Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thanks, Rep. George Holding, for being "Doctor NO"

One of my state newspapers, the Charlotte Observer, carried an article from the execrable left-wing McClatchy group, gently chiding  one of my elected representatives, Rep. George Holding (R-NC) for always voting 'NO' on more federal spending.

N.C. Rep. George Holding finding his way and not afraid to say ‘no’

By Renee Schoof
McClatchy Newspapers
Posted: Thursday, Apr. 25, 2013

Olivier Douliery - Abaca Press/MCT
Congressman George Holding (R-NC) looks on during a Foreign Affairs Joint Subcommittee hearing on breaking the Iran, North Korea, and Syria

WASHINGTON--George Holding promised voters he’d go to Washington to cut spending, and four months into the job, he hears pitches for what sound like good programs.
But his answer is often the same: 
“Sorry. But no.” 
As a member of Congress, Holding has had chances to make good on his promise to cut spending. He voted against $33 billion in supplemental spending for Superstorm Sandy relief, and against an estimated $46 million proposal to preserve Revolutionary War and War of 1812 battlefields. He said he opposed the Sandy supplemental bill because some of the money was for non-emergency spending unrelated to the storm. But he supported legislation that sent immediate aid for the storm victims.
Like every member of Congress, Holding is constantly besieged with requests. He recent heard a plea from the American Heart Association for $35 million to pay for a campaign to warn people about the signs of high blood pressure. It isn't part of a bill, so he didn't have to decide right away. The group said the money could help save 1 million lives. 
“That sounds great, but where’s the money coming from?” Holding said in an interview later. “ You've got to say ‘no’ somewhere.”
(bold mine)  It's about time we had a representative that held the porked-up federal government to accound.

I immediately wrote Rep. Holding this email, thanking him:

Subject: THANK YOU for saying "NO" to more Federal programs!

Rep. Holding, as you know, the Federal government is out of money, and via the Federal Reserve, is "printing" billions and billions more than it receives in taxes. And in this climate, people STILL clamor for more spending!

When I read this article in the Charlotte Observer, I found that one of my representatives was keeping his promises to vote against spending

I hope, sir, that throughout your tenure in the House, you vote against every new federal program that is proposed, and that you do not vote to spend ONE DIME MORE until the Federal government gets its fiscal house in order, or the dollar collapses, whichever occurs first.

I know the "free stuff army" always wants more, but I wanted to say "THANKS" all the same.


Some Gun Stories that Interest Ol' Backwoods on a Thursday

After Student is Suspended and Arrested for Wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” Shirt, 100 STUDENTS WEAR SHIRT TO SCHOOL!
nra protect your rights
Apparently, this shirt will get
you arrested in Logan County, WV

HAHA! Remember the kid in West Virginia who got suspended from school and arrested(!) by the local police for wearing this NRA shirt?

Well, he was re-instated (under threat of massive lawsuit), and the day he came back to school, OVER 100 STUDENTS show up wearing the same shirt!

Here's the lowdown from the article:

When Jared Marcum was suspended from school and arrested for wearing a NRA “Protect Your Rights” t-shirt, it drew national attention. Afterwards, the liberal bullies at Logan County Schools who thought they could get away with picking on a 14 year old kid started to become a lot more reasonable.

It didn’t hurt that a video turned up that showed a teacher yelling at Jared for refusing to turn his shirt inside out, while his fellow students were chanting his name in support.

Although the petulant school did not apologize or talk to Jared’s father, his suspension turned out to only be a day long.

The Marcum family, their lawyer Ben White and the gun rights group Sons of the Second Amendment didn’t just meekly accept the school’s non-apology.

Jared Marcum returned to school wearing the SAME SHIRT. Moreover, he was joined by 100 other students wearing NRA “Protect Your Rights” shirts that were provided by Sons of the Second Amendment. None of them were suspended or arrested for wearing the shirts.
Don't mess with West Virginians, you leftist teachers.

Remember a few months ago, when the LAPD were blasting at every blue truck in the city, because
Photo: Remember a few months ago, when the LAPD were blasting at every blue truck in the city, because they were chasing rogue cop Sgt. Dorner?

A judge awarded the two ladies who owned this truck (which they used for their newspaper-delivery business) 4 MILLION IN DAMAGES!

Way to go, LAPD!  Super professional!  Only cops should have guns, eh?
Don't shoot, bro!  We're not Dorner!
they were chasing rogue cop Sgt. Christopher Dorner?

A judge awarded the two ladies who owned this truck (which they used for their newspaper-delivery business) 4.2 MILLION IN DAMAGES!  And, a new truck to boot.

Way to go, LAPD! Super professional! Only cops should have guns, eh?

Good grief, what's the crime in that?  I'm sorry, but New York City just isn't American. If you are this afraid of BB guns, you should be in a psych ward, or leave the country.

From the story:
An anonymous coworker summed up the spirit of the times after 20-year-old Bernard Goal was arrested for making air rifles in his New York University dorm room:

“It’s very scary to know there were [BB] guns one floor below me. I had no idea.”

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A botched burglary early Saturday morning at a West Toledo home has left one man
Thug deceased, case closed.

It's not the homeowner, rather the intruder.

Toledo police say it happened in the 4500 Block of Douglas Road.

The homeowner, Brian Loyer, woke to the sound of his side door being kicked in.

He grabbed a gun and announced he was armed, but the suspect, 24-year-old Lucas Hassen, continued his attempt to get inside, according to police.

Loyer fired, hitting Hassen, who fled and collapsed in the backyard of Joan Rutherford.
 *SNIFF* I just love happy endings.

Houston Police Search for Men Who Shot Clerk Through Bulletproof Glass

"Bulletproof glass" in a business is a joke, another feel-good Progressive 'solution' to the problems they
Photo: "Bulletproof glass" in business is a joke, another feel-good Progressive 'solution' to the problems they themselves caused by disarming everyone but the criminals.

ANY 30-caliber or greater rifle, including your granddaddy's 1903 Springfield (which shoots that new-fangled .30-06 cartridge--oh wait, that was introduced over 100 years ago) can punch holes in so-called "bulletproof" glass.  

And here is the evidence:
'Bulletproof glass' isn't for rifle calibers.
themselves caused by disarming everyone but the criminals.

ANY 30-caliber or greater rifle, including your granddaddy's 1903 Springfield (which shoots that newfangled .30-06 cartridge--oh wait, that was introduced over 100 years ago) can punch holes in so-called "bulletproof" glass.

The police should not be surprised by this, but many are, since few actually have broad firearms experience.

 Quote of the Day
"The Utopian schemes of levelling [wealth redistribution], and a community of goods, are as visionary and impracticable, as those which vest all property in the Crown, are arbitrary, despotic, and in our government, unconstitutional. Now, what property can the colonists be conceived to have, if their money may be granted away by others, without their consent?"

Samuel Adams, in a letter to fellow founder Dennys De Berdt, January 12, 1768.

Yeah, the Founders were well aware of socialism. AND THEY DESPISED IT.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pro-Freedom Firearms Bill About to Move to Floor in NC House? (UPDATE: YES!)

House bill 937 in the North Carolina House is good for firearms freedom; our friend Sean Sorrentino down yonder at An NC Gun Blog, and David at NCRenegade have the down-low on it.  Sean opposes the bill, calling it "mixed, mostly negative", but the GRNC appears to be supportive.  Put me in the supportive category, at least until we see what amendments get added.

GRNC says:
No, it isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good. This bill will get us badly needed restaurant carry, clean-up state-wide uniformity on parks carry to eliminate abuse by anti-gun municipalities, and will allow employees with permits to keep handguns locked in cars while working at higher education facilities. 
Yes, we want more, such as storage at work for everyone, but this represents progress in the direction of freedom.

I contacted all the members of the NC Judiciary Subcommittee A, which is responsible for moving the bill to the full house, and received a very nice reply from Rep. John Blust:
Thank you for contacting me regarding House Bill 937, Amend Various Firearms Laws. I am the Chairman of the Judiciary A Committee which is holding a hearing to move the bill tomorrow, April 24, at 10:00 a.m., so I do support the bill. 
Representative John M. Blust
House District 62
Room 2208 Legislative Building
Raleigh, NC 27601
UPDATE #1 4/24/13 5:00 EDT:

From our friend John at No Lawyers Only Guns and Money:

The NC State House's Judiciary A Committee approved a measure this afternoon that would significantly expand gun rights in North Carolina. HB 937 would allow (among other things) concealed carry holders to have firearms on university and community college campuses so long as they were locked in their vehicles.
Representatives of the National Rifle Association, Grass Roots North Carolina and other gun owner rights groups endorsed the bill during the committee hearing, saying it granted changes long sought by gun owners.

"With respect to the campus provisions on this bill, frankly, it's more limited than we wanted," said Paul Valone, president of Grass Roots North Carolina, adding that his group still supported the bill. "The entire purpose of this is deterrence. We are looking at deterring violent sociopaths from crimes on campuses."

The campus provision applies to all public community college and university campuses in the state. Independent colleges and universities would have the choice of whether to allow firearms on campus but would have to post a prohibition.
John adds,
The bill would also allow carry in restaurant and eating establishments that serve alcohol as well as clarify the General Assembly's intent on park carry.

UPDATE #2 4/24/13 9:00PM EDT:

Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), our bulldog of a state civil rights organization, has issued an alert on the bill.  Text below, but it looks like anti-gun forces tried to stop it from coming out of the Subcommittee:

After lengthy debate and after rejecting numerous anti-gun amendments, the NC House Judiciary A Committee today passed House Bill 937. The bill will now head to the House floor for a vote, likely next week.

In its present form, HB 937 would expand concealed carry into: 
  • Restaurants 
  • Assemblies of people for which admission is charged [movies! -BWE
  • College campuses (provided firearms are kept in locked vehicles); and 
  • Parking lots of state office buildings.
HB 937 would also clean up flaws in the parks carry language passed in HB 650 under which municipalities continue to flout the law by banning guns in entire parks.

During sometimes rancorous debate, Representatives Darren Jackson (D-Wake , GRNC 0-star), Deborah Ross (D-Wake, 0-star) and others proposed amendments designed to be “poison pills” for the bill. 
All failed. 
Most surprising was an amendment by Rep. Bob Steinburg (R-Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Tyrrell, ****) who supported the bill, but objected to provisions allowing concealed handgun permit-holders to keep firearms in locked vehicles on college campuses. [WHAT?! -BWE]

Sponsors Jacqueline Schaffer (R-Mecklenburg, ****), Justin Burr (R-Montgomery, Stanly, ****), John Faircloth (R-Guilford, ****), and George Cleveland (R-Onslow, ****) did an outstanding job of defending the bill. Addressing the committee in favor of the bill were GRNC president Paul Valone, Director of Development Josette Chmiel [Josette is delightful and a powerful advocate for the RKBA -BWE], and representatives for the NRA and NCRPA.

In testifying against the bill, North Carolinians “Against Gun Violence” director Gail Neely perjured herself to the committee by regurgitating a study which she claimed dealt with concealed handgun permit-holders, despite the fact that Valone had two weeks ago produced a copy of the study for her (and audience of an ACLU forum) demonstrating clearly that her claims were false.

Rep. Jackson introduced anti-gun amendment after anti-gun amendment in an attempt to “run the clock” on the bill until he was shut down by Committee Chair Rep. John Blust (R-Guilford, ****), who brought the bill to a vote.
Hopefully, restaurant carry gets farther in the NC House than it did before.

Friday, April 19, 2013

From Lexington Green to Cowering in the Corner: Disarmed Boston 'Shelters in Place'

Welcome, Free North CarolinaBroken Patriot, and Angry Mike's Hood readers!

(Multiple updates throughout post)

UPDATE #12, 4/23: A liberal woman, previously a self-admitted hoplophobe, caught in the government raid of Boston, suddenly woke up to the obvious truth:

How I Evolved on Guns During the #BostonPoliceScanner Manhunt

Boston-area residents were told to “shelter-in-place.”[...]    I realized at that moment that the police cannot protect me from the Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs of the world. [...] 
In the middle of that night listening to the Boston police scanner, I evolved.
I realized right then that if I were holed up in my house while a cold-blooded terrorist roamed my neighborhood, I wouldn't want to be a sitting duck with only a deadbolt lock between me and an armed intruder. There are not enough police and they cannot come to my rescue quickly enough. They carry guns to protect themselves, not me. I knew at that instant if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showed up at my door while I was “sheltered-in-place” and aimed a gun at my head and only one of us would live, I could pull the trigger.
I’m shopping for guns this week. I've been told a 12-gauge shotgun is a good choice for home protection, but I’m open to suggestions.
(emphasis mine, Ol' Backwoods)

Get an AR-15.  Oh, wait, they won't let you have one.

Still, I'm glad this lady and her family are going to be keeping a gun at home now.  I believe liberals could be free men, if only they would wake up to reality, like this lady did.

UPDATE #11, 4/23: Now the Obama administration's mouthpieces are trying to say that the Rape of Watertown's Rights wasn't illegal, because it was all voluntary.

Boston's Door-to-Door Searches Weren't Illegal,
Even Though They Looked Bad

Right, sure it was voluntary, with the police waving around M4's in a populace of disarmed sheeple who have been taught since they were born to fear and hate guns. Also, since the public school system has made sure that the public, by and large, does not know its Constitutional rights, most people in Watertown just complied with the police's orders.  Effectively, you have no rights if you don't know what they are.

The sheeple at the Atlantic can blather on about how the searches were "voluntary", but one thing about them certainly makes them unconstitutional: the police had no PROBABLE CAUSE that the terrorist was in any particular house.  There was no "hot pursuit"; the terrorist wasn't seen going into a house.   Heck, a RESIDENT to Watertown, not the jackbooted police, found Doogie the Terrorist in his boat!

Pieces like this one in the Atlantic are doing their best to convey: this is the new normal.  You sheep can and will be ordered around by the Gestapo, err, the police, any time and any where they feel like it.  And since the so-called "blue" states (really Communist Red) are by and large disarmed, they will do nothing about it.

Again, like I've been saying, THIS IS NOT THE REAL AMERICA.

Meanwhile, it took the BRITISH press to report the truth of what happened in Obamamerica:

The controversial moment SWAT teams ordered innocent neighbors out of their houses at GUNPOINT during door-to-door searches for the Boston bomber

UPDATE #10, 4/21: INCREDIBLE video of the warrantless violation of the rights of the people of Boston by the kind of standing armies our Founders feared and hated!  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Amendments are GONE, folks.

(sorry, YouTube has yanked the video. Big, big surprise, eh?)

This guy was bullied into letting the cops into his house.  NO WARRANT.  "Just your orders, right?" he said to the police.  The Nuremberg defense?  Really?

Jackbooted thugs doing their deeds against innocent citizens.

This is Boston, a police state.

An entire city on lockdown for ONE Muslim terrorist? No, I ain't kidding, friends.  Have we had a declaration of martial law?  Not that I have heard.  Is this the Soviet Union?  Nazi Germany?  Israel, where your enemies are 9 miles away lobbing rockets at you?

No.  This is America: 2013.

This is what happens when Americans become disarmed cowards, dependent on the police for their protection, despite numerous Supreme Court rulings that police do not have a duty to protect individuals.

This is an unconstitutional government occupation of an American city under pretense of protecting the citizenry.  This is what tyranny looks like.  I was told by someone who knows that over 1000 federal, state, and local cops participated in this illegal occupation.  And the people of Boston just laid down like sheep.

Behold, the lily-livered descendants of Captain John Parker and his citizen army, letting the jack-booted thugs invade their homes and imprison them there.

Jack-booted thug searching house-to-house,
with no warrant in hand.
NBC: Boston Transit shut down, nearly 1 million sheltering in place
The entire city of Boston was put on lockdown Friday morning by the Massachusetts governor as police searched for the second of two [Muslim] men believed to have been involved in the marathon bombings earlier this week. 
Gov. Deval Patrick said people should shelter in place as authorities engaged in a “massive manhunt” – an extraordinary order that affected nearly one million people.
'Lockdown'?  ('Lockdown', a prison term, nice.) For one guy?  Isn't ANYBODY in the whole City of Boston ARMED except the police? Apparently not.

USA Today: Shelter-in-place order extends to Boston

ORDER?  Who the hell has the right to 'order' Americans to do such a thing?  There's been no warrant from a judge!

KCRG (local TV): Cops: Boston Must Shelter In Place Amid Hunt for Terrorist

'MUST'? Really? I don't think so.  There's been no declaration of martial law, and this ain't a bird flu pandemic.  There's been no formal suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.  Do people even know what that means anymore?  Looks to me like people are being detained-- in their homes! -- and where are the arrest documents?  Where are the warrants, even?

From local TV station WHDH-7: Police go door-to-door in search for Boston bomber
Col. Timothy Alben of the Massachusetts State Police said Friday afternoon that officers would go street to street as the manhunt for the bombing suspect continues. Gov. Deval Patrick urged residents to continue staying indoors.
Twenty-six-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev (tsahr-NY'-ev) was killed
1 MILLION people hiding from
Doogie Howser the Terrorist?
overnight. His 19-year-old brother, Dzhokhar (JOH'-kahr) is on the loose.
Who can pronounce Dzokhar?  Let's call him "Doogie the Terrorist."

One 19-year-old Muslim terrorist is 'on the loose'?  "Oh, dear."  What ninnies.

What do they think, he has enough firepower to destroy one million people?  He ain't got a nuke, people.  He can only carry so much explosive.  Sixty pounds of C4  (which he probably doesn't have) would only destroy a city block.  And they tell 1 MILLION people to hide because of one guy who is carrying explosives?  Stunning.

From PBS: Police Warn Boston 'Shelter in Place'
Nearly a million residents in the city of Boston and many surrounding communities were asked to "shelter in place" Friday as police continued a massive manhunt for the second of two suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings. 
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick requested that everyone in the area stay inside and only open their door to police officers showing proper identification. Commuter bus, rail, taxi and subway services were suspended. Businesses were asked to stay closed until further notice. 
"This is a serious situation," Patrick said at a media briefing in Watertown early Friday. "We're taking it seriously."
Yeah, it's serious, all right, Patrick, you statist tyrant. You are infringing on Bostonians' 4th Amendment right to be served a warrant, the right of habeas corpus when detained, their Fifth Amendment right to not self-incriminate, the Supreme-Court-established right to free travel, and a host of other rights, ALL BECAUSE ONE TERRORIST IS ON THE LOOSE. 

One. Freaking. Teenage. Terrorist!  I can't emphasize that enough! And the 1 million disarmed lemmings in Boston just go along with it!  And BUSINESSES are going along with this, too. Who is going to pay for their lost revenue? Johnny Jihad?  Yeah, right.

The Massachusetts Founders like Captain John Parker must be rolling in their
Cpt John Parker didn't
'shelter in place'.
graves today, so great would be their grief at learning what castrated wienies their descendants have become. Instead of blubbering to the police about armed foreign invaders, or hiding in their homes like a bunch of cowards, on this very day in history, April 19, 1775, the people of Massachusetts 238 years ago today took ACTION.

The Massachusetts Patriots of 1775 put down a whole army of foreign interlopers that were trying to disarm them and terrorize them into submitting.  The least of their privates would have shot this snot-nosed Muslim punk in the head, at significant yardage, with a paper-patched 60-caliber musket ball, and had his rifle reloaded before the punk could have put his backpack down.

According to the Appleseed group of the Revolutionary War Veterans' Association (RWVA, which Ol' Backwoods supports with my dollars, attendance, and passion), there were at least three engagements of foreign armed and dangerous enemies in Massachusetts on April 19, 1775. All of them were met by ordinary Americans. Today, Boston goes into lockdown, hiding from a one foreign invader. How far we have fallen.

 From RWVA:
On April 19th, 1775, the British farmers, shopkeepers, lawyers, doctors, and craftsmen then living in the Colonies chose to face one of the the world's most feared and best equipped Army in a dispute over their rights and privileges as Englishmen.
And now, just a few miles away from Lexington Green, 1 million people, many of them descendants of Capt. John Parker and other Patriots that repelled the gun-grabbing British, 1 million diarmed Bostonians are hiding in their homes, because of ONE MUSLIM TERRORIST.

The Massachusetts Founders must be rolling in their graves.

UPDATE #1, 4/19: apparently some people in Boston are now questioning whether "powers-that-be over-reacted" in locking down the whole city.  Gee, ya think?

UPDATE #2, 4/19: Yeah, they caught the guy.  (Even though he tried to eat his own gun and now can't talk.)  Now, I suppose the City of Boston is just supposed to forget the rape of the people's rights, let the whole thing slip back down the memory hole, and just go back to their lives as serfs.  No doubt, they will.

I won't.  This ain't how we do things in America.  I'll go further:  Massachusetts is no longer American.

UPDATE #3, 4/19: Bob Owens lets us know, the Boston Ineptitude Express just keeps rolling:
It was a homeowner that discovered signs of the suspect in her yard, a yard that had already been “cleared” in the botched police sweep operation. Without her recognition that something was amiss, it is likely the search would have dragged through another night and into another day.
Finally after a barrage of gunfire and untold number of flash-bangs and 20 hours of a city frozen by fear, 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev finally chose to surrender on his own terms.
So, the standing army violating every right of the people wasn't necessary to capture the guy, and they missed him anyway?  Some lady tipped them off?  Big, big, surprise.

UPDATE #4, 4/19: I read a comment on MarketTicker:
... Gestapo tactics for the Boston PD (in full battle gear) to bang on someone's door at 4:00 am and order the family out their house scaring the children to death.
Is this guy telling the truth?  Given the pictures above, is there ANY chance he isn't?  This is NOT America, folks.

UPDATE #5, 4/20:

Yahoo!/AP Reports that business was massively impacted by this little Stormtroopen outing.

Bombing, Aftermath Could Cost Boston Billions
The economic impact of the Boston Marathon bomb suspect manhunt could run into the billions of dollars, according to one expert, as a million city residents were stuck at home, stores were shuttered and public transit ground to a halt.
Boston businesses were advised to remain closed, city employees were told to stay home or remain in place at work, vehicular traffic was limited and travel into the city via Amtrak and discount bus lines was suspended. 
As a result, food, supplies and even the gasoline required for the city to get back to business wouldn't make it into Boston for the duration of the lockdown, said Michael Barrett, former director of strategy for the White House Homeland Security Council.
"Every city has three days of fresh food on average," Barrett told “Big Data Download.” "There's only so much excess capacity in the supply chains.” 
The Boston Marathon bombing will also have a ripple effect on the city's economy going forward, he said. Increased security at public events of any size will require additional local and state police forces, Barrett said, and that overtime can grow expensive.

(bold mine)

Are you reading this?  This KNEW that the city's supply chain would  not withstand a disruption like that, yet they went full Gestapo anyway.  Every prepper knows that supply chains for basic necessities have been optimized to the point where there is virtually no local storage of anything; stuff is stored in giant distribution warehouses out in the hinterlands, and even there, there isn't much extra to buffer against a disruption in the source.  So, what would happen if a cities supplies of food and gasoline were suddenly and massively interrupted?  I think Boston (and the Feds running the operation) just found out.

I believe this was a full-scale test of martial law, and that Obama and his handlers and their minions are SALIVATING to try this on a bigger scale.  This is not America, folks.

UPDATE #6, 4/20:  This photo is making the rounds on Facebook, with the comment,  "One of the less publicized impressions from yesterday's stand-off. A family with young children in Watertown was out of milk during the lock down ..."

Die nette Sturmtrooper bringt mik zu den Kindern!
Americans, this is Soviet-Union-Level propaganda.

This is an attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of the cops in the eyes of the public after the awful rape of civil liberties that occurred in Watertown yesterday.

They were dragging families out of their beds in the middle of the night, scaring kids to death with their jackboots trampling Americans' civil liberties.

And now, we're just supposed to go, "Awwwwww" because the nice policeman is bringing milk to the wittle kids?"  Well, nuts to that.

UPDATE #7, 4/20:

Look, Ol' Backwoods ain't the only one who thinks this whole "lockdown", "shelter-in-place" thing was a massive over-reaction for one man.  Let's hear from someone from the Progressive side of the aisle:
Michael Cohen, a former speechwriter for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, said authorities reacted too strongly.

“I just think it’s insane what’s going on here,” Cohen said. “I understand the need to be cautious and tell people to be cautious, but to tell people to stay inside because one guy is loose is just crazy.”

If there was some serial killer on the loose, no one would suggest that we do a lockdown of a whole city,” said Cohen, now a fellow at the Century Foundation. “To me, it just plays on our outsized fears of terrorism. … Part of it is just cover your ass business by public officials.”
(bold mine)

UPDATE #8, 4/20: lots and lots of pictures from the imprisonment of the City of Boston at SHTFPlan.  Just keep scrolling!  Below are a few of the best ones (copied to my server so I don't take his bandwidth).

Stay in your disarmed homes, sheeple!
All this for Doogie Howser the 19-year-old Muslim terrorist?
Or are they practicing to 'pacify' a city near you?

'Military police'?  I guess Posse Comitatus really is dead.
But but but I thought Obama said "Weapons of War" don't belong on our streets!"

UPDATE #9, 4/21:  More revelations: illegal confiscation of guns.   From Karl Denninger at Market Ticker:
There was no "hot pursuit" and thus no argument available to them allowing searches of private property without consent or a warrant.  
 Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.   
The Constitutional Rights of an entire town, some 30,000 residents, were wantonly and outrageously violated yesterday, yet not one media outlet is focusing there.
More and more, this is looking like a dress rehearsal for national martial law. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

There May Be Light at the End of the TechShop RDU Tunnel...

To use another metaphor, a new maker shop may be rising from the ashes of TechShop.   That is all I will say for now.  Yes, I am in the middle of it.  Yes, I
A New Power is Rising...
will keep you updated.

North Carolina Also Facing a Bloomberg Bill to Infringe 2nd Amendment Rights

From my friend Sean at An NC Gun Blog:

Bill Name: Gun Safety Act (H976)

Primary Sponsors: Luebke, Harrison, Insko, Adams

[Text of bill at An NC Gun Blog]

[Sean's] Take: In any decent society, this Orwellian-named monstrosity would be grounds for impeachment, tarring and feathering, and running the sponsors out of town on a rail. It surprises me that in this day and age we still have people who feel they can be openly hostile to our rights as citizens. 
Section 1. Repeals all of the recently passed Improved Castle Bill. It also repeals universal reciprocity of handgun permits. ...
Section 2. This returns us to the bad old days when you had to prove you reasonably feared that the person breaking into your home intended to kill you before you could use deadly force to repel him. 
This is actually worse than the original pre-Castle law. 
Section 3. This bans leaving a firearm where a person under 18 can access it. This leaves responsible teens without any means to defend themselves. This means that this 14 year old would have been unable to defend himself and his sister.
Section 5. Requires victims of a lost or stolen firearm to report it within 48 hours or get charged with a crime.
Section 6. Requires that anyone seeking a Pistol Purchase Permit have liability insurance.
Section 9. Requires a background check before transfer of a firearm. This has all of the bad parts of Chuck Shumer’s excrable private sale ban. It also makes the transferer explicitly liable for anything illegal that the receiver does with the firearm.  
This section requires gun owners to have $100,000 in liability coverage that covers both accidents and “willful acts.”  
And if your gun is stolen, your insurance has to cover it until you report it stolen. So if your gun gets stolen, and the thief uses it to kill someone before you get home that day to notice, you’re on the hook for damages. 
This section also bans magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. What a bunch of wimps. At least they could have shown the sort of stupid courage the rest of the bill shows and gone for 10 or less. 
Magazines sold in NC have to have a date of manufacture on them. 
My recommendation: OPPOSE
I plan to be calling my state reps on this one.  Bloomberg's tentacles have reached into the the Old North State, and I plan to help cut them off.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Take That, Feinstein, You Wicked Witch!

Senator  Frankenwitch Feinstein's gun grab goes down in a hail of votes. 
Ding dong, the wicked witch's bill is dead.

WASHINGTON -- Democrats helped Senate Republicans defeat major reforms to reduce gun violence Wednesday, including bans on certain assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
An amendment, put forth by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), to re-establish a federal ban on certain assault weapons was defeated by a vote of 40-60. A near-united Republican conference voted against the measure, with just one GOP senator, Mark Kirk (Ill.), voting in its favor.
Fifteen Democrats voted no on an assault weapons ban: Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.), Mark Begich (Alaska), Michael Bennet (Colo.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Martin Heinrich (N.M.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Tim Johnson (S.D.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Mark Udall (Colo.), Tom Udall (N.M.), and Mark Warner (Va.). Sen. Angus King (Maine), an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, also voted against the ban.
A separate amendment introduced by Sens. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to limit the size of magazines to 10 rounds failed with a vote of 46-54. Kirk was again the only Republican to vote for the measure.

 God is good.

Now, on to the next fight.

UPDATE: Obama's reaction.  (Sorry, this was too funny not to post)

Harry Reid to Gun Owners: You are Experiencing "Imagined Tyranny"

Y'all get a load of this:
"I will vote for Dianne Feinstein's assault weapons ban," 
[Democrat Majority Leader Harry] Reid [NRA rating: 100%] said [today] in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor
"I will vote for assault weapons ban because maintaining law and order and saving lives is more important than preventing imagined tyranny."
IMAGINED tyranny?   So, when does the tyranny get real, Harry?
Do not adjust your screen.  It is only 'imaginary tyranny'.

I guess Randy Weaver's wife and son were IMAGINING the tyranny.

I guess the children of Waco were IMAGINING the tyranny.

I guess the Reese family is IMAGINING the tyranny.

I guess Keith Pantaleon was IMAGINING the tyranny.

"Juden!  Υου erleben 'imaginary' tyrannei!"
Imaginary tyranny, my rusty tailbone.

What government has been nicer to their population after they disarmed them? Was China? The Soviet Union (Russia)? Ottoman Empire (Turkey)? Germany in the 30's? Zimbabwe? Cambodia?

No, all of them murdered their citizens by the thousands and millions after they disarmed them.

And we are to believe that when we are disarmed, all we will be experiencing is 'imagined tyranny'?
"Comrades!  It is only 'imagined tyranny'!"

I think not.

If 'gun control' succeeds in the US, the Sandy Hook massacre will look like a tiptoe through the tulips compared to the murders the government will perpetrate on us.

History is our only guide, and it tells us that 'imagined tyranny' is only a few mala prohibita laws from being so real it kills you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TechShop RDU Closing

... in 4 days.  Very sad.  Messes up a number of projects Ol' Backwoods is  working on.  Oh well.

I received this email today:
Greetings to all members of the RDU maker community.

It is with sadness that I am writing to let you know that we will be closing TechShop Raleigh-Durham effective Saturday, April 20, 2013. Amazing people and projects have come together over the past several years, and it has been a joy to see skills developed and dreams come true. Unfortunately, we have not reached membership or revenue numbers that will allow us to keep this location open.

Please know this is not a decision we have made lightly. In the sixteen months since TechShop, Inc. took ownership, the company has made significant investments to upgrade both the building and equipment. However, in order to generate the number of members needed to maintain the facilities and compensate our talented staff, it has become apparent that we need to be situated somewhere that is accessible for many more people than the current location serves. Offering a true community experience also requires openness in a physical workspace, something we do not have in the current RDU building.

This has been an extremely difficult decision for our company and board of directors to make. We consider the RDU members and staff to be part of the TechShop family, and we would like nothing more than to have you continue the pursuit of your dreams at a future TechShop location near you.

Important Information: Refunds and Store Hours
Refunds will be provided for the unused portion of your membership and unused classes. You will receive a letter within ten days from today, listing the specific amounts of those refunds along with further information on the processing of those refunds.

TechShop RDU Reduced Member Hours

Tuesday, April 16 10am - 10pm  
Wednesday, April 17    10am - 10pm  
Thursday, April 18 10am - 10pm  
Friday, April 19 10am - 5pm  
Saturday, April 20 10am - 5pm NOTE: This is the last day TechShop is open for member projects

We realize that not everyone will be able to pick up personal items from Member Storage in this timeframe. We will make additional dates and hours available for members to remove these items.

TechShop RDU Member Storage Pickup
Monday, April 22 11am - 7pm  
Tuesday, April 23 11am - 7pm  
Wednesday, April 24    11am - 7pm  
Thursday, April 25 11am - 7pm  
Friday, April 26 11am - 7pm  
Saturday, April 27 11am - 7pm  
Sunday, April 28 11am - 7pm  


Mark Hatch
CEO, TechShop, Inc.       



What can replace TechShop in the Research Triangle Park Area of North Carolina?

Answer: not a whole lot.  I will be building a list here.

Durham Splatspace -- anybody know if they have equipment?  Their website was unhelpful.
NC State has a 3D Printing and Laser Cutter lab for students & faculty... 

Anybody know anything else?

The Latest Boston Massacre

Trust me on this, my friends: the powers that be WILL use this to get the gun ban/gun registration
through Congress.  There WILL be several guns pulled out of the Saudi guy's apartment, which of course the media will start calling an "arsenal."  These will be cited as proof that we have to get rid of all guns, since Saudi terrorists might come here and use them in a gun-free zone like Boston.

I am completely serious.  You know I'm right.


DRUDGE: Axelrod: Obama Thinks Bombings Could Be Related to 'Tax Day'...

 Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh, Ax?

This is spiraling out of control: Every News Station now blaming Right wing Christian conservatives for Boston Bombing. CNN, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC…  (Investment Watch Blog)

Dear Lord.  That guy on Fox News just equated the bomber to gun owners and Constitutionalists!

'GUNPOWDER BOMB' will be used to control trade in reloading components-- you watch.

From PA Gun Blog:
Joe takes a look at the explosion and concludes it may have been a deflagration rather than an explosion. He has more direct experience with this explosives than any other gun bloggers I know, so I’d trust his analysis. Reports coming out in the media about it being a gunpowder bomb fit with what Joe has said. I don’t want to even think about the new restrictions on civil liberties the powers that be will dream up in response to this one.
BLAME:    Yep.  CBS blaming it on Constitutionalists.   Told ya they would blame it on us.

BLAME: Mike Vanderboegh down yonder in the Sipsey woods shows us more media blather to "justify more federal power, including, bizarrely, a new permanent ATF director."

Don't believe it?  Here's the Tweet:
@NickKristof: explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment 
8:12 PM - 15 Apr 13 
As if some bureaucrat in Washington is going to go around with bomb-sniffing dogs in every big-city bomb-free zone?  Yeah, right!


Chris Matthews, Democratic congressman suggest Tax Day tie to Boston attacks: Daily Caller

Boston Marathon Bombing Could Be Result of “Right-Wing Extremists” Says CNN Analyst: FreedomOutpost

Chris Matthews: 'Normally' Domestic Terrorists 'Tend to Be on the Far Right': NB
More updates coming; keep hitting reload.

MEDIA BLAMES TEA PARTY via Resistor in the Rockies:

Smear Merchants: Media Damage Their Reputations Covering Boston Marathon Bombings

Boston Marathon Explosions Already Being Blamed on the Right

CNN Analyst Suggests 'Right Wing Extremists' Could Be Behind Boston Bombing

Michael Moore hints conservatives may be behind Boston Marathon bombings
US Forest Service PR rep blames Boston bombing on Tea Party; Update: Tweet deleted
Here's some links to coverage of the Boston Marathon Massacre, from our friend Drudge.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Manchin-Toomey "Background Checks" Deal

I've collected a lot of links from a bunch of gun bloggers I respect on this Toomey/Manchin deal.  No time just now to comment on them; I thought I'd go ahead and get them out there, and then as I have
time this evening, re-organize and comment on this huge list.   Be sure to re-load this evening and tomorrow for updates.

Ace: It's Hard Not To Be Cynical About This Toomey/Manchin Deal

FreedomOutpost: Toomey-Manchin Sellout Bill Is Worse Than Feinstein Gun Ban

We don't have the text of this bill.  All we really have is the posturing press conference (USA Today: Senators reach deal on gun background checks) and a press release from Toomey's office, which Stranger up yonder at Extrano's Alley takes a look at:

Extrano's Alley: Text Of The Schumer-Manchin-Toomey Bill?

The Silicon Graybeard: The Toomey-Manchin Deal and Be Careful What You Wish For

According to the Graybeard, the main points of the deal appear to be this:
  1. All internet ]or internet-advertised] sales must go thru FFL;
  2. All Gun Show sales must go thru FFL;
  3. Private sales remain private;
  4. No Dianne Feinstein AWB or Hi Cap mag BS attached to the bill;
  5. Federal funding to improve the NCIS system or studies of violence or something.


Kurt Hoffmann:  Anti-gun Senate bill apparently intended to close 'advertising loophole'

 (warning, it's an Examiner site, so turn down the volume before clicking so evil video popups don't blow your ears out)

Flopping Aces: Unbelievable….Republican Senators Supporting Intrusion Into Our 2nd Amendment Rights
GOA:  Senator Toomey Betrays Gun Owners

No Lawyers Only Guns & Money: GOA To Manchin and Toomey - Hell No!

Doug Ross: PAT TOOMEY THINKS YOU'RE STUPID: Avoids being photographed with Schumer to hide his betrayal of his constituents and the Constitution

Gun-Free Zone: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: They hate Manchin-Toomey
Shall Not Be Questioned:  Anti-Gun Reactions

Daily Caller: Bloomberg anti-gun coalition drops ad attacking Toomey, launches ad praising Toomey

Wilson County News: The Absurdity of “Universal” Background Checks

The Hill: Coburn: Manchin-Toomey deal is 'unworkable'

Say Uncle: A Republican gun control bill

Western Rifle Shooters: Blood Dancers

The "Who Needs a Ferrari, Anyway?" Argument for Gun Bans

Biden made a huge admission this morning on MSNBC, network of gun banners:
“It used to be we were dealing almost exclusively with hunters,” Biden said on MSNBC.
Who "needs" a Ferrari?
“There’s a whole new sort of group of individuals now who, I don’t know what the numbers are, that never hunt at all but they own guns for one of two reasons: self protection or they just like the feel of that AR-15 at the range.” “They like the way it feels. You know, it’s like driving a Ferrari,” [Biden] said, raising his arms as if shooting a gun. 
Biden's comments illustrate they now know they have lost the "nobody need an AR-15 to go 'a' huntin'" argument, because Gun Culture 2.0 is not primarily about hunting.  Given the near-universal derision of Bloomberg's ham-fisted attack ads with the New-York-actor caricature of all gun owners as hunters, it figures that our enemies would soon get some better intel.  And they have.

The Left has switched tactics to "you need to give up your little hobby horse.  Who needs a Ferrari, anyway?"

This is good, and bad, for us, defenders of the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

One good thing is that the opposition now admits that the 2nd Amendment is as DC v. Heller describes, that is, not just for "sporting purposes."   That's an admission we've been waiting for from the left.

The bad thing is that Biden's "hobby car" argument will almost certainly be swallowed whole by the low-information voter and low-intelligence senators.  After all, Biden says:
“What is the inconvenience? ... What are we doing to impact on a gun owners’ right if he
Bravo Company AR-15.  'Inconvenience'?
only has a clip with ten rounds in it instead of 30 rounds in it?” [Biden] asked.
'Inconvenience' describes something you give up that you can live without, and that's the Biden's point: it's just another hobby, like stamp collecting.  Every time the gun banners try to ban guns or magazines-- bans which do nothing to address violence (quite the opposite)-- they act like we should just roll over, because the 'inconvenience' is minor.  After all, Biden says, it's just a hobby, like driving a Ferrari.  "Who the hell needs a Ferrari?", Biden is saying.

Oh, and for bonus Marx points, Biden employs class envy.  The green envy monster.   Biden is employing envy to turn the lower classes against those "Ferrari" owners.

Look, Biden's premise is completely wrong.  'Inconvenience' is not something that should be discussed in the context of fundamental rights.  We the People have a fundamental right to keep and bear arms-- determined by US v. Miller (1939) to be "militia weapons" and DC v. Heller (2008) to be those "in common use" -- and those rights "shall not be infringed" by the government.

The Supreme Court has ruled (in US v. Carolene Products Co. [1938] and others) that when considering infringements of fundamental rights, the courts must apply a doctrine called "strict scrutiny."  Under this doctrine, fundamental rights can only be infringed if three criteria are satisfied: 1) "a compelling state interest; 2) "narrowly tailored"; and 3) "least restrictive means."  The Supreme Court has not ruled so, but it's pretty clear to me that no gun ban meets the three-fold criteria of strict scrutiny.  (One reason is that the doctrine of strict scrutiny is a neologism, developed in the mid 20th Century.)

What compelling state interest is there in disarming people?  How does that forward the stated purpose of the United States federal government, as stated in the preamble to the Constitution?  How does disarming us provide for the common defense?  Promote the general welfare?  Secure the blessings of liberty?  And that's just the first of the three criteria.

No fundamental right can be infringed based on what the elites think the common person "needs".  That is Marxism, not the American founding.  The fundamental assumption of our Republic is to be liberty, not asking permission.  When "do you need that?" is the question, then answer from a Marxist state is always going to be "no, we will determine what you need."  That is not how fundamental rights work.  That is not how freedom works in America.   Our question in return should be, "what is accomplished by infringing our fundamental rights?"  In other words, what is the compelling state interest?

But, the hysterical rantings of a superannuated, fish-out-of-water-in-the-burbs, backwoods hillbilly from West Virginia do not matter. The Senate will vote to ban these Ferraris.  Who needs one, anyway?

LOL: humblegunner from Free Republic has given The Backwoods Engineer the FR Blog Seal of Approval: