Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Dozen Years Ago, When America's Fall Began...

My darling daughter,

This morning was a beautiful, blue-sky September morning. It stirred strong memories of another beautiful morning, a dozen years ago.

I was going to work that morning, and for once, I was close to being on-time. I was listening to the radio in the car. Your mom was getting you ready for kindergarten. You were really too young to understand what was happening.

At 8:46:30 AM, all hell broke loose. An airliner had crashed into

the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing all aboard, and spewing a gout of flame from the impact-ignited jet fuel. It was just another airplane crash, right?

When I got to work, I was listening to talk radio. They broke in and said, "a 2nd plane has hit the World Trade Center!"   At 9:03 AM, another plane had crashed into the South Tower.

The first time is accident; the 2nd is enemy action.  The first words out of my mouth were, "Bin Laden." I knew al Qaeda Muslim terrorists had done it.   That 2nd hit to the same site was no accident.

My daughter, you cannot imagine the fearfulness of those first few hours. Even now, I still feel it.  The fear for those people, trapped in the burning towers, the horror of seeing them leaping to their deaths. The Twin Towering infernos. The falling debris in New York, and the people walking across the bridges to escape from Manhattan Island. The 3rd plane, crashing somewhere in Pennsylvania. A 4th plane, smashing into the Pentagon.  In the heartland, we were hearing snatches of news, none of it enough to fill in the full picture, but all of it horrific.

The whole country was bracing for another airliner to hit in another city. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a "Ground Stop", ordering all planes to the ground, under threat of shoot-down. Living near an international airport at the time, we had never heard such an eerie silence as when there were no planes going overhead, as they had done dozens of times daily for years, decades. It was like the world ended.

Years went by. Changes.

With Americans clamoring for justice, and maybe payback, we hit suspected al Qaeda strongholds in Afghanistan. Then, we invaded Iraq, on the theory that the terrorists training at Salman Pak to hijack airliners, and terrorists gathering weapons of mass destruction at other places had to have been supported by Saddam Hussein.

By the way, our President's middle name is Hussein now.

The federal and state governments used the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to gain more and more power, and the fear-mongering, big-city media helped them. Before 9/11, I used to fly on airliners a lot. Now, I avoid it when I can, as I can't carry my favorite pocket knife on board, and people are sexually assaulted by brown-shirted federal thugs before boarding a plane. The federal government can now do worse things-- in the name of searching for terrorists-- than anybody in America ever imagined.

Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections are about gone. In the name of "bringing terrorists to justice," the sickeningly-named "Patriot Acts" were passed, that gave federal and state governments unprecedented and unconstitutional powers. Any person, anywhere, can be stopped by police, and if they find any significant amount of cash on or about your person, the police seize it-- "legally." You can be put on a "no-fly list" without warning, or explanation. If you get on such a list, in some states, you cannot own a gun, ever again. There are secret courts now in America where you can be tried, convicted and executed without anybody ever hearing what happened to you.

I miss America.

Earlier this year, they shut down almost the entire city of Boston, and forced peaceable Americans from their homes at gunpoint, looking for one teenaged terrorist who set a bomb at the Boston

Marathon. No warrants, no respect of rights, just body-armored, automatic-carbine-carrying jackbooted thugs treating people like animals. The police never found the pint-sized terrorist, by the way; an American citizen did.


The federal government was not the only entity gaining power over the American people during those years; Muslims gained power in America, too. The federal government refused to name the forces we were fighting -- Muslims who take the Koran seriously.   The President termed Islam "a religion of peace". (Tell that to the little girls who are mutilated and raped.) Gradually, America-hating Muslims like the group CAIR began amassing power in Washington. States like Michigan were allowing cities within their borders to enforce Sharia law. Muslim representatives to Congress began to be elected.

Until parts from one of the wrecked airliners were found there, rich Muslims were planning to build a mosque near the site of the ruins

of the Twin Towers.   That's part of an ancient pattern; Muslims have been building "victory mosques" on the ruins of conquered cities for centuries.

As the years went by, federal government started giving foreign aid to Muslim countries who hated us, in a sick recapitulation of the tribute exacted from Muslim conquests centuries ago. Saudi Arabian Muslim immigrants got instant visas and other preferential treatment, despite the fact that 16 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from that country.

Five years ago, we elected a President who bowed to the King of

Saudi Arabia, who also bragged that he can recite perfectly, in correct Arabic accent, the Muslim prayer to their moon god and his murderous prophet.

And today, there's supposed to be a 
Million Muslim March in Washington.   But I think there'll be a few patriots show up.

Now, after twelve years of the federal government's power trip, America stands on the precipice of economic and societal collapse. And I think it began in earnest on that blue-sky September day, a dozen years ago.

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