Sunday, July 14, 2013

ZIMMERMAN NOT GUILTY! Media Asks, "Will You Keep the Gun?"

In which Ol' Backwoods explains the twisted thinking of the media, communists, and progressives.

From the Communist News Network (CNN):
Robert Zimmerman Jr. said his brother "is going to be looking around his shoulder for the rest of his life." 
When asked if George Zimmerman will keep the gun he used to shoot Trayvon Martin, his brother said he has good reason to. 
"I think he has more reason now than ever to think that people are trying to kill him because they express they're trying to kill him, all the time, every day, on my Twitter feed, on the Internet," Robert Zimmerman told CNN's Piers Morgan.
One man's life and freedom has been spared, and a violent thug was put down, and THIS is all they can think to ask?

I know it's alien to logical gun owners like us, but that's how they think.   "THE GUN" did it.  It influenced George Zimmerman to own and use it in self-defense.  That makes Zimmerman evil by association to the likes of the media, and double evil because Saint Trayyyyyyyvon (roast his soul) was black.  In their minds, Zimmerman should get rid of that yucky gun, because it is cursed now.

MEDIA: "THE GUN" is cursed!
Me: When is Kel-Tec bringing out the
GZ Special PF9?  And when can I order?
No doubt, some of you are saying to me right now, "Backwoods!  They were asking if he would keep that exact gun, because it might remind Zimmerman of the terrible day and all that happened because of it!  I would get rid of that gun, too, and I would get me another one!"

NO.  That is NOT what the media was asking.  Look at Robert Zimmerman's answer.  The media was asking, "will you now get rid of all guns?"  Because in their mind, "THE GUN" is evil.

Look, I know it's twisted, but that's how they think.

With the media, it's all about the object that is imbued with evil, not the intent and actions of the person.   "THE GUN" is now a talisman, filled with bad ju-ju that will cause anyone who touches it to become evil.  Criminals using guns to steal, rape, and murder, you see, are only that way because of the mighty thought-influence of "THE GUN".  They are only pawns, zombies marching to the power of "THE GUN".

Which brings us to self-defense, Zimmerman's use of the gun.  In the mind of Progressives and Communists the world over-- who largely make up the ranks of the media-- self-defense is not a permissible use of a weapon.  You see, the non-elite individual is no more special than the beetle eating my garden.  These moral morons are all about "THE COLLECTIVE".  (Insert Borg, USSR, and Nazi Germany examples here.) If the Almighty State (their view, not mine) permits the individual to live, then he will live, but only the state may defend him.   Only "THE POLICE" should have guns, you see, and because they are annointed by "THE STATE", they are not tainted by the power of "THE GUN".

Nonsense?  Of course.  But that's how they think.

The Framers would scoff at such unreal beliefs about how the world works.   We walk in their footsteps when we agree.

God bless you, George Zimmerman.  You did the right thing, and so did the jury.

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