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Supporting Liberty: Clandestine Communications

Ol' Backwoods has been reading old papers and books from the liberty and Patriot movements in the '90's, and realizing that much of the ill that these good men and women predicted has come to pass.  So many liberties that are the birthright of Americans have been lost.

However, some things have gone well for liberty-loving Americans in the years since-- in particular, the explosive availability of firearms of militia utility after the sunset of the '94 Ban, the rise of the Tea Party movement and other symptoms of citizens being fed up with the statists, and the outright foolhardiness and arrogance of those who would subvert the Constitution and the Founders' Republic.

Dark days may still lie ahead, friends.  In the Age of the Snowden Job and the Omnivore, we must be prepared in many ways.  I invite you to learn the lessons of communicating in secret, from the old fax-machine and Xerox-machine standard, The RESISTER.  Ol' Backwoods has re-formatted the text and added subtitles and commentary.


From The RESISTER: The Official Publication of the Special Forces Underground
Volume I, Number 4. Spring 1995

Principles of Clandestine Communications

by Michael Bateman
[Edited and Annotated by The Backwoods Engineer, 2013]

   Face-to-face meetings, conducted secretly between operational personnel, are known as clandestine meetings. Such meetings are employed frequently in the field, chiefly with regard to management and administrative functions. In general, the advantages of clandestine meetings are that they:

  1. Save time;
  2. Are used as a countermeasure against some forms of eavesdropping [hello NSA!]; 
  3. Offer a measure of certainty, and 
  4. Provide a means of exercising control.
   The stress and delicacy of secret work make human contact between an agent and his handler imperative, if an operation or organization is to survive and function effectively.

Disadvantages of Clandestine Meetings

   The disadvantages of clandestine meetings reflect concerns of security. Participants may be under visual surveillance and the link between them may be discovered by direct or indirect betrayal. Accidental observation is also a consideration, as are snap searches. In cases where something physical is being passed, apprehension of the participants will provide direct evidence of clandestine activity.

Types of Clandestine Meetings

   Clandestine meetings are, for our purposes, divided into four categories:

  1. Meetings between unacquainted operatives; 
  2. Meetings between acquainted operatives; 
  3. Meetings between operatives and outsiders; 
  4. Silent meetings, or brush contacts.

Meeting Between Unacquainted Operatives

   Meetings between unacquainted operatives require secure prearranged identification signals and special briefing. The general description and distinguishing features of each operative must be established and according to operational necessity known to one or both. The security problems inherent in the meeting must be analyzed. There may be risks in permitting certain operatives the ability to extensively describe others they are to meet. There may be liabilities in denying this knowledge. The description must preclude the possibility of accidental recognition of legitimate parties who just happen to be at the meeting site.

   One approach to the problem of providing descriptions is the use of artificial description points, innocuous in themselves, which offer operatives means of recognition. This technique is sometimes called "showing the flag." Examples, which should not be confused with safety signals, described below, include the time-worn flower in a buttonhole or uniquely folded newspaper, familiar enough to readers of fiction. Artificial points are often given in lieu of physical descriptions involving height, weight, color of hair and color of eyes. They must be obvious enough to spur recognition yet common enough not to attract unwarranted notice. These points may also be made to mesh with prearranged dialogue.

   Unique objects, such as consecutively numbered currency or two halves of the same bank-note, were once used as means of identification and this practice was continued professionally as late as World War I. Experience shows, however, that this technique should not be employed due to obvious liability in case of search or arrest.


   Once initial recognition is achieved, the operatives must approach one another. At this juncture identification is made and a method often employed is that of a prearranged dialogue. This is sometimes known as use of paroles, or "secret conversation."

   For example: assume that the artificial descriptive point is a volume of Bronte.

   One operative offers, "I have never read Bronte."

   The other replies, "Do you mean Charlotte or Emily?"

   This is the first exchange. First exchanges are usually followed for safety's sake by a second exchange unrelated to the first.

   Again, by way of example: "I did not know there was a difference; as for me I am a gardener."

   The reply, "It is difficult to keep a garden in this climate."

   Such harmless dialogue must be structured to prevent accidental conversations with legitimate characters and must leave no question marks.

   Meetings between acquainted operatives obviously do not require prearranged identification signals. In every other respect they do not and should not materially differ from other types.

   Meetings between operatives and outsiders are in practice avoided but sometimes become necessary. In case where obvious risks are weighed and found to be tolerable, such meetings will be attempted subject to extensive security precautions. A classic example is the stranger who approaches a member of the Resistance, asking to join. Is he sincere, or an agent provocateur? In practice, if subsequent meetings are decided upon these will be handled by the operative first approached. The ruling assumption in such cases is that if the stranger is in fact an agent provocateur then the operative first approached is already "blown."

   The manner by which federal agencies approach underground operatives merits further attention, to serve the interests of those readers who are faced with the task of identifying individuals who have been introduced into their groups. Recent federal instructional material covering this topic reads:
"...if the objective is a group of people, the agent will have to determine how he can join them. This can be done with the assistance of an informant who is in the group or, if it is a large group with formalized membership such as a club or "wing" organization, the direct approach of applying for membership may suffice. "...if the objective is to investigate a particular violation occurring at a specific location or to acquire general intelligence information, the approach could be accomplished merely by frequenting the area and establishing the assumed role."
(U.S. Department of Treasury, Law Enforcement School)

Resistance Countermeasures

   The above, while suitable for investigations of limited scope, does not acknowledge all-important questions of resistance countermeasures. Recruits must not be fully accepted until their past and present records of family life, jobs, political activities , and close associates have been investigated and found satisfactory. The usual practice is to restrict the recruit's contact to one member of the organization and to places other than the organization's regular meeting place.

Countermeasures include:

  1. Loyalty tests, in which potential group members are subject to mock capture and interrogation;
  2. A sudden summons to meet with security personnel under ominous circumstances designed to reveal signs of nervousness;
  3. "Leaks" purporting to inform the recruit that he has been blown and is marked for execution; and
  4. A particularly effective technique involving change of meeting places. In the latter instance, potential members are kept unwitting of a change in site for a clandestine meeting at which they are expected to attend. Counter-surveillants are posted to discover if the recruit is followed, or if surveillance personnel are in place at the site prior to his arrival. Assuming the recruit passes this test, he is approached and told that the meeting is off, or alternately, informed of the new meeting site.

"Silent" Meetings

   Silent meetings, normally called brush contacts, are arguably not meetings at all. Orthodox silent meetings are conducted according to the rules of clandestine meeting practice and are normally used solely to pass something physical. Examples are exchanges of identical briefcases in a crowded airport, or the exchange of folded newspapers during a momentary pause on a park bench.

Frequency & Purpose of Clandestine Meetings

   Clandestine meetings are further categorized in terms of their frequency. There are

  1. Regular meetings,
  2. Special meetings, and 
  3. Control meetings.

   Regular meetings take place according to a prearranged schedule and frequently involve the same site or sites. Such meetings will also be supported by "fall-backs," or alternative meeting times and sites, in case the regular meeting is missed for any reason.

   Special meetings take place in response to special signals or requests, typically when the matter is of some urgency. Such meetings may or may not be supported by fall-backs.

   Control meetings are functionally a combination of both regular and special meetings and are used in instances where a communication link has been broken or lost. In such cases, the operative must come to a prearranged site at a prearranged time to re-establish contact.

Places of Conspiracy

   Another sort of control meeting involves the use of "places of conspiracy." Places of conspiracy are utilized in emergency circumstances when an operative has been isolated through the capture or compromise of his immediate superior. In this case, the operative knows to visit a predetermined site at a particular time of day, showing certain recognition signals.

   A representative of the clandestine group takes not of the time and recognition signals, and if these are correct makes the approach. Because of the representative's vulnerable position as a contact for persons in danger, he is limited to this one duty and knows little about other aspects of the organization.

   Meetings are held in the open, in public places or conveyances, under safe circumstances (safe-houses), and at a variety of other sites. Meeting sites should be selected on the basis of the ease with which counter-surveillance may be practiced. They must be manageable. Deserted areas, for example, are ideal from a counter-surveillance point of view, but assuming hostile surveillance the appearance of one operative in proximity to another in such an area may be cause for contamination.  [And in this age of satellite surveillance,deserted areas may not be ideal places of conspiracy. -- BWE]

   Granting this, more public places, such as parks, museums, parking lots, and a host of other locations are often used. Such places, unless selected with considerable care, can be unmanageable due to the volume of foot traffic and surrounding vantage points. A worthwhile practice is the selection of pre-surveyed sites where ordinary traffic and activity have been observed over a long period of time. SOE practitioners have selected convoy operators (counter-surveillants) on the basis of their familiarity with the meeting site, acting on the principle that the convoy's job will be easier if he knows the area's normal routine.

   Sites selected must actually exist,  [In the age of GPS, this is not necessarily so; the place name could be a code for a lat/lon pair --BWE]  and must be accessible to both parties at the time set for the meeting.  If audio surveillance is a factor the site should present participants with a measure of safety. Obviously the site and the cover must be closely intertwined. An example of this is use of a doctor's or dentist's office, or a motion picture theater. There must be plausible cover for every meeting and each operative must be fully aware of the details of this cover.

Clandestine Requests for Meetings

   In the case of special meetings, requests are necessary. These are accomplished in any one of several ways.

   Distinctive arrangements of objects, chalk marks, and classified advertisements have all been used to signal requests.

   A common method is the use of "wrong numbers" in telephonic communication. The requester dials, and when the line is answered, asks for "Joe," or someone else who is not at that number. This is the signal that a meeting is being requested. Upon learning that, "There's nobody by that name here," the requester asks, "Is this 555-1613?" The number is a code which gives the date, time, and place. (In our example, 5 could refer to a place, 16 could refer to a day, and 13 could refer to 1300 hours). Following this, the requester is informed he has reached a wrong number and [hangs up].  [Even in the age of the NSA hoovering up all phone calls, this one can still work. --BWE]

   If an operative discovers or suspects he is being followed to a meeting site it becomes incumbent upon him to inform his contact of impending danger. To provide for this contingency safety signals evolved. Used in addition to recognition signals, safety signals silently advise meeting participants:

  1. It is it safe to approach for the secret conversation, 
  2. If surveillance is suspected, and 
  3. If a fall-back meeting is feasible.

   To again follow our example of an operative with a volume of Bronte, let us assume the meeting is to take place in a public library. The operative is seated, and apart from serving as a recognition point, his book also becomes a safety signal. If the book is placed on his right it is safe to approach; on his left, there is danger. If the book lies open and face down this informs that a fall-back will take place.

   Vigorous, often elaborate and time consuming counter-surveillance is practiced by both participants on the way to and from meeting sites. Convoys or counter-surveillants are often used to guard participants going to and from meetings. Guards are also used in the vicinity of the site itself. Another technique frequently employed is the staggered arrival. Participants arrive separately at intervals, sometimes as long as thirty minutes or more, taking special effort to observe signs of hostile activity.


   Drops, known variously as "letter drops" are defined as a person, place, conveyance, or object used to transmit messages, money, or equipment in secrecy between operational personnel. Drops are used in both internal and external clandestine communications.

   Drops are used in preference to clandestine meetings. In general, the advantages of drops are 1) greater secrecy for communications, and 2) greater security for personnel. Use of drops can reduce the number of clandestine meetings and offer considerably more flexibility in time. There is no direct contact between parties, and assuming the drop remains inviolate, only one operative is exposed at any given moment.

   Drops may be established in depth to facilitate increased isolation of either sender or receiver, or used to create a reserve of operational necessities. They are also adaptable for use by different types of personnel, such as low-level utility operatives (cut-outs) or those with poor language skills.

   The principle disadvantage of drops is uncertainty. While loaded, materials in drops are outside the operative's immediate control. Drops are also liable to accidental or deliberate discovery with subsequent adverse manipulation, and the ravages of fire, flood, or wild animals. Extensive use of drops may also have a negative effect on management. Fewer meetings decrease the opportunities to train and evaluate agents.

   Drops are used for both long and short term storage. Long term storage is calculated in terms of days or weeks; short term in hours. When employed for the purpose of communication, drops may hold original documents or full sized copies; or, alternately, reduced reproductions on film. Film is usually undeveloped, and placed in "trapped" containers. [This is an anachronism now, though there is a modern-day analogy: "thumb" drives can be set up to look "unformatted" or "empty" on some computers, but actually contain data. --BWE]

Documents may be in cipher or clear text. As stated above, drops are also used to transmit money or supplies. Examples of the latter include weapons, medical equipment, or other technical apparatus.

Drops are of two principal types:

  1. "Live" drops, and 
  2. Dead drops.

   Live drops may be witting or unwitting, id est, they may or may not operate with knowledge of the clandestine purpose. Live drops are not encumbered by any organizational forms and do not require a special cover or camouflage. They are located in stores, restaurants, offices, or small shops such as those maintained by news stands or tobacconists. These locations provide ease of access for couriers and employ a high degree of normal, transient foot traffic.

Another form of live drop is the so-called underground mail station. Such drops may be located in safe-houses especially developed for the purpose with elaborate concealment chambers. As materials are received, housekeepers send coded signals or messages to the next link of the courier line, advising that service is necessary.

   Dead drops are categorized variously by type or location. In the former category we find

  1. Stationary drops, and 
  2. Portable drops. 
In the later category we find

  1. Urban drops, and 
  2. Rural drops. 
   Both categories admit of the mobile, or "roving" drop.

   Stationary dead drops are selected or prepared in lamp-posts, fences, behind mirrors in washrooms, and in a host of other places such as crevices in rocks of clefts in trees. Portable dead drops, also known as "concealment devices," are discarded or specially constructed objects that contain messages, documents or equipment to be passed.

   Early U.S. practitioners responsible for devising concealment devices soon discovered that the cardinal principle in producing concealment devices was that the subject of disguise be neither edible nor burnable. In such cases it is liable to be used by some casual passer-by.

   Magnetic key-boxes, used to hide a duplicate key beneath an automobile bumper, are often used as portable drops.

   Mobile drops are located in conveyances, popularly the lavatories on trains, buses, or aircraft.

   Urban drops are those located in public or otherwise freely accessible places and are typically used for extremely short term transmittals. Rural drops, as the term implies, are located in rustic or rural places. Rural drops are used for either short or long term transmittals.

Advisory Signals

   Advisory signals and indicators are used to express:

  1. What particular drop is to be serviced, 
  2. Safety or danger, 
  3. A drop is loaded, and 
  4. A drop is unloaded.

   In common practice, operatives assigned to service drops will do so in response to signaled requests. This signal will usually indicate which drop is loaded, and be supported by a safety/danger signal.

   We note parenthetically that absence of a safety signal is regarded as a danger signal. Proceeding to the area of the drop, the operative will practice diligent counter-surveillance. If the operative is confident of security the drop will be quickly unloaded. He will then make a signal to this effect supported by another safety/danger signal. Safety/danger signals are always made on return journeys, after counter-surveillance has been practiced going to and coming from the drop site.

Safety & Danger Signals

Generally, signals can be divided into five categories, as follows:

  1. Graphic. Chalk marks expressing numbers, letters, or designs; notices appearing in the classified section of a newspaper, postcards, or other forms of correspondence.
  2. Object. Any small object, such as a flower-pot, or arrangement of an object, such as a window shade. The object may be used independently or tangentially; that is, the object and its position may both hold significance.
  3. Light. Ordinary flashlights, automobile headlights, or infrared light.
  4. Sound. Radio transmissions, telephone calls, distinctive rings on door buzzers.
  5. Personal. Articles of clothing, or objects carried. Certain signals or combinations may be used solely in conjunction with specific activities. Graphic and object signals, for example, may be used with dead drops. Light and sound signals with some other activity.

Knish: Cargo Cult vs. Real Engineering: Why Failed

Ol' Backwoods reads Daniel Greenfield down yonder at the Sultan Knish blog a good bit.  I don't know if Mr. Greenfield is an engineer, but he understands that it is about, and why the boobs who created don't get it.  Read the whole article, but this is the really good part, from my perspective as an engineer:
   Competence is built on the unhappy understanding that things won't work because you want them to, they won't work if you go through the motions, they will only work if you understand how a thing works and then make it work by building it, by testing it and by expecting failure every step of the way and wrestling with the problem until you get it right. 
   That's modernity. It isn't glamorous. You can see it in black and white photos of men working on old planes. You can see it in the eyes of the astronauts who first went to the moon. You can read it in the workings of the men who built the longest suspension bridges, laid undersea cables and watched their world change. They were moderns and their time is done. They have left behind savages with cell phones who make decent tinkerers, but whose ability to collaborate falls apart in large groups.  
   The difference between savages and civilized men isn't that savages are dumb and civilized people are smart. Savages can individually be quite clever within their parameters and civilized folk can be quite stupid. It's the ability to extend that intelligence in groups that makes for a civilization.
   Savages cannot work together. They can fantasize, but they can't build anything bigger than a small group can manage. Savages are warriors, but not soldiers, they are tinkerers, not engineers, they are inventors, not scientists, they cannot work together on a large scale and thereby push past their own limitations as a culture and grow. They may have individual geniuses, but they cannot pass on what they learn. 
   We have not yet been reduced to savagery, but our incompetence increases in large groups to such a staggering extent that it often seems not to be worth the trouble. Individual geniuses can occasionally carry large groups on their shoulders, micromanaging them, terrorizing them and motivating them, the way that tribal chieftains do, but without that singular personality the whole thing collapses. 
   The United States government is the ultimate giant unworkable mess. It is a living cargo cult where everyone marches around following routines that are supposed to yield great prosperity, but never do. The processes themselves are broken and make no sense, but the cargo culters of the government cannot and will not hear that. They know that the government will magically make everything work. ...

   The cargo culters on the islands, who once witnessed the might and power of the American military during WW2 make American flags and uniforms, they build airstrips and wooden control towers, and wait for the planes to land and make them rich. They don't understand why these things should work, but they do them anyway because that is how they remember it happening. 
   Our own cargo culters invoke FDR and JFK, they talk about the New Deal and the Great Society, they make grand promises and roll out big programs, and then they wait for it all to work. They don't understand themselves how or why it would work. But government is magic and the appearance of a thing is just as good as a real deal. 
   Build a website and it will work. Pass a law and they will come. Get a degree and you're competent. 
   There is no need to know how to do a thing. You don't need engineers or competent men. All you need to do is remember the great dreams of the past, listen to a few inspirational JFK speeches and then carve a computer out of wood and wait for free health care to arrive.
   In cargo cult America, the food is free, the cell phones are free and the money can be printed forever because government is magic.

The incompetence of the Federal government and its devotees is the second greatest hope America has at this point.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Grid Down: What if the "Drill" was the "Event"? II

UPDATE: Ol' Backwoods was wrong on this one, folks.  Power is still on as of 11/15/13.  Sorry about that.  I will try to be more circumspect about these kinds of things in the future.

Riddle me this...

Screenshots of NatGeo's American Blackout site 

You gotta love the "NRA Tea Partier" with his knife to the guy's throat.
Of course, we gun owners are portrayed as the bad guys.
From my earlier article on this subject:
Remember the Boston terrorist attack in April? The one where they imposed what was essentially martial law on an entire US city, without a single court order?

That event occurred during what was supposed to be a "terrorist drill". All the players were in place: feds, local law enforcement, SWAT teams, the whole smash. Then, conveniently, a terror attack occurs at the Boston Marathon
Boy, what a coincidence. Did y'all know that on 9/11/01 there was a "drill" happening on the logistics of intercepting hijacked passenger jets? How convenient. 
Well, guess what? We have another "drill" coming up on November 13, this time to simulate the power grid going down for months. Wonder what will happen during this "drill" ?
From the NY Times:
...thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, FBI. anti-terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyber-attacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. 
They will practice for a crisis unlike anything the real grid has ever seen, and more than 150 companies and organizations have signed up to participate. 
“This is different from a hurricane that hits X, Y and Z counties in the Southeast and they have a loss of power for three or four days,” said the official in charge of the drill, Brian M. Harrell of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC. “We really want to go beyond that.” 
One goal of the drill, called GridEx II, is to explore how governments would react as the loss of the grid crippled the supply chain for everyday necessities....A National Academy of Sciences report last year said that terrorists could cause broad hardship for months with physical attacks on hard-to-replace components.
Riddle me this: what if, while all these federal and state officials are in the mindset of a grid-down situation, and all the SWAT teams and FEMA officials are geared up and ready, what if an ACTUAL grid-down even occurs? And further, what if it is intentional?
If you wanted a way to kill the two birds: 1) get rid of government dependents, and 2) take control of the country and its resources via martial law, a grid-down event is made to order.
And, as a bonus, gentle readers, I will have to be traveling in the New York City vicinity while GridEx II is going on.

How do you love that?

All my preps for naught because I will be far from home, via a cattle-car commercial airline flight, in the middle of feral humanity, most of whom probably don't even own a flashlight.  And where just-in-time food inventory has been shown to fail in the last storm.

Having faith doesn't mean trouble doesn't overtake you.  This verse seems tailor-made for a grid-down event:
The great day of the Lord is near— near and coming quickly... That day will be a day of wrath— a day of distress and anguish, a day of trouble and ruin, a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness— “I will bring such distress on all people that they will grope about like those who are blind, because they have sinned against the Lord. Their blood will be poured out like dust and their entrails like dung. (Zephaniah 1:14, 15, 17 NIV)
The trailer and the full program (YouTube) are after the break.

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The Will-Nots vs. the Can-Nots

Blue nails it:
We are in no way obligated, morally or otherwise, as A People, to take care of those who will not take care of themselves. Those who depend upon someone stealing from you and me in order that they may live are the immoral ones. Each of us has a moral obligation to take care of ourselves, whether as individuals or as groups that we voluntarily associate ourselves with. Individuals may feel an obligation or desire to take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves, but it is not the obligation of The People as a whole. We were wrong to allow such an environment to be created. We are wrong to allow it to continue. On the other hand, to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, through no fault of their own, is an entirely different matter. Do not allow yourself to be confused by the two very different issues.
Yep.  Preach it, brother.

Emphasis provided by Ol' Backwoods.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

SHTF Report

A mix of links and commentary on the sorry state of the United States of America.

Two Models of Modern Murder

The first model, which I call the "Progressive Elite" model... The second model, which I call the "Trust the People" model, holds that the vast majority of criminal homicides are committed by a tiny fraction of society, that they are easily identified by their past history of violence, cultural set, and lack of civilized values and discipline instilled by a stable home life.
Guess which model gun control laws are based on?   And guess which model is endemic to the federal government?  One and the same, people.

About some survival myths

Selco has been there, done that in a social and economic collapse in Bosnia.  He knows.  Learn from him.  This piece made me both laugh and cry.

Who Will Protect You from the Police? The Rise of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions

Consider, for example, the sad scenario that played out when a SWAT team kicked open the door of ex-Marine Jose Guerena’s home during a drug raid and opened fire. Thinking his home was being invaded by criminals, Guerena told his wife and child to hide in a closet, grabbed a gun and waited in the hallway to confront the intruders. He never fired his weapon. In fact, the safety was still on his gun when he was killed. The SWAT officers, however, not as restrained, fired 70 rounds of ammunition at Guerena—23 of those bullets made contact. Guerena had had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home.
Who will save you from these jack-booted thugs? The answer is: nobody.  If you shoot back, you will surely be killed.   If you don't shoot back, you are likely to be killed anyway.
Best thing to do is not to live in the cities, where most of these occur.

MILLER: D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing

These are the laws the Democrats and Communists (what's the diff?) want nationwide: registration of ALL guns and ammo, and if you are caught with even ONE PIECE of fired brass, instant felony.   Dear God, please take me out of this world before America becomes like DC.

Virginia's online classes make it easy for out-of-state gun owners to get permits

Yes, it's an older article, but with state after state dropping reciprocity, it's hard to know which concealed carry permit to get.  I will be getting a VA nonresident permit.

The International Monetary Fund Lays The Groundwork For Global Wealth Confiscation

Yep.  Suck it up, slaves.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be an American Patriot; Take the Oath

Take the Oath along with this 90-year-old WWII vet (time index 6:50).  Don't do it unless you mean it.

"I, [insert name] do solemnly [swear or affirm] to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.  I take this Oath freely, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion, pledging my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor, so help me God."

More from my other hero, Mike Vanderboegh from Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Whither Duplexed Magazines in the AR-15?

So, Ol' Backwoods has to get his shooting fix, and since the gummint has my favorite shooting range shut down until the Republicans in Congress fully capitulate, I went to the gun store.

I was reading Matt Bracken the other day, speaking in praise of having a duplexed magazine as the first-out-of the-bag load for an AR-15.  I can totally see that if you need your AR-15, and need it right now, you might need 60 rounds to settle down whatever bad situation caused you to draw it in anger in the first place.    Suppressive fire allows a safe retreat.

I know he's a retired SEAL and all, and did this stuff for real, but the engineer in me didn't like the structural integrity of Matt's pencil-and-100-MPH-tape solution.  So, Ol' Backwoods plunked down $10 and bought one of these:

Mission First Tactical's M16MC Magazine Coupler
The thing I can't figure out is whether I want the magazines coupled with the cartridges going the same direction, or opposite.   Their video (below) shows same-direction.

Stay with me here.

I know it looks weird, but there is actually a case to be made for having the mags in opposite directions.  For one thing, the magazine not in the well is always on the left side, where it does not block the ejection port on the right side.  Also, my AR-15 has a dust cover over the ejection port, and it does not open all the way with the same-direction duplexed mags seated.

Yeah, you can seat one of the mags further down like it shows in the instructions and the video

On the other hand, having them seated opposite is almost SURE to get me quizzical looks and maybe disapproving comments from the Mall Ninjas down at the range.

Ah, never mind that.  Always do what works, even if it looks weird.

Like the company's name, says Mission First.

Being a ham radio guy, I do dig the Morse code at the beginning of their video.

What about y'all?  Comment if you use duplexed mags, and how you do it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

If a Government Shutdown Falls In the Forest, And No American Is There to Hear it...

I really wanted to go shooting this morning, at the very nice Uchee Shooting Range at the Tuskeegee National Forest near Auburn, Alabama.  I have some new .223 loads I am just dying to try out.

But no.  King Barry has decreed that there will be no recreating, and has erected his Barrycades, along with His Royal Decree.  The gate was closed and locked, too.

The roads in the Tuskeegee National Forest were open, as reported in the MSM, so I assumed the shooting range would be.  I stopped by the Torch85 Truck Stop, as was my custom, to pay my $3 Federal User Fee and get a government-stamped piece of paper, that has never before been checked by a ranger in all the uncounted times I have been shooting there.  

The clerk at the store told me that the Forest Rangers told them not to sell any user fee slips, because the shooting range was closed because of the government shutdown.  But he also said, with a wink, the people who check the slips aren't going to be there today.

I decided to go in anyway, and got the picture you see above.

I saw people riding horses and jogging in the King's Forest Tuskeegee National Forest, right next to the shooting range.  Apparently, those forms of recreation are acceptable, but shooting eeeeevil assault rifle-shotgun-pistols is not.  

And again, I have never seen a ranger at the shooting range in all the times I have gone, so it's apparent that we can manage ourselves at the range.  

Your government at work, restricting the commons.

I and millions of other Americas are getting really, really sick of this crap, and we are not blaming the Republicans.  In 1995, Bill Clinton's executive branch experienced a shutdown, and I wasn't barricaded from going shooting or hunting in National Forests then.

No, this is ALL Obama.  And his minions.  And most likely, Valerie Jarret.

The question is, do I crash the Barrycades and go shooting anyway?  Would an arrest and conviction for crashing Barrycades in a National Forest really hold up?

Given the experiences of David Olofson, and what the ATF did to him, I have to admit to having 2nd thoughts. 

I'm not a 90-year-old WWII vet with nothing to lose.

Comments invited.

(Title is a hat tip to the inimitable Mark Steyn.)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BRACKEN: Will Obama Stop the Music This November?

My friend Matt Bracken sends.  Commentary post to come tonight. --Backwoods.
By the way, Brandon Smith at AltMarket sees a similar, though perhaps less dramatic outcome.
Ol' Backwoods has conjectured similar timing, as well, with slightly different stimuli.
If you haven't read it, you need to go back and read Bracken's previous essay, which he references here.

Will Obama Stop the Music This November?

Matt Bracken,
former Navy SEAL
and author.
The current “shutdown” of 17% of the federal government has primed America for chaos with constant left-wing rhetoric and news media reports couched in apocalyptic terms such as crisis, brink, catastrophe, hostage, arsonist and terrorist. But a catastrophe is useful to a would-be tyrant only as long as it can be blamed on a hated enemy. In 1933 Hitler’s agents burned the Reichstag, not just to sow fear and confusion, but primarily in order to charge his Communist enemies with treason as an excuse to obliterate them. The German “mainstream media” dutifully parroted the Nazi Party line, without investigating the true source of the arson. 

A similar pattern of scapegoating has been followed in the United States throughout the term of President Obama. For example, leading Democrats and their shills in the mainstream media have long been salivating at the prospect of a “Tea Party” conservative going on a violent rampage. We saw this in Tucson immediately after the Gabby Giffords shooting, after the Aurora, Colorado, theater attack, and after the recent Washington Navy Yard shooting, when Democrats and their media allies rushed to blame “Tea Party terrorists” in early reports based upon zero evidence. As far as we know, all of these attacks were carried out by deranged individuals following the orders of inner demons, but still the left hopes for a violent response by right-wing “bitter clingers,” so named by President Obama himself during a private fund raiser. 

The current “government shutdown” seems to be designed to provoke a violent right-wing reaction. War memorials have been barricaded, even iconic national parks such as those at Valley Forge, Yellowstone, and Mount Rushmore have been closed to the American public that purportedly owns them and undoubtedly funds them. At Yellowstone, senior citizens and foreign tourists have been rousted from paid private hotel rooms by armed federal agents and forcibly bused out of the park. Around the closed Mount Rushmore National Park, cones have been set along public highways to prevent tourists even from stopping to take photographs. Meanwhile, a demonstration on the otherwise “closed” National Mall by illegal aliens demanding amnesty was welcomed by the Obama administration with open arms. 

In my opinion, the intention of these selected park closures is not only to inflict psychological pain upon the administration’s perceived “enemies” but to provoke a violent response by fed-up Constitutional conservatives. Thus far, none has risen to the bait; so what will the regime do next? I believe that President Obama may be planning to up the ante by orders of magnitude. How might this happen? The “government shutdown” over the continuing resolution bill has turned on the Democrats’ demand for a “clean” CR, but the real battle will come next week when the national debt limit is reached. 

What will happen if President Obama and the Democrats in Congress demand a “clean” debt extension, with no upper limits and no attached conditions, just as they have demanded a “clean CR” to fund current government operations? In the battle over the debt limit extension, either the Republicans will fold and accede to Democrat demands for infinite debt, or they will stand their ground just as they have over the CR. If the Republicans refuse to grant Obama an unlimited debt extension, he may play the final card required to send the United States into such violent turmoil that he will be able to declare a state of emergency and rule by decree under the National Emergencies Act. 

How would such horrible conditions be created that President Obama might be able to justify seizing emergency power? By cutting off all federal entitlement payments while claiming that he cannot continue them without a debt extension, secure in the knowledge that the mainstream media will continue to dutifully serve as his propaganda arm, blaming recalcitrant Republicans for all of the negative consequences. 

While senior citizens on Social Security and other federal pension plan recipients may not immediately take to the streets, going on violent rampages of rioting, looting and burning, there is a segment of our population that will do exactly that: many of the 50 million Americans who today literally put the food on their tables by using an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. While the states administer their individual EBT programs, most of the money comes from the federal government. Please read my previous essay “When the music stops: how America’s cities may explode in violence” to understand the tremendous risk that will accompany a cutoff—even briefly—of EBT payments. 

The fact that thousands of Americans might be injured or killed during the nationwide riots that would follow the looting of supermarkets and delivery trucks will not be a moral impediment to the architects of Operation Fast and Furious. You will recall that this infamous “law enforcement operation” resulted in the murders of hundreds of innocent Mexicans and at least two U.S. federal agents by untracked firearms supplied directly to the Mexican drug cartels by our own federal “law enforcement” agencies. With Operation Fast and Furious (“gun control under the radar” in Obama’s own words), this administration has already crossed the mass-murder-for-political-ends Rubicon—and the mainstream media cooperated in the cover-up. 

A lifelong Marxist revolutionary who has caused hundreds to be murdered in an attempt at political gain on gun control is not likely to blanch at the prospect of thousands dying in bloody food riots when the stakes are incalculably higher. If “the music stops” and our cities burn, Obama may grasp the opportunity to declare a state of emergency and seize dictatorial powers from the fire and ashes. Those who resist his rule by emergency decree will be declared to be “Tea Party terrorists” by Democrat leaders and their captive media, and we may finally see why the Department of Homeland Security has been purchasing those billions of hollow-point bullets, UAV drones, and armored vehicles. 

If this is their calculation, it is a diabolical plan indeed. But a plan to ride a tiger is not the same as riding the tiger. Permanent rule by emergency decree may not be as simple to accomplish as would-be left-wing tyrants believe. Millions of Americans will not be fooled by the deliberately instigated torching of our cities and will not go quietly into the night of Marxist tyranny.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's Hittin' The Fan! II




Well, the incendiary language coming out of the Democrats ("Politics have reached Civil War levels!" "Republicans are Terrorists!") was bound to rile somebody up.  Looks like it might have been the DC Police and the Secret Service that got riled up, instead of the not-scary WWII Honor Vets that had Obama quaking in his flip-flops.  Or, maybe it was the dental hygenist from Connecticut.  In any case, bad things went down in DC today.

Here's my theory, from what I can gather:

A 34-year-old black woman, Miriam Carey, with a 2-year-old baby girl, an unemployed dental hygenist of Somali descent from Stamford Connecticut, who had been hospitalized for depression, had some words with a Secret Service agent at the Treasury entrance.  Who knows what she was doing there.  She may have who mouthed off to the cops, or perhaps her adult passenger (where is he now?) did.  Some say she tried to go through the security barrier, but I see no evidence of that on the front of her car.

Anyway, somewhere near 15th and Pennsylvania, 6+ cops surrounded her car with
Possibly the victim
or maybe the perp
guns drawn, about 6 feet away.   I figure the cops started yelling at the woman.  They're already freaked out and hopped up, maybe by the 'riods they're probably taking, or maybe the 
Capital Shield 2014 drill that's going on.  The woman maybe yelled incomprehensible things back at the cops.  Typical auditory exclusion, no communication.

About then, she freaked out, backed up and maybe T-boned a Capitol Police Car.  Then, she shoved it into Drive and bolted.

The woman bugging out made the cops go nuts, like hornets out of a nest.  Maybe some idiot Secret Service agent that had his booger hook on the bang switch had a negligent discharge and shot at her, a sympathetic nerve reaction. Then, a bunch of the cops start shooting at the fleeing car, with complete disregard for what was behind it, or who was in it.  

One of the moron cops hit a "pop-up" stanchion barrier near First Street and Independence Avenue, upending his car, and freaking the other cops out even more.  There may have been another stop here, as some outlets are reporting two 'crime scenes' (though we don't know that she wasn't just an innocent victim of government violence).
Captain Riker joins the House of Representatives
in applauding the moron Capitol police.

Meanwhile, the woman bolted, as 20+ Capitol Police cars picked up the chase.  The Keystone Cops followed like maniacs, around and around the traffic circle, and then they maneuvered her into the Barrycades, and then gunned her down in cold blood.  

Nice work, Capitol Police and Secret Service.    What a tragedy.

Pretty hard to blame that on the TEA Party.

Sounds more and more like the Keystone-Kops-type event in Miami in 1986, the shootout between the FBI and Platt & Mattix, except this woman wasn't shooting.

It is a God's honest miracle that the little girl wasn't killed.  That, and the fact that these Keystone Kops can't shoot worth a flip.

And it looks like the woman didn't even have a gun.  They are going to have to "snowflake" her, and drop an "unregistered weapon" in the car to make this look all better for Emperor Zero.  And a copy of “The Turner Diaries.” You just wait until tonight.  MSNBC and Piers Morgan on CNN will be caterwauling, "She had a GLOCK AK-15 AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN RIFLE PISTOL CARBINE OF DOOM!  In a SACRED GUN FREE ZONE!"


Turn the sound down so you won't be distracted by the yammering talking heads who know nothing at this point.

There was a YouTube video, but it's been yanked.

A wag on Free Republic quipped that they are clearing her history of Obama-supporting blogs, campaigning, etc.  I would not be surprised one bit.

Via ABC News:
Woman tried to ram White House gates: 
Media reports say that the incident started when a woman attempted to crash her car through the barriers in front of the White House along Pennsylvania Avenue. Shots were exchanged with police and a car chase took events to Capitol Hill.
UPDATEThe cop crashed the Barrycade, and didn't get shot at all!
Secret Service pursued a suspect from the White House to the Capitol. One agent in a marked Secret Service vehicle was injured when the car in which he was chasing the suspect was upended by one of the Capitol's electronic barricades as it rose out of the ground. 

A Capitol Police officer, who was initially reported shot, was later found to have also been injured in a traffic accident involving a moving barricade.
Nice work, moron.

UPDATE: Who knew THIS was going on?
Capital Shield 2014 is a joint training exercise in the National Capital Region, or NCR, that runs from Sept. 30 thru Oct. 3. first responders to train in nation's capital.
The drill is the event  again?  So, the cops were all jazzed up about this, and then shot some lady who was turning around?

UPDATE from Free Republic:  The little orphaned black girl.  The poor thing.  Lost her mommy now, as a result of a government hit job.

Little black girl, orphaned by government hit job

UPDATE 4:29EDT: It's an Infiniti with Connecticut plates (photo from Free Republic)

There also appears to be a Capitol-area parking sticker on the windshield, so maybe she was a furloughed Obama minion. 

From a Tweet: "Female suspect has no ID on her Vehicle leased with out of state tags"

@GlennThrush Hey journos: Nobody rammed the WH “gates” — the car hit a stanchion a block beyond the security perimeter3:27 PM - 3 Oct 2013

UPDATE 6:05EDT:  The DailyMail UK is saying she was a 34-year old dental hygenist from Stamford, Connecticut.  Real dangerous, them terrorist hygenists.

NY Post says the woman's name was Miriam Carey.

UPDATE 6:22EDT: Looks like the police are already telling the media there was a "gunman".  Bull crap.  Those cops did all the shooting.

Several people on Free Republic have been talking about the coincidence of Ms. Carey being of Somali descent, coupled with the fact that today's the 20th anniversary of Black Hawk Down (Mogadishu, Somalia), and add that the US-government-funded al Hurrah TV station just happening to be on the scene.  Spooky, dudes.

UPDATE 10/4 12:13EDT:

UK Mail Online: 'She thought President Obama was stalking her': Dental hygienist shot dead after ramming her car into the White House 'suffered delusions due to postpartum depression

CYA maneuver. The FedGov has to find a way to explain why they gunned down a young mother in cold blood yesterday.  Answer: say she's a kook who thought Obama was out to get her.  Implying, she's just like all the other TEA Party kooks.  They're saying it without coming out and saying it, by bringing Emperor Zero into it.

Source: Schizophrenia meds found at home of Miriam Carey after Capitol chase
I think this is pretty close to what happened:
Thursday's drama began around 2 p.m., when the woman steered a black Infiniti near the White House, a U.S. Secret Service source said. She drove up to a barrier at the 15th and E street checkpoint and was approached by Secret Service officers. She hurriedly made an erratic three-point turn, striking the barrier and backing into an officer before driving away, the source told CNN.
Police said the car sped down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol, where security vehicles stopped it at Garfield Circle.
The woman slammed the car into reverse, crashing into a police cruiser, and tried to get away. At that point officers began firing, a witness said.
Dramatic video footage by a videographer for Alhurra TV... showed the black vehicle then speeding around a nearby traffic circle with a police car in close pursuit and then heading away. The car crashed into more security barriers a few blocks later, witnesses said.
More shots were fired after the vehicle stopped, and the woman was hit several times, said Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier. Carey was later pronounced dead, Lanier said. Two officers were injured.
A Capitol Police officer whose vehicle crashed during the chase was hurt, authorities said. The officer was released from a hospital Thursday night. The Secret Service did not release information about its injured agent.

Washington Post:  Driver killed after car chase from White House to Capitol

I think this is about right:
It began with something not that unusual — a driver with out-of-state plates turning into a blocked entry near the White House. 
It quickly became something else. 
“Whoa! Whoa!,” Secret Service officers were shouting at the car, according to a witness, Shawn Joseph, 29. “It looked liked [the driver was] scared or lost. I thought they might have been a tourist.”

I think this part is bullcrap:

But then, witnesses said, officers tried to place a barrier in front of the car. The driver swerved. The officers moved the barrier. She hit it, and a Secret Service officer was thrown up on the hood and then off the car.
Yeah, buddy.  I bet he was.  NOT.

The story continues:
The officer was not badly hurt. The driver sped east and was stopped by police at a small traffic circle at the foot of Capitol Hill. There, video shot by the U.S.-funded Arabic TV station Alhurra shows officers with guns pointed at the car. The driver took off. 
“I thought it was a motorcade,” said Ryan Christiansen, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, when he saw the black car trailed by police cars with sirens wailing. Then, Christiansen said, the car “was pulling away, and somewhere between six and eight shots were fired,” he said.
Interactive map
Despite the shots, the driver continued. She went around another traffic circle and then up Constitution Avenue toward the peak of Capitol Hill.
Up there, 46-year-old tourist Edmund Ofori-Attah was walking toward the Hart building to ask if it was open for tours. With most of Washington’s top attractions shut down, touring an office building sounded better than nothing. 
Then he saw a black car whiz past. It abruptly turned left, as if to make a U-turn, and lodged itself on a grassy divide.

“That’s where it got pinned,” he said. “At that point, we heard five to six rounds of gunfire and my wife and I dropped to the ground. We were hoping not to get in the way of a stray bullet — we just lay down as low as possible. We even smelled the gunpowder in the air.”
The final shots were fired on that median. Police said they were not sure how many officers had fired or how many times the woman was shot.
And, they also can't come up with a reason WHY they shot her.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Hittin' The Fan!

Yes, folks, the bovine excrement is on a direct trajectory for the rotary oscillator's fanblades.  The Obamatrons put up more FedGov barricades in front of the WWII Memorial this morning, knowing full well that a group of Honor Flight Vets from Kansas were on the way.  Hilarity ensued.


"Essential" Government Employee
After the WWII vets (and even a National Park cop) crashed the barricades yesterday at the privately-funded WWII Memorial in Washington, DC, and even threatened to arrest them, the Community-Organizer-in-Chief decided to make vets even more mad by piling up more barricades and putting up more signs.

Many of these vets are in their mid to late 80's.  You don't want to get into a fight with someone who has nothing to lose.  He might just have one more Battle of the Bulge left in him.

Why was this memorial barricaded, other than to give traditional Americans the royal middle finger?  It's privately funded, and open 24 hours a day normally:
National WWII Memorial
The National World War II Memorial was funded almost entirely by private contributions, as specified in Public Law 103-32. The campaign received more than $197 million in cash and pledges. Support came from hundreds of thousands of individual Americans, hundreds of corporations and foundations, veterans groups, dozens of civic, fraternal and professional organizations, states and one territory, and students in 1,200 schools across the country. 
This is the question that Republican federal Representatives are asking, too.
A good one from Free Republic article linked above.

Free Republic: "Rep. Louie Gohmert on Fox News just now saying he is heading this minute to the WWII Memorial to help lead a Congressional "inspection" of the memorial aided by WWII experts: Honor Flight vets from Kansas."
Outstanding. I am praying for a showdown.  The optics of this, out in the heartland, are very bad for Obama, but he is too dense to understand what "bitter clingers" like me are thinking.

UPDATE: we got a showdown, all right.

From the Twitter feed of DC journalist Benny Johnson:
Two park rangers now guarding the gate saying "we are here to protect the memorial and the resources." ... Park ranger will not answer questions about arresting vets, says "that is an enforcement issue."
Hey, if these vets get too outta hand, he might go all Bonus Army on 'em, and deploy the cleanup crew... or just pop 'em Boca Raton style.

UPDATE: WWII Honor Flight vet now in charge of admittance, per Ben Johnson.

Moe Lane at Red State via Sister Toldjah:
Never forget this moment. This is how Barack Obama acts, when challenged or resisted. He acts ugly, and mean-spirited, and shabby.
Yep.  So what else is new?  On with the rest of the news of the day.

US Special Ops 'Much Scarier' since 2001

Yeah, there's a lot of "Boooosh" bashing in this article, but a lot of it is deserved.
Unlike the Green Berets, JSOC was not in the country to win any hearts and minds. O
Cartoon from Arizona Daily Star via Newsbusters
nce JSOC took charge, the mission would no longer resemble anthropology. It was to be a manhunt, at times an assassination machine.
I guarantee you, the federal police are being trained to be the same thing: assassins.  Otherwise, why all the guns and billions of rounds of ammunition for previously-innocuous federal agencies such as NASA (!), the Social Security Administration, and the EPA?

Just like 'Bammy said to the bitter clingers back in 2008,
From my friend Matt Bracken
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've gotta have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
And let's not forget Full-Spectrum Operations in the Heartland:
The Department of Homeland Security responds to the governor’s request by asking for defense support to civil law enforcement. After the Department of Justice states that the conditions in Darlington and surrounding areas meet the conditions necessary to invoke the Insurrection Act, the President invokes it.
It's just a matter of time.  Get out of these hives of government control.

But even if you live away from the cities, where the craziness will begin if TSHTF, the FedGov monster will freeze you out:

Universal Wood Stove Ban 

Come and take mine, EPA.