Thursday, February 28, 2013

Preparedness: My 72-Hr Pack or "Bug-Out Bag"

Ol' Backwoods recently did an inventory and re-supply of his bug-out bag, or 72-hour kit, kept in his vehicle.  I thought y'all might be interested in what I carry.

On this, I follow the philosophy of Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast, whose Bug-Out Bag presentation can be found here.

My bug-out bag is intended to be modular.  If my vehicle remains operational, I don't have to carry all this equipment.  If I do have to go on foot, I can forego certain parts of the kit (for example, my extra ammo bag and extra radio) and save some weight.

One thing I want to add to the bug-out bag is a hand-held ham radio/scanner/gps, specifically a Yaesu unit.  I would also like to add a multi-tool, such as a Victorinox or Leatherman.

Some may ask: why do you have ammo, but no gun?  Trust me, I ALWAYS have a gun somewhere near me; it's just a matter of which ones and how many.  I have ammo for most of them in my little ammo pack in the bug-out bag.

Okay, here's the contents, grouped by sub-kit and location within the backpack.

41.8 POUNDS including backpack
Inventoried 2-25-13

Top Pouch
  • Ziplock bag with the following:
  • Needle-Nose Pliers with Wire Cutters
  • Scissors, medium
  • Lifegear 400-hourflashlight with 6 spare AA's (2 sets)
  • Instant Cold Pack
  • Oral Rehydration Salts – for 1L water
  • Israeli Battle Dressing – Emergency Bandage
  • Cotton Swabs, pack of 50
  • First aid Pouch containing:
    • 15 assorted bandages
    • 2 Rolls TUMS
    • 2 Roll Rolaids
    • Sterile Gauze Pad
    • 16 Tablets Loperamine Hydrochloride (anti-diarheal)
    • 10 Grape glucose tablets (for diabetic in family)
    • Benzalkonium Chloride Antisceptic towelette
    • 3 Alcohol Prep Pads
    • Triple Antibiotic Ointment 0.26 Fl oz
    • Re-Nu Saline for contact lenses, 2 FL OZ
    • Tweezers
    • Anbesol Toothache Med 0.41 FL OZ
    • My specific maintenance medicines, enough for about 2 weeks
    • Ibuprofen, gelcaps and tablets, about 50
    • Alka-seltzer type antacid/pain reliever, 8 tablets
    • Doxylamine Succinate – sleep aid, 6 tablets
    • Caffiene tablets, about 50
    • Pepto-Bismol chewable – 16 tablets
    • Waterproof medical tape, 1 roll
  • AM/FM Radio – runs on 2 AA's (spares in flashlight or MISC2)

  • Container, stainless steel, 1 cup, with measurements on side
  • Hi-C Orange Juice Boxes, 6
  • Bota Water Filtration Bottle – works for clear creek water, I've tried it
  • Bag of snacks: sunflower seeds, hard candy, fruit snacks, trail mix bars
  • Duct Tape, roll (55 yards)
  • Liter bottles of water,2
  • Tarred twine, 1 roll
  • Headlamp – runs on 2 AA batteries (spares in flashlight in top pocket or in MISC2)
  • 2-OZ cans Bega Cheese, 4
  • 5-OZ cans Vienna Sausage, 4
  • Crackers, saltine, sealed in Tupperware container and ziplock
  • Tire & Rubber Patch Kit
  • AA batteries, 8 pack
  • Rescue Breather – Barrier & Glove Pack
  • Entrenching Tool (for burying waste)
  • 3600 calorie Mainstay Emergency Food Rations
  • Heavy Kite Twine on Reel
  • Gloves, Heavy Leather, 1 pair
  • Clothes bag with (3) T-Shirts and (3) pairs underwear
  • Socks bag with 6 pair
  • Hat, Arctic Winter with Flaps
  • Hat, Boonie
  • Vest, Orange Safety for visibility
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Trash Bags, 1 small, 2 large
  • Ziplock Bags, gallon, 2
  • "PHONE" Ziplock bag with the following:
  • "Ammo" Pack, Waterproof, with the following:
    • 22LR, 100 Rounds
    • .223 Remington, 20 Rounds, green-tip penetrator
    • 7.62x54R, Soft-point, 150gr SPBT, 20 rounds
    • .380 Pistol, 50 rounds, FMJ
    • 12GA, steel shot, 7 shot, 2-3/4”, 6 rounds
    • 12GA, lead shot, 2 oz, 3-1/2” magnum, 2 rounds
    • 20Ga, lead shot, 7/8 oz 7-1/2, 2-1/2”, 5 rounds
    • 22 brush
    • .30-caliber brush
    • Ear protection plugs, 2
    • Breakfree CLP, 0.78 oz.
  • "MISC1" Pack, Waterproof, with the following:
    • Tobasco Sauce packs, 3g, 4 ea
    • Sealed napkin
    • Hot Hands warmers, 2
    • Insect Repellent w/ 30SPF sunscreen, spray, 0.5 FL OZ
    • Hand Sanitizer, 2.5 FL OZ
    • Jolt 5-hr energy shot, 2 FL OZ
    • Earplugs, 3 pair
    • AA batteries, 6
    • Enzyme 300 for portable makeshifttoilet, 1 pkt
    • AAA batteries, 2
    • Green tea, 2 packets, for 1L water bottles
    • Orange rescue tape, small roll
    • Large Rubber Band
    • Hairbrush/Comb Combo
    • Toothbrush
    • Drinking straws, 3
  • "MISC2" pack, Waterproof, containing the following:
    • Strike-on-box matches, in waterproof box, with striker, about 30
    • Strike-Anywhere matches, in ziplock, about 50
    • Candle, wax
    • Saw, Cable-type
    • Rem Oil, 1 FL OZ – starts fires, can make candle with a match
    • Trioxane bar, small piece (starts fires)
    • Emergency blanket
    • Electrical Tape, 1 small roll
    • Folding knife, S&W Extreme Ops
    • Steel Wool, small ball (starts fires with 12V power or 9V battery)
    • Lighter, Zippo-type, fueled with Naptha, in heavy-duty poly bag
  • "Fishing/mending kit" in ziplock with the following:
    • 1 small wad fishing line, coarse
    • 1 reel fishing line, fine
    • 1 bobbin thread
    • Sinkers, 2
    • Fishhook, 1
    • Safety pins, 1 small, 1 large
    • Single-edged razor, 2
  • "Comfort" Box, with the following:
    • Potable Aqua tablets, about 25 quarts worth, Tetraglycine Hyperiodide
    • Cyalume chemical light stick, orange
    • Deodorant, AARID XX, 2.7 OZ
    • Deodorant, Speed Stick, 2 OZ
    • Toilet Paper, camping type, 280 sheets
    • Notebook, 4x5.5”, 150 sheets, 4-subject
    • Pen, roller ball with wax on tip to prevent leakage
    • Sharpie Pen, Red
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste, 1 OZ
    • Blistex Lip Ointment (also for bug bites, blisters, stings)
    • Hoohas/wet wipes, 15 wipes in sealed pack
    • Lint roller, 30 layers (also good for removing dust)
    • Gum, mint, 10 sticks
    • Sunglasses, emergency, wrap-around plastic
    • Lens Cleaners, pre-moistened
    • Clippers, Fingernail & Toenail
    • Soap, Dr. Bronner's Castile, Peppermint, 4 FL OZ (use for hair, clothes, all)
    • Dental Floss, small
    • Document clip, small
    • Battery, Button, 357/303/AG13, for carabiner radio, 2
    • Battery, Coin, CR2032, for rifle sight etc, 1
    • Radio, FM, Carabiner clip, with light & compass
    • Ear bud headphones (for carabiner clip radio, AM/FM radio, or my iPod, which I always have)
Thoughts and comments?


  1. I need to fix up one or two of these (I switch between the truck and car a lot depending on my needs and what doesnt need omething fixed.) My comments below..

    1 - Next time you inventory pictures would be awesome. No need to unpack it all for pictures now.

    2 - Leatherman type tool would be great and it could be argued you could eliminate the needle nose pliers and wire cutters. I personally like the skeleton model. I loved that thing. Nice and light, not too big and always useful. I lost mine though. :(

    3 - In the way of tools. A good pair of small vice grips are worth their weight in gold. Not the cheapie ones, the rel ones. I have even used these things as a temporary splice on a battery cable because the idiot that stole the battery off the detasseling machine just cut the cable.

    4 - I am not sure what kind of maps you have, but in addition, a VFR aviation chart could be helpful. They contain detailed topographical information, as well as things like radio tower locations, and power transmission lines and railroads. In addition to all that it has a lat./long. grid on it.

    5 - I didn't see a pencil, pens are nice, but sometimes a pencil can be better. Wouldn't hurt to have both.

    6 - Interesting side note. In a pinch, those soft point 7.62x54R rounds make a decent pencil or marking instrument.

  2. kb9-- will get pix this weekend.
    Vice grips are a good suggestion, too.
    Good suggestions!