Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Mind Feed: Lots of Links and Pix

Ol' Backwoods havin' fun
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It's Friday, and Ol' Backwoods' browser is loaded down with stuff he's been reading all week.  Time for me to load up the bed of your mind truck, so back it on up here...

Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing?
But but but the teevee told me that Obama had saved the economy!

Speaking of apocalypse, this might be bad for power grids if it spews a big ol' solar flare:
Massive Sunspot Rapidly Forming

And just in time for the collapse, a whacky-tobacky-smokin' academic wants to take your guns:

Come and get them, Herr Professor. Just try.  You have no idea what kind of hell you will unleash.  And note, people: all the "smart" Democrats read this website, and most of them agree with every word this man writes.

The anti-gun crowd is always screeching:
"Why do you need an AR-15?"

Good-guy trainer Frank Sharpe of Fortress Defense Consultants answers:

Choose life. Get trained and own a gun.

WhatBubbaKnows, a blog that is a daily read here in the Backwoods, relates a tale:
Reminds me of a story:  I was a guest at an private shooting range a couple of years ago. I was dropping .30-06 into the head of a human silhouette target on the 300 yard range. A feller stepped over when I was taking a break and asked, “Getting ready for deer season?”
I said “Why? Does that look like a deer silhouette to you?”

 And speaking of preparing for civil unrest...

Media Covers Up Muslim Mass Shooter in California

Are y'all really surprised?  Muslims shooting up people doesn't work for the media's gun-owner-control template.

And speaking of smashing through media boilerplate...

Titan CEO Crushes Socialist "Work Ethic", Tells France "You Can Keep Your So-Called Workers"
Ol' Backwoods reckons my next set of tires for the Big Red Truck will be from Titan.

And speaking of so-called workers: those who do not produce in America now outnumber we the producers 3:1...
"Total Income Taxpayers in 2011 with individual income tax liability of $1 or greater: 87.8 million...
Estimated voting-age population in 2012: 240 million
Those who pay federal income taxes are outnumbered by those eligible to vote by about 3 to 1."

And speaking of looters, who is protecting these murderers on death row?

To Kill A Murderer
"The Pro-Murderer Anti-Death Penalty lobby is very wealthy and very active. The rights of criminals have always been more protected than those of victims and the war being waged on the death penalty is an international campaign. While the parents of victims wait decades for closure, the international left wages a ceaseless war against them."
And speaking of the International Left, why is the US Government sending gold that Germany has bought to China instead?  Maybe it's to hold off the inevitable crash a little bit longer?


Gee, that will end well.  NOT.

This is the rape rate at Colorado State University. This is the rape rate at CSU after concealed carry of pistols was allowed on campus. It went down, way down. Any questions?

Colorado is wasting money trying to ban guns, and will drive jobs (see: MagPul) out of state.

And speaking of wasting money:  The Federal Government spent $5.2 MILLION studying whether the behavior of goldfish can teach us anything about democracy. This is in the "military" budget.  What. The. Heck.  Cut it all, now.

Rand Paul’s fishin’ for $5M in waste

And speaking of cuts, this is the "cut" Obama is caterwauling about: a decrease in the RATE of increase! Government spending still increases faster than inflation!
Since when has inflation been over 136%?  Like, never in America.

See y'all Monday.  Go shooting this weekend, ya hear?

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