Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Media Advocacy, Mendacity, and Idiocy on Sandy Hook Massacre

Look, y'all already know how bad these federal gun ban bills are.  That ain't the point of this post.   Today, I want to look at how the media and politicians are using the Sandy Hook Massascre to to shame the US Senate into passing S.649S.374 and other gun banning/registering/confiscating/ickifying bills.

First, a story that doesn't fit the narrative.  The media and Congressdrones say we must ban, ickify, register, and confiscate all guns in America, BECAUSE SANDY HOOK!!!!!!!11eleventy!!!!  But one Sandy Hook parent ain't buying it:

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday hosted Newtown parent Mark Mattioli, whose son was tragically gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary, to discuss the ongoing gun control debate. The interview became so overwhelmingly emotional at one point that Mattioli broke down in tears while Kelly struggled to keep it together. 
The grieving father explained that he is “broken” and “devastated” by his son’s death. However, gun control is not the solution, he said. 
“I feel it’s a false premise. Gun control works for people who abide by the laws,” he added. “Criminals who conduct most of the gun crime don’t care about the law.” 
Mattioli called for “accountability” and enforcement of existing gun laws. “You don’t need a new law, you need to enforce the ones you have.”
Glurk!  Get this guy off the camera!  He is wrecking the narrative!  We need more media events like this one on CBS' 60 Minutes:
Nearly four months later, just last week, Connecticut passed a gun control law that expands background checks and limits ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. Tomorrow, these families will push for the same in Washington. ...
 Mark Barden: And we had a letter that we wanted them to read. And we had pictures of our children to give them a personal connection to why we're asking them to go in there and legislate. 
Scott Pelley: Why the photographs? 
Nicole Hockley: They need to not just look us in the eyes, but look our children and the lost ones and see those faces, see what's gone and remember this isn't just about political parties. This isn't just about careers. This is about people. And this is about making change to save people. And it's important to remember the people you are doing this for.
Waaaa! Sniff!  Do it for the children!  If you don't want gun control, you are heartless, Backwoods!

Recommended perforation zone
for Lanza, before he killed any kids.

You know what the children of Sandy Hook desperately needed?  They needed an ARMED GOOD GUY on site who would be willing to perforate Adam
Lanza's ugly head when he first raised his weapon.  That demonic scum should have been sent packing to Hell BEFORE he took innocent lives.

The State, using the Power of the Gun to get its way.
Instead, we have dead kids, and a sob fest on 60 Minutes, begging the state to USE THE POWER OF THE GUN to TAKE property away from me, and millions of others, who have never done anything with our guns but practice for proficiency, put meat on the table, and stand with vigilance to protect our loved ones.

What sane person thinks it makes sense to petition the same government that takes kids from families using the power of the gun (see: Elian Gonzales and Sam Weaver), to take my property using the power of the gun, all in the name of children murdered by a demon-possessed madman that the state could not control?

Insanity.  Hell-spawned insanity.  And I'm sick of it.

NO NEW GUN LAWS until the "Gun-Free School Zones Act" is repealed.

UPDATE: Emperor Zero is using Air Force One to fly his Sandy Hook Blood-Dancing Roadshow around the country, "demanding a vote" in Congress on rights protected by the Constitution.  Un. Freaking. Believable.

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  1. I'am with you Man! As a Fellow Engineer (PE) the logic just does not make sense. When will the Madness stop? All Patriots need to stand up and put an end to this Communist thinking.