Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Homosexuality and Why It Will Never Be "Marriage"

Ask yourself: why don't gays just use contract law to create civil unions, then petition the government to have civil unions get the same treatment as marriage? Why re-define marriage, when they can get what they want using EXISTING contract law?

Indeed, eight states already recognize civil unions to have the same privileges as marriage, for purposes of inheritance, next-of-kin notification, and taxes.

What homosexuals do, in a committed relationship or not, is not and never will be marriage, and forcing the government to call it that harms those of us who are married.   The government has no natural right to re-define marriage, as marriage pre-dates the Constitution, and indeed, the existence of governments.  Marriage always has been since Eden, and always will be, a man and a woman, regardless of any law or dictum any government styles as valid.

So, if homosexuals can get what they want for financial and next-of-kin purposes, WHY is so-called 'gay marriage' being pushed?  Militant homosexuals want to FORCE social acceptance of what they do by re-defining it as 'marriage'.   It is not enough for them to say "we have a civil union".  This is the same game of euphemism they have been playing for years: 'queer', 'gay', etc. are all nice words to move the needle of social acceptance by changing the language.  

But a relationship based on an un-natural act that is wholly void of anything but carnal pleasure, disease, moral perversion and death will never be the same as the life-giving natural union that perpetuates the human species, no matter what name the state mandates for it.

UPDATE 4/2:  Found an article by David Burge (the irrepressible Iowahawk) that states a position similar to mine, but encourages the federal government (he may be also meaning state governments) to get out of the business of defining marriage entirely:
The solution? Maybe it’s time for government to get out of the whole marriage business altogether. Or at least to treat it as a standard civil contract between adults conferring certain privileges (wills, powers of attorney, co-ownership) and obligations (say hello to alimony and the marriage tax penalty, Bert and Ernie). Don’t want to call it “marriage”? Fine, call it a civil union, domestic partnership, blancmange, whatever, leave it open to any pair of consenting adults. Leave the holy sacrament business to churches, and if First Lutheran or Immaculate Conception or Temple Beth-El don’t want to bestow the title of “married” on a same sex couple, that ought to be their own business. You get married at a church, you get blancmanged at the county courthouse.
Yeah, I could go along with that.

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