Monday, February 25, 2013

Trail of Tears: Songs Your Mind Plays

Sometimes, a song will play in my mind, looping over and over, as my spirit or subconscious or whatever is trying to evoke a truth, or a feeling, or a memory of something long passed, or maybe a portent of something that, deep inside, I feel is about to happen.

Today, that song is "Trail of Tears" by one of my favorite guitarists of all time, Eric Johnson.

Lyrics (via

Take me from these earth bound chains
I must find it once again
Meaning of equality
We will never hide in shame
But forever guard the flame
Burning for eternity

(Chorus) Hundreds of nights
Oh, my body cries
A trail of tears

Promises sometimes don't keep
Freedom, put to sleep, and now I know
Written with the words you tell
Stories, a lesson in life from long ago
Hold on, hold dear
The time is near
When you'll know why
The spirit flies

Children carried on your back
Driven through the wind and cold
How have you become so few
But in the end, oh, I will see
Your spiritual liberty
Forever to be with you

Though Ol' Backwoods has Cherokee ancestors, my forebears were not forced by the Federal Government of the United States to endure the Trail of Tears to travel from our ancestral home in the Appalachian Mountains to the unknown wilds of Eastern Oklahoma.  Still, I sense something of what they must have felt.

These days, I am thinking more and more about the future of America, and believe that those who are patriots and loyal to the vision of the Founders are going to have to geographically collect themselves.  If it is not done now, it may be forced by circumstance in the future.  I think those Patriot strongholds are going to be in the South and Intermountain West.

I pray we do not have to be "driven through the wind and cold" with "children carried on [our] back," and our "freedom, put to sleep."  And I don't know why my subconscious/spirit is looping this through my mind.

Anyway, enjoy the song.

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