Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now, 5 States Have Permitless Carry of Arms; 50 Allow Some Kind of Carry

Congratulations, Arkansas!   Arkansas has become the 5th "Constitutional Carry" state, which means no permit is required for either open or concealed carry.  I missed that, back on July 2, but was apprised by reading back-issues of Shall Not Be Questioned.

And with the fall of Illinois' complete ban on carry (open or concealed) as the IL legislature yesterday overrode Gov. Quinn's veto, we now have some form of carry (open or concealed) in all 50 states.    37 of those states are SHALL-ISSUE concealed carry, meaning (in general) if a person is not a prohibited possessor according to the Gun Control Act of 1968, then a concealed carry license must be issued.

Despite the losses of states like Colorado and Connecticut this year, gun rights are still gaining ground.

Here's what the map looks like now:

Alabama is marked "shall issue", but that really doesn't take effect until August 1.  However, in most counties, Alabama is for all intents and purposes "shall issue".

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