Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night Gunfighter Cinema: The Rifleman - A Gun-Grabber Comes to Power

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The Rifleman - The Anvil Chorus (1962)

Gun-banning Deputy Nils Swenson takes control of Northfork when the Marshall is out of town.  

Hijinks ensues.

After Swenson stops a man from shooting off his revolver in celebration, he gets an idea.  A very bad idea.

Deputy Swenson: "People carryin' around guns, causin' trouble.  Take away the guns, no trouble."

Lucas: "Have you had any trouble since [Marshall] Micah left?

Swenson: "Well, no..."

Lucas: "Nils, this territory has a lot of growin' up to do.  And until that's done, we can't take away a man's right to protect himself."  

I would argue that should never happen.  But our Nils goes full Cuomo nonetheless.

Swenson: "I'm removin' the cause o' trouble! Guns!"  Give that man a tobacco-free Bloomberg cigar!

Shortly after the sign goes up, a gang rides into town. Swenson tells them of the new 'law'.   As he hands him his pistol belt, the leader, Platt tells Swenson, "I'm glad your're bringing some pioneering ideas to this town, Marshall!" Sarah Brady and Gabby Giffords would be proud, indeed!  Polish up the twisted-barrel revolver statue at the UN!

Later, in the saloon, Platt, the gang leader says, "Look at that.  Not a gun in the place. [sarcasm] Sure is nice seeing people living peaceful... this isn't the Northfork I heard about.  This isn't a town of lawmen!  This is a town of sittin' ducks!"  Give that man a pocket Constitution!

"Let's go see the Marshall.  Get our guns.  We're leavin' town.  In the morning, we'll be back... just about the time the bank opens!"

Cue the ominous: Dum, dum, DUMMMMMM!

Platt: "Gentlemen, let's drink to the Marshall!  We owe him a lotta thanks for makin' this town a safe place to travel!"

Yeah, for CRIMINALS!

I won't spoil the ending for ya, but Nils does learn a thing or two about the nature of fallen mankind, and the folly of his own ego.   And Lucas McCain's Winchester  .44-40 lever action gets a workout, too.  Man, I love those guns!

Give it a watch.  Just 25 minutes of old American goodness.

(Sorry, the YouTube got yanked. Too bad.)
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