Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Gun-Banners' War on McDonald v Chicago, Part Deux

Remember how we talked about the new push in gun control, the War on McDonald, gun prohibition at the state level on Sunday?

Here are a few stories showing how it is playing out.

EXCLUSIVE: DHS Plans Backdoor Gun Registration? - As a character in John Ross's "Unintended Consequences" put it, "Things keep happening in Missouri":
[Missouri] Department of Revenue is working with the Department of Homeland Security to install new hard and software to obtain data on Missouri citizens and transfer this information to DHS and unnamed third parties, says Kinder. Kinder and the Stoddard County Prosceutor today took legal action and held a press conference outlining the infringement on civil liberties as posted by the DoR and DHS.
The RealID Act has enough bad stuff in it to allow the Federal government to glean information from the states on whether drivers licensees also hold a concealed carry/weapons permit, thus giving a shortcut to the gun-owner registration they covet.  This, however, requires state cooperation, and that's only going to work where the bureaucrats are bought and sold to the public employee unions.  See why certain states have been chosen as the vanguard to attack the McDonald ruling?

A restraining order has been filed (scan at link above), but when does paper stop Democrats bent on trampling the Constitution?

Without a Shot - How ObamaCare will be used to force gun confiscation; obey, or else you will be denied basic access to doctors.  This state legislator / veterinarian shows us how this coming mandate can only be resisted at the state level.

Concealed Carry Coming To Illinois, Gang Capital Chicago - latest on the battle royal on Obama's home turf.  As New York was the prototype for state-level gun bans and confiscation, Illinois is the prototype for states ignoring the McDonald ruling for as long as possible.

Why Colorado is Blue - How did Colorado, home of "Red Dawn" and Magpul, become a gun-banning "blue" state?  Application of Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and "community organizing", that's how.  This article shows how it can be done in other low-population Western states, too.  Remember, the Left knows its battle to put down the 2nd Amendment gains of the last 20 years hinges on taking back the states.

Despite protests, 6 of 7 Democratic gun control bills clear Colo. Senate committees - and here is the successful result of the Obama Alinskyites' work in Colorado: state infringement of the right to keep and bear arms, contra McDonald.

Philadelphia Legislators Repackage Jim Crow with New Gun Laws - Gun prohibition has always had racist and/or classist components, but "The City That Bombed Itself" is making its play in the War on McDonald in its own way.

Gun rights advocates turn out at Teaneck [NJ] forum - New Jersey is also moving full steam against the McDonald ruling, and placing more infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.  Notice how the weasel twists the 2nd Amendment: 

The 22 bills are not designed to “take people’s guns away,” Weinberg said to the more than 75 people packed into the society’s meeting room. “If you decide under your Second Amendment right to buy, purchase and keep a gun, you will do it safely and carefully.”
Funny how he left out the part about "shall not be infringed."  Which is exactly what these 22 bills do:
  • Limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
  • Banning armor-piercing and .50-caliber bullets.
  • Requiring background checks for private gun sales.
  • Prohibiting Internet or mail-order ammunition sales.

Panel forwards gun violence proposals (CT)

Another state, kicking against the McDonald ruling(my comments in [brackets]):
  • Expand the definition of assault weapon [INFRINGMENT]
  • Ban large magazines [INFRINGMENT]
  • Require permit for shotguns [INFRINGMENT]
  • Universal background check [REGISTRATION, LEADING TO CONFISCATION]
  • Establish a deadly weapon offender registry  [REGISTRATION, LEADING TO CONFISCATION]
  • Strengthen laws on gun tracking [REGISTRATION, LEADING TO CONFISCATION]
  • Prohibit individuals buying more than 1 pistol within 30 days [INFRINGMENT]
  • Require permits for gun shows [INFRINGMENT]
  • Increase fee to carry pistol or revolver [INFRINGMENT]
  • Ban armor piercing bullets [INFRINGMENT]

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