Monday, February 25, 2013

Declarations: We Will Not Comply

Ol' Backwoods got a tip of a fascinating article that summarizes our situation in America today:

Musings After Midnight--I'll see you in the war: Civil War II--Notes on the coming calamity to restore the Constitution

Here are some excerpts; bolds are mine.
It is my firm belief that civil war is now inevitable and imminent in America. As with the two world wars of the early 20th century, this will be "Civil War II"...  
I fully expect, therefore, that war will break out on our own soil in 2013, unless something drastic is done to reign in the arrogance of Obama and the Washington ruling establishment. These people must be stopped by the process that has been put in place to do so, or else the citizens will take matters into their own hands.
The official line in the sand is the gun issue...
  1. We will not comply with any new gun control law.
  2. We will not turn in any firearm that you suddenly decide to be "illegal." They are illegal only in your own delusional minds.
  3. In the event you limit ammunition or require us to register to get it, we will create the biggest black market in the history of the world. We can make our own ammunition.
  4. We will not comply with any new gun bans. We can make our own guns as well, even the type you wish to take from us.
  5. The attempt to gain entrance to our homes to confiscate our guns and ammunition will be considered an act of war. We will not comply. Be prepared to kill us if you do such an asinine thing in what is supposed to be a FREE country. But then, also be aware that you will pay a heavy price for perpetrating such tyranny.
  6. We will never fire on tyrannical government personnel first. But if we are fired upon first, you had best be prepared to live with what follows. War is hell. 
  7. Never again will we allow you to perpetrate a Waco, Texas massacre on citizens merely for trying to practice their religion, though unpopular. And we will never again allow you to pull a Ruby Ridge without swift, severe consequences.

I agree with all above.  The time for politics to work is passed; the Federal Government is now fully corrupt.   We may still avail through public outcry, and work with the powers in our own states; I pray it is so.  But if not, war will come. 

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