Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whither Duplexed Magazines in the AR-15?

So, Ol' Backwoods has to get his shooting fix, and since the gummint has my favorite shooting range shut down until the Republicans in Congress fully capitulate, I went to the gun store.

I was reading Matt Bracken the other day, speaking in praise of having a duplexed magazine as the first-out-of the-bag load for an AR-15.  I can totally see that if you need your AR-15, and need it right now, you might need 60 rounds to settle down whatever bad situation caused you to draw it in anger in the first place.    Suppressive fire allows a safe retreat.

I know he's a retired SEAL and all, and did this stuff for real, but the engineer in me didn't like the structural integrity of Matt's pencil-and-100-MPH-tape solution.  So, Ol' Backwoods plunked down $10 and bought one of these:

Mission First Tactical's M16MC Magazine Coupler
The thing I can't figure out is whether I want the magazines coupled with the cartridges going the same direction, or opposite.   Their video (below) shows same-direction.

Stay with me here.

I know it looks weird, but there is actually a case to be made for having the mags in opposite directions.  For one thing, the magazine not in the well is always on the left side, where it does not block the ejection port on the right side.  Also, my AR-15 has a dust cover over the ejection port, and it does not open all the way with the same-direction duplexed mags seated.

Yeah, you can seat one of the mags further down like it shows in the instructions and the video

On the other hand, having them seated opposite is almost SURE to get me quizzical looks and maybe disapproving comments from the Mall Ninjas down at the range.

Ah, never mind that.  Always do what works, even if it looks weird.

Like the company's name, says Mission First.

Being a ham radio guy, I do dig the Morse code at the beginning of their video.

What about y'all?  Comment if you use duplexed mags, and how you do it.

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