in compensated barrels, and vented slides to match?

Ah, well, I got mine, and it was made just before the August discontinue date.

Sure, there ain't much difference in muzzle rise with standard .40S&W ammo, between the Glock 22 and the 22c.  But with +P and +P+ stuff, I understand the difference is very noticeable.  Ol' Backwoods plans to find out, and let y'all know how it went

My friends tell me that ported barrels aren't allowed in IPSC sanctioned matches, though local matches will let you shoot them, being happy that you showed up and paid the entry fee.

But that's OK.  The mix-and-match nature of the Glock platform, and third-party companies like Lone Wolf Distributors come to the rescue.

The 22c, the ported Glock I have, which is in .40 S&W, can easily be changed over to a non-ported pistol in the cheaper-to-shoot 9mm Parabellum caliber, with the simple addition swapout of the barrel with a Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel.  They also have a threaded version, if you've got a suppressor, which Ol' Backwoods doesn't.  Even so, Lone Wolf even has a nice flash suppressor for the threaded conversion barrel.
Lone Wolf Distributing's Conversion Barrel for G22

That Wolf conversion barrel is pretty cool-looking.  There's a picture there, for ya to take a gander at.  Wolf slightly tunes the chamber headspace so that the stock .40S&W ejector works just fine.  Folks swear up and down they have no malfunctions with the barrel.  They do recommend 9mm mags, but I hear tell of people shooting the .40 S&W mags with 9mm in them, with minimal malfunctions.  Better to be reliable, though, and get the 9mm mags.

Why buy a conversion barrel?  9mm is cheaper than .40.  Just checking for FMJ practice rounds, American Eagle is 46.5¢ per round for .40 S&W, and 41¢ per round for 9mm.  That's enough of a difference to pay for the barrel after only 1818 rounds, which is a few weekends at matches!

For even more savings, I could shoot lead, moly-coated and/or copper-washed bullets that I reload myself, as the Lone Wolf conversion barrel is broach-cut instead of Glock's polygonal rifling, which doesn't work well with non-jacketed bullets.

Another cool thing is that I can train in 9mm, a lower-recoil caliber, but carry +P loads of .40S&W, which has a marginally higher kinetic energy than even defensive 9mm rounds.  All while maintaining exactly the same feel and trigger pull as my standard carry gun.  Two weapons in one.

Ol' Backwoods is also considering some other replacement parts and add-ons for my Glock 22c.

One is a  3-1/2 lb trigger connector from Lone Wolf Distributors.  This brings the standard 5-lb Glock trigger pull down to 3.5 lb.  That's well within the pull range of single-action pistols.   It's a trigger job for $13.50.

Extended Slide Release
Meprolight Glock Night Sights
Or, how about an extended magazine release for $2.69?  And maybe an extended slide release, which is actually a Glock factory part.  Or some rubbersized grip enhancers.   Stepping up a bit, how about the Meprolight tritium-powered night sights, like the ones at right?   Or even a Streamlight TLR-3 Flashlight, which fits right on the Glock rail.  Except for night-sights and the flashlight, these add-ons are all under $20.

And, heck yeah, I want a 33-round 9mm magazine.  Just to tweak the gun grabbers.
33 Rounds of Sarah Brady Horror
These modifications and add-ons illustrate why I like the Glock: similar to the Stoner AR platform, it can be modified, mixed and matched to suit personal taste and 'philosophy of use' (to use a Nutnfancy term), while still retaining high reliability and conforming to its standard manual of arms.

UPDATE: After the break, there's a YouTube video I found (by DocTacDad) that is a side-by-side comparison of the Glock 22 (uncompensated) to the Glock 22c.  Looks like you lose about 25 fps, and 6% of the energy, to the barrel porting.  But, he estimates about a 30% reduction in muzzle flip, traded for larger sonic concussion.

Also, he has another video, which I placed below the other one, that shows a Glock 22c with the Lone Wolf 40-9 conversion barrel.  Nice to see it in action!