Friday, March 22, 2013

Rep Rangel: 358 = "Millions of kids killed"

Screen capture, helpfully labelled by Ol' Backwoods.
Rep. Charles Rangel (Felon, NY) spewed forth this nonsense on MSNBC  yesterday:
"I cannot believe that politicians are afraid of the NRA. If they thought for one minute that the churches and the synagogues and the priests and the ministers were saying, 'hey do the right thing and we have your back.''
We're talking about millions of kids dying, being shot down by assault weapons..."
(Emphasis supplied by Ol' Backwoods.)

The felon-in-Congress Rangel says, MILLIONS of "kids".  He says they are "shot down by assault weapons", by which I guess he means modern sporting rifles derived from the Stoner and Kalashnikov designs.

Okay, now for the truth.

This is a graph of the ACTUAL FBI crime data from 2010 (hat tip: Matt Bracken)

2010 FBI data, compiled into a graph by former Navy SEAL and author Matt Bracken.

Notice, if you please, the left bar of the graph above.  That is the number of Americans killed by rifles of all kinds in 2010, the latest year we have available.  The number is 358, not "millions".

Rangel, the felon, is either delusional, or a LIAR.  I'm betting on that second one.  And he is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the low-information voter who watches MSNBC.

UPDATE: The Blaze concurs with my analysis.

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