Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Little Depressed... Going Down for Awhile

... not that anybody cares, beyond the dozen people who check in regularly.

Watching CSPAN now, with Feinstein's Circus for Disarming America.

Dear Lord, America is toast.

Too depressed to even go to the deer hunting show today.

With the US government pointing its sights at me and mine every single day, what's the use? 

Why participate in the economy when they just want to take my money, my guns, my home, and my life.

They are now saying on CSPAN that you won't even be able to buy ammo without a background check for every box.

And pump shotguns must be banned.

But of course, you can smoke pot everywhere and at any time!

But Democrats want all other freedoms taken away.

Why even participate in the political system?  It's just a damned charade!  (and I use 'damned' advisedly-- this kind of deception is condemned by God).

Why even participate in the economy?  I won't.  I will make and grow as much food as I can.  I will NOT BUY anything new-- all used.

I am getting to the point where I hope this country is cursed by God, and is destroyed.  It's time to start over.


  1. You are above ground. This fight is not over.


  2. Hang tough brother. Good plan though. Starve 'em all ya can.

  3. Thanks, guys. I went and did some preparations to take care of my family in the coming storm, and I'm starting to feel some better now.