Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thanks, Rep. George Holding, for being "Doctor NO"

One of my state newspapers, the Charlotte Observer, carried an article from the execrable left-wing McClatchy group, gently chiding  one of my elected representatives, Rep. George Holding (R-NC) for always voting 'NO' on more federal spending.

N.C. Rep. George Holding finding his way and not afraid to say ‘no’

By Renee Schoof
McClatchy Newspapers
Posted: Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013

Olivier Douliery - Abaca Press/MCT
Congressman George Holding (R-NC) looks on during a Foreign Affairs Joint Subcommittee hearing on breaking the Iran, North Korea, and Syria

WASHINGTON--George Holding promised voters he’d go to Washington to cut spending, and four months into the job, he hears pitches for what sound like good programs.
But his answer is often the same: 
“Sorry. But no.” 
As a member of Congress, Holding has had chances to make good on his promise to cut spending. He voted against $33 billion in supplemental spending for Superstorm Sandy relief, and against an estimated $46 million proposal to preserve Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battlefields. He said he opposed the Sandy supplemental bill because some of the money was for non-emergency spending unrelated to the storm. But he supported legislation that sent immediate aid for the storm victims.
Like every member of Congress, Holding is constantly besieged with requests. He recent heard a plea from the American Heart Association for $35 million to pay for a campaign to warn people about the signs of high blood pressure. It isn't part of a bill, so he didn't have to decide right away. The group said the money could help save 1 million lives. 
“That sounds great, but where’s the money coming from?” Holding said in an interview later. “ You've got to say ‘no’ somewhere.”
(bold mine)  It's about time we had a representative that held the porked-up federal government to accound.

I immediately wrote Rep. Holding this email, thanking him:

Subject: THANK YOU for saying "NO" to more Federal programs!

Rep. Holding, as you know, the Federal government is out of money, and via the Federal Reserve, is "printing" billions and billions more than it receives in taxes. And in this climate, people STILL clamor for more spending!

When I read this article in the Charlotte Observer, I found that one of my representatives was keeping his promises to vote against spending

I hope, sir, that throughout your tenure in the House, you vote against every new federal program that is proposed, and that you do not vote to spend ONE DIME MORE until the Federal government gets its fiscal house in order, or the dollar collapses, whichever occurs first.

I know the "free stuff army" always wants more, but I wanted to say "THANKS" all the same.


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