Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Latest Boston Massacre

Trust me on this, my friends: the powers that be WILL use this to get the gun ban/gun registration
through Congress.  There WILL be several guns pulled out of the Saudi guy's apartment, which of course the media will start calling an "arsenal."  These will be cited as proof that we have to get rid of all guns, since Saudi terrorists might come here and use them in a gun-free zone like Boston.

I am completely serious.  You know I'm right.


DRUDGE: Axelrod: Obama Thinks Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'...

 Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh, Ax?

This is spiraling out of control: Every News Station now blaming Right wing Christian conservatives for Boston Bombing. CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC…  (Investment Watch Blog)

Dear Lord.  That guy on Fox News just equated the bomber to gun owners and Constitutionalists!

'GUNPOWDER BOMB' will be used to control trade in reloading components-- you watch.

From PA Gun Blog:
Joe takes a look at the explosion and concludes it may have been a deflagration rather than an explosion. He has more direct experience with this explosives than any other gun bloggers I know, so I’d trust his analysis. Reports coming out in the media about it being a gunpowder bomb fit with what Joe has said. I don’t want to even think about the new restrictions on civil liberties the powers that be will dream up in response to this one.
BLAME:    Yep.  CBS blaming it on Constitutionalists.   Told ya they would blame it on us.

BLAME: Mike Vanderboegh down yonder in the Sipsey woods shows us more media blather to "justify more federal power, including, bizarrely, a new permanent ATF director."

Don't believe it?  Here's the Tweet:
@NickKristof: explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment 
8:12 PM - 15 Apr 13 
As if some bureaucrat in Washington is going to go around with bomb-sniffing dogs in every big-city bomb-free zone?  Yeah, right!


Chris Matthews, Democratic congressman suggest Tax Day tie to Boston attacks: Daily Caller

Boston Marathon Bombing Could Be Result of “Right-Wing Extremists” Says CNN Analyst: FreedomOutpost

Chris Matthews: 'Normally' Domestic Terrorists 'Tend to Be on the Far Right': NB
More updates coming; keep hitting reload.

MEDIA BLAMES TEA PARTY via Resistor in the Rockies:

Smear Merchants: Media Damage Their Reputations Covering Boston Marathon Bombings

Boston Marathon Explosions Already Being Blamed on the Right

CNN Analyst Suggests 'Right Wing Extremists' Could Be Behind Boston Bombing

Michael Moore hints conservatives may be behind Boston Marathon bombings
US Forest Service PR rep blames Boston bombing on Tea Party; Update: Tweet deleted
Here's some links to coverage of the Boston Marathon Massacre, from our friend Drudge.

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